can i freeze meringue cookies

Can you Freeze Meringue?

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Meringue is one of the sweetest treats. It has a range of purposes in the world of baking. Since it is very popular in baking recipes, it is possible that you will have a lot of it at your disposal and it would be very helpful if you would know the right way to store it without affecting its quality. Have you dealt with meringue before? What is the best way to store meringue? Can you freeze meringue? This post will provide you with all the details you need. Keep reading to learn more.

Understanding Meringues

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Meringue is usually light and airy. Meringue is a dessert that has a crispy outside yet its inside is soft and quite tasty. It has been around for several centuries and has continued to be quite exquisite to date.

There are three major types of Meringues. There is the Swiss, Italian and French. You can cook the Swiss and the Italian varieties, but only bake the French meringues.

Storing Meringues

This dessert does not spoil as easily as other desserts. You can actually leave it in your kitchen at room temperature and it will still remain fresh. As long as you use the proper methods of storage, it will remain safe to consume. In-room temperature, when stored properly, the dessert will remain fresh for a maximum of two weeks. That is why you do not need to refrigerate meringues.

If you plan to leave it at room temperature, it is highly recommended that you use an airtight container to store it. When you use an airtight container, you will prevent moisture from entering the container, which means it will not affect the texture. If the moisture is able to get to the meringues, they will become soggy. You can use a single jar and pile them on top of each other. However, leave some space at the top so that you do not crush them. Also, make sure to place the container in the coolest section of the kitchen.

So, can meringue be frozen? Can I freeze meringue cookies? Let’s talk about freezing the dessert in the next section.

Freezing Meringues

The truth is that freezing meringues is not only possible but also quite easy. It is also the best way you have of increasing the shelf life of the dessert significantly.

How long do meringues last? If you freeze meringues, they will remain good for consumption for a maximum of three months.

Before you start freezing the meringues, you should allow them to cool down and reach room temperature, after which you should place them inside a freezer-safe container. The next step is to place parchment paper over the meringues and place another layer on top of the paper. However, do not press down to avoid breaking them. Remember to label the container.

Can you freeze meringue cookies? If so, how do you thaw them? After you freeze them, you can thaw them by removing the container from the freezer and allowing them to thaw on your counter for a few hours. No need to use a fridge.

Can meringue cookies be frozen more than once? The storage of meringues is quite easy and straightforward. However, you should not freeze them a second time.


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