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A Healthy Accent Seasoning Replacement

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Accent is a common ingredient in several recipes. It is so popular that you will find it in several households. It is used in place of salt in many recipes and is available in several stores all over the United States. Unfortunately, people outside the States find it hard to locate the seasoning. What’s in accent seasoning? This seasoning is quite popular because it has MSG as one of the main accent seasoning ingredients. Would you like to find out a good substitute for accent seasoning? Well, read on to find out more including the ingredients of the seasoning and the best replacements for accent.

About Accent Seasoning

Ac'cent Flavor Enhancer

What is accent seasoning? Well, accent is a seasoning that is very popular in the preparation of Asian dishes. It is also referred to as MSG, which stands for Monosodium Glutamate. It is a crystal material, white in color, with the resemblance of sugar or salt. Even though this seasoning adds flavor to food, it does not have a specific taste, which makes you wonder how it will add flavor to your food. Amazingly, scientists believe that MSG, the ingredient in the seasoning will activate glutamate receptors in your tongue, which will increase tastes similar to that of meat.

MSG is the main ingredient in accent seasoning. However, it is not the only ingredient. So, it also contains salt, chili pepper, onion extractives, garlic extractives, and several more ingredients.

The Main Uses of Accent

This seasoning is popular in several recipes and it has been in use for a very long period, especially in Asian dishes. Many people enjoy it at their homes, as well as restaurants as an enhancer for food flavors.

Truth is, it is believed to be a top-secret ingredient in dishes of some of the top chefs for years. You can use the accent seasoning in any form of soup, meat, potatoes, rice, and other sauces.

Comparison with Salt

Let’s take a look at the accent vs. salt comparison.

Salt is an ion complex of sodium and chlorine. There are salts that are available naturally in certain foods. However, most of the salt in diets is ingested from foods that are manufactured.

Accents have MSG as the main ingredient, which is an additive that will enhance flavor in food. It is a sodium salt. The MSG has a third of the sodium available in table salt. For that reason, most people prefer to use the accent seasoning as a replacement for salt because the sodium available in it is 60% less than salt. Although the flavor is not similar to that of salt, it will enrich food in the same manner.

Is it good for You?

Is accent bad for you? Well, the truth is that accent seasoning might just be fine for some people. However, some people will face some reactions in their bodies, especially if the accent seasoning is ingested in large quantities. Some of the common side effects brought about by the ingestion of MSG include dizziness, headaches, excessive sweating, intense thirst, nausea, sleepiness, numbness, skin rash, and rapid heartbeat, among many more.

The FDA states that anything that will exceed 3 grams of MSG is a large quantity. The three grams are actually about a teaspoon. If you are cooking a pound of meat, or five portions of rice, the three grams will be just enough.

Substituting Accent Seasoning

You can find a healthy substitute for accent seasoning that will improve the flavor of your food in the same manner that accent will. However, the accent seasoning alternative you use will be dependent on the recipe you are using to prepare your meal and the flavor you intend to achieve. Keep reading to get an insight into some of the preferred alternatives.

Spices and Herbs

Several herb varieties will add an amazing taste to your meal. Some of these herbs include rosemary, pepper, garlic, tarragon, as well as savory. Spices will also add an amazing warmth to your sauces. You can prefer to use turmeric and cumin as an accent seasoning replacement.

Depending on the dish you are preparing, you can use a variety of spice and herb combinations to achieve the taste you desire.

Salt Varieties

You can replace MSG with a number of salt varieties. Sea salt is one of the best options because it is able to improve the flavor of your meal. It is also a common belief that the flavor of sea salt is softer compared to that in regular salt available in the market. You can also use other seasoned salts as an accent spice substitute. Kosher salt, Korean bamboo salt, sulfuric Indian black salt, are all amazing replacements for Accent seasoning.

Replacements for Salt

Salt has a high concentration of Sodium. A high concentration has the potential of causing a spike in blood pressure, which will cause complications in your body. To avoid all that, you can use substitutes for salt as a replacement for MSG in your meals. The people who have heart complications and others who have restrictions on the salt they can use in meals use these substitutes.

Calcium chloride, Potassium chloride, magnesium Sulfate, as well as magnesium chloride are common substitutes for salt that you can find in the markets you commonly use.

The replacements provided above have a bitter taste, which means that you can only use them in several meals or recipes. Calcium chloride is known to cause irritations in the tongue and the Potassium element in Potassium chloride might have several health problems in case of medications or other medical problems.


To find the best accent seasoning substitute, you would have to consider the flavor you want to get from your recipe. You can always choose a seasoning from another brand other than an accent. The alternative brands can be cheaper, yet completely effective. Dairy concentrates are also popular because they will mask some off-flavors, which will help improve the flavors. Make sure that you consider your health when choosing an alternative to the seasoning.

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