Top 9 Brain Foods for Studying and Exams

Studying at school, college, or university often seems to be a true challenge. Many students need to learn day and night, putting all their effort into remembering facts, collecting arguments, and composing academic papers.

Sometimes you might feel a productivity boost, but it often seems that your brain refuses to accept and process such a whopping amount of information. What should you do in this case? Of course, it is necessary to have enough sleep and take breaks during your studies. However, this might not always help.

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In this case, it’s time to help your body become more effective. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to consume products that are good for your brain. In this post, you will find a list of foods that can help you improve your academic performance and enjoy receiving excellent grades.

Before You Start Creating Your New Shopping List

Consuming healthy food is undoubtedly a good idea. However, if you have loads of homework, a piece of cake can hardly do wonders and help you create a 30-page research paper in a couple of hours. In this case, it is better to find a proven way to cope with your learning difficulties rather than drinking coffee and searching for the arguments for your paper all night long.

But is there any win-win way to cope with even the most difficult studies? Sure! You can order papers from or another professional website that provides academic assistance. Expert writers will help you create any type of academic paper on a needed topic within the shortest terms. However, if you still prefer to cope with difficulties by yourself, don’t forget to include these products in your daily diet.



Nuts are considered to be the king of goods for the brain. The truth is that they are rich in magnesium. This mineral is exceptionally important for the smooth and effective work of your brain. It will help you remember all the needed information faster, rocket launch your analytical skills, and cope with your homework faster.

It is important to note that almost all nuts contain magnesium. Therefore, feel free to choose any according to your personal preferences. Still, healthcare professionals recommend shopping for a mix of nuts to get the best of different kinds of this useful product. Not to mention, nuts can help you feel full soon and are a healthy snack you can have any time day and night.


Avocado Oil

If you still don’t consume avocado each day, it’s time to change your eating habits. The reason is that according to recent studies, avocado has one of the highest numbers of vitamins and nutrients. Not only will it help your heart stay healthier for a longer time but it will also allow you to bring your cognitive and analyzing abilities to a brand new level.

So, what is the secret of avocado? It is rich in potassium, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, and folate. All these vitamins and nutrients are exceptionally useful for your brain.

By the way, you don’t need to have an avocado every breakfast. You can eat this fruit anytime during the day without any hesitation. There are many receipts that will help you cook a delicious meal that contains avocado. Salads, toasts, sushi, and other dishes are among the most popular options.



If you are looking for a short-term boost for your brain, sugar might easily help you learn faster. Although many scientists believe sugar has more disadvantages than advantages, it can give your brain a push to learn harder. However, this product has a short-term effect – you will likely feel more energy and vigor to complete your academic assignments in only 30-40 minutes. Therefore, sugar is a good option for short-term tasks only.

It is also important to remember that sugar is not useful for your body. Therefore, avoid eating candy every 1-2 hours of learning. First, it might harm your health. Second, it will not provide you with impressive effects. By the way, eating too many sweets will not help you to pass the test if you have no idea about the chosen subject. 


Fish market

If you would like to cook something tasty and healthy for dinner before a busy learning night, consider choosing fish. The reason is that fish contains tons of necessary vitamins and minerals for your body. These nutrients also have a positive impact on your cognitive abilities and allow you to remember all the needed facts faster. To put it short, fish can help you feel more productive and focused.

It is also worth mentioning that different kinds of fish contain different nutrients. According to healthcare and diet professionals, salmon and other types of redfish are considered the most useful for your brain. This is because it is incredibly rich in vitamin D.



Berries should become a part of your daily diet when preparing for exams and tests. They contain a whopping number of vitamins, including vitamins A and C. If you are looking for the most useful options, pay attention to strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry.

You might have also heard about the miraculous impact of blueberry which is often called a “queen of berries.” The fact is that it can significantly improve your memory and focus. Many dietary supplements for students contain blueberries for this reason. However, it is recommended to consume fresh berries rather than pills that contain blueberry extracts.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Lemos, oranges, tangerines,  and pomelo will become a superior snacks when preparing for exams or tests. Citrus fruits will take care of your mental well-being, making you more stress-resistant and enhancing your learning efforts. Having a better mood and being self-confident is very important for any learner.

Leafy Vegetables

Leafy Vegetables

To make your brain work harder, you must consume enough vitamin K, folate, and lutein. Leafy vegetables contain all these (and much more!) vitamins. Therefore, don’t forget to eat more spinach, broccoli, collards, and kale.


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Eggs contain lots of vitamin B. According to the latest research, a lack of this vitamin might lead to depression and other mental health issues. If you would like to have an excellent mood and memory, eat at least a couple of eggs per week.



The most well-known drink to stimulate your brain activity is coffee. Just have a cup of espresso, cappuccino, latte, or another caffeine drink to enjoy a short-term concentration boost.

All in all, to increase your productivity and learn easier and faster, it is good to have a well-balanced diet that will enrich your body with all the needed vitamins and nutrients. Include nuts, berries, citrus fruit, fish, leafy vegetables, and avocado in your ration to cope with all the learning challenges on your way.

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