Are Brussel Sprouts Lectin Free?

There are different types of diets out there. The latest trend is a lectin-free diet. Have you heard about it? Well, lectins are a certain type of protein that might improve cell development and communication. They are also good for the human immune system.

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In moderation, lectins are harmless. However, when lectin-filled foods are overcooked, there are chances of harmful effects developing. Today, we are trying to figure out, if are there lectins in Brussel sprouts. Well, let’s get to it.

Do Brussel Sprouts have Lectin?

Brussel Sprouts

You can regulate the average lectin consumption by choosing a diet based on low-lectin foods. These include cruciferous vegetables. If you are wondering, Brussel sprouts are among the cruciferous vegetables. They are in that category together with radish, kale, broccoli, and cabbage.

So, are there lectins in Brussel sprouts? Brussel sprouts are among the types of foods that are low in lectin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you neutralize or reduce lectins?

Yes, you can. Several preparation methods help. One such simple method is sprouting legumes, grains, or seeds. Lectins are mainly in the seed’s coat. So, what you need to do is place the legumes or grains or seeds in a container, after which you cover them with water, around two inches. Soak them in that water for a night.

You should then rinse them thoroughly using a colander with running water.


While lectins might have some uses in the body, they can cause many diet-related problems. It is, therefore, better to be safe. Some Brussel sprouts in your diet ensure that your diet is low in lectins.

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