What to Expect with the ZLINE Microwave Oven

ZLINE is among the top brands when it comes to kitchen appliances, which include microwave ovens. You are probably reading this because you are interested in a ZLINE microwave oven for your kitchen but cannot decide whether the brand is worth it.

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Well, ZLINE is a reputable brand that has been known to produce some high-quality appliances. But you can’t help but wonder, are ZLINE microwaves good?

We prepared this post to help put your mind at ease. In our post, we discuss what you can expect from ZLINE microwave ovens. We will also go a step further and discuss some of their top microwave models. Let’s get started.

About ZLINE Microwave Ovens

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ZLINE is a brand that focuses on attainable luxury. The brand has made and distributed different types of kitchen appliances all over the country. ZLINE microwave ovens are among the top in the market. You will find different types of microwave ovens to choose from with different features, appearances, and more.

Who makes ZLINE microwaves? ZLINE is a family-owned brand that is located in Tennessee, Nevada, and Ohio. The headquarters, however, is in Lake Tahoe, USA. The products from the brand are all designed and distributed all over the world by Andrew, the founder, together with his team.

ZLINE Microwaves Quality

ZLINE appliance quality is the first thing you should consider before you can make a decision. It is simple. ZLINE is a brand that has been recognized as among the best in the market. Their products are not only of high quality but also luxurious.

ZLINE Microwaves Prices

As we have mentioned above, the brand has been recognized for making affordable microwaves. It does not matter what you plan to spend on a microwave. You will find one that is perfect for you from ZLINE. You can enjoy some microwaves for as low as $600, even though there are more expensive options that will cost as much as $1800.

ZLINE Microwave Types

Different kitchens have different designs. ZLINE has a microwave for your specific kitchen design and plan. Therefore, if you are after an over-the-range microwave, then you have several options to choose from. You can also choose from microwave drawers, as well as microwave wall ovens.

ZLINE Microwave Features

Each ZLINE microwave has specific features that make it unique from the other microwave models. That means that you will find a unique microwave that incorporates the features you would desire from the brand.

ZLINE Microwave Model Recommendations

In this section, we will be looking at some of the ZLINE microwave models that would interest you. We hope that you find a microwave oven that will suit your kitchen design and décor perfectly. Take a look.


ZLINE Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

ZLINE Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

This is among the microwave ovens that are functional and also cheaper than other models in the market.

The microwave oven features two modes – convection and standard mode. You can choose to use these together, or separately to get the desired results. What’s more, it features a stainless steel exterior and interior. That provides maximal heat and makes cleaning much easier.

It also has a 300 CFM vent system that will efficiently remove grease, smoke, as well as odors from the cooktop.

Additionally, it has an LCD screen that is illuminated together with cooktop lights to make the kitchen more usable.

ZLINE 24” 1.2 Cu. Ft. Built-in Microwave Drawer

ZLINE 24” 1.2 Cu. Ft. Built-in Microwave Drawer

This unique model is a microwave drawer. To open it, all you would need is to use the button that makes it easy to use. The close and open buttons are among the most convenient features of the microwave.

But that’s not all. The microwave is designed to save your kitchen space. It is easy to install. It seamlessly fits under the counter or inside a wall.

The microwave gives you around 11 power levels so that you can cook with the perfect heat precision to give you perfect results. Additionally, it has 1000 watts of cooking power that helps cook faster. With the standard settings, water will boil in a simple 1 minute 50 seconds. Impressive, right?

It also has glass touch controls coupled with a LED display. The pre-programmed settings make it much easier to use. Enjoy beverage heating, popcorn, as well as defrost. But what is the rating on the ZLINE microwave? With more than 4.5-star ratings, this is worth a try.


So, are ZLINE microwaves good? Well, ZLINE microwaves are truly worth giving a chance. They are made to improve your kitchen décor and give you functionality like no other. Additionally, this brand’s aim to give you luxurious products is truly evident in their microwaves. Find a microwave that meets all your requirements and try it out.

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