Difference Between Argo And Rumford Baking Powder

You might not have given much thought to the baking powder you are going to use, right? Well, there are different types of baking powder on the market. Different recipes call for different types of baking powder.

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Over time, you might have come across Argo or Rumford baking powder. We have prepared this brief post to give you the Argo vs. Rumford baking powder difference. After this, you should be able to decide on the one you need for your baking purposes.

ARGO Baking Powder

ARGO Baking Powder

ARGO is among the leading producers of baking powder. The brand boasts more than 100 years of quality products with no harmful ingredients used in them.

There are several reasons why we chose this brand. First, you can use their product on any baked goods. Secondly, you simply need to use a maximum of two teaspoons in every cup of flour to get the desired results.

Does ARGO baking powder have aluminum?

Fortunately, ARGO does not have any aluminum. It is also gluten-free. It is the perfect healthy addition to baked goods.

Rumford Baking Powder

Rumford Baking Powder

There are several reasons why you would love this baking powder from Rumford. You simply need to use as much baking powder as you would normally use to get the desired effects. It is a Non-GMO product that is also free of gluten.

Does Rumford baking powder have aluminum?

The product is an aluminum-free product.

Just like with other products, you should expect carbon dioxide to be released because of the reaction between monocalcium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate in presence of moisture.

Is there a difference between brands of baking powder?

When it comes to baking powder, is one brand really better than another? We did a little research to find out. Here’s what we discovered:


The source of the baking soda is the sole possible difference between brands.

The other difference between some of the brands of baking powder is the amount of aluminum they contain.

Final Words

Regardless of what you are baking, you have to be very careful about the appearance, the taste, as well as the texture. One important ingredient in baking is baking powder. You have to be careful about the baking powder you choose. It will determine the results you have when baking.

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2 thoughts on “Difference Between Argo And Rumford Baking Powder”

  1. I have these two products in my kitchen. According to the ingredients lists, they are chemically different. Your review doesn’t tell me when I should choose one brand or the other. Can you provide more information?

    • One exciting thing about Argo baking powder is the presence of an active ingredient that Rumford does not have. You can say that it is an aluminum-free double-acting baking powder. Baking soda, mixed with acid, results in a lift. There are two sorts of acids, the fast-acting, and the slow acting. Fast-acting acids will work at room temperature, while slow-acting acids need some heat.
      Single-acting baking powders, such as Rumford, have a single acid. While the double-acting baking powder features both slow and fast-acting acids. The rise is slower and happens over a longer period.
      To make things like pancakes, waffles, and butter cakes, you will need a bit of bench rise, which Argo will provide.
      For things like cornbread and biscuits, an oven rise is important, which is when Rumford would be helpful.
      Remember, if the single-acting baking powder has a fast-acting acid only, you will need to have your batter in the oven fast.


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