How to Start a Food Instagram: Steps and Tips to Become an Instagram Food Influencer

Instagram has grown tremendously in recent years, with over two billion users on the platform. It has thousands of niches and millions of pages for people to follow and post on. And food-relate Instagram accounts are among the most followed ones.

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Although setting up an Instagram account is simple, growing it is challenging, especially in such a popular niche. That’s why most influencers now use marketing services to grow their accounts and employ organic strategies to gain new followers. So if you want to become a successful influencer, click this free Instagram followers link to get started and continue reading this article.

Let’s start this journey!

  • Pick a Name for the Food Blog

Pick a Name for the Food Blog

The first step to starting a food Instagram account is picking the correct name. It should be descriptive so that people who see it for the first time can tell it is a food blog from just the name. An enticing name will get quick followers from people, especially food enthusiasts. 

When deciding on the name, most people go for names with the word “cook” in them. You could also go for words with “recipes,” “meals,” and “food” in them. In most instances, the name you want already has a user, and you might find yourself adjusting to it, like adding the word “my” or “a.” For example, instead of “recipe diaries,” you could pick “My Recipe Diaries.” You could also add an underscore or underscore like “recipe_diaries.” Once you already have the Instagram account name, you could also complement it with your blog. This can bring about benefits like monetization and building a stronger brand.  

For some people, picking a name can be challenging. If this is you, try going through your competitors’ food blogs or mixing and matching food names to find ideas. Puns and humor are a great way to go about it, or you can add your name to the food blog.

  • Put Up Engaging Posts

Put Up Engaging Posts

Instagram grows when posts are attractive, so the quality of your posts matters a lot. Start by taking photos with a high-resolution camera. It’s better to get a professional photographer to do the job. However, you can use your smartphone if this is outside your budget. 

Check on the lighting, too. Your audience should clearly see what you photograph. Don’t forget about framing and composition. Keeping your images unique is critical to making them engaging. People are used to the same type of photos taken from the same angle, so making yours unique will keep you in the top niche of Instagram accounts. 

As much as you have engaging posts, complement them with an equally captivating caption. The more personal you can make it, the better, as people tend to form connections to what is personal. If you need ideas on what to post, try talking about what it was like eating the food. 


When posting your pics, we recommend having two or more pictures on the posts. This comes with several benefits. First, people will spend more time on your posts, swiping on the next photo, increasing the interaction with your post. In addition, if you have provided them with options, if they don’t like the first photo, they might like the next one.      

  • Use Hashtags and Tags

Use Hashtags and Tags

If you are trying to grow your Instagram food account, you will benefit from having new users see your content. Add relevant hashtags to your caption so that if someone searches that hashtag, they will see your photos and others included with the same one. The following are some of the hashtags you can use:

  • Yummy
  • Delicious
  • Food photography
  • Instagram foods
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Foodie
  • Instafood
  • Foodlover
  • Food blogger

You can use many other hashtags for your Instagram food account. Adding them to your posts increases the chances of a food enthusiast seeing your posts and following your account. 

Tags are also helpful when you want to get more followers. Mentioning your friends or followers who also have pages with a lot of followers means their fans will see your posts and increase your engagement and reach. 

You can also add where your audience can taste the food you are posting. This involves adding location to your image or video. This will help you become a trusted source of information about where to source ingredients or restaurants to visit for exquisite cuisines. 

  • Tell a Story

The most important thing about your Instagram is telling a story with your photos and videos. How can you make pancakes tell a story? Adding dripping syrup and capturing it rolling down sells the look. Instead of taking a picture of spaghetti on a plate, you could twirl it on a fork and take a photo. You can then follow it up by taking a bite of that. 

You could add flair to your picture by implementing textured backgrounds, such as a wooden cutting board. Try seeing the textures and colors that best showcase your desired dish, drink, or ingredient. Most people go for light or marble-white backgrounds. If you are on a budget, you could always go for food-textured paper to save you some money.

A common mistake we see most food photographers make is using the flash of their cameras. It’s better to go for natural light. You could also get affordable professional lighting but always consider using natural light for a more raw feel.

Go for scale and proportion, too. However, you choose to portray your food, ensure you select an object that utilizes scale and proportion and catches the eye. You can try this by adding a piece of silverware next to your dish or the hand holding your food. 

Brief Tips That You Can Complement with the Steps Above 

  • Experiment with new style photos and see what works
  • Try collaborating with other food Instagrammers to grow your account
  • If you are starting, try working for brands, PR firms, and restaurants
  • Share your content to other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Promote your content on your stories
  • Have a media kit
  • Create your website, as this can be the perfect portfolio for you.


If you are new to food Instagram accounts, we hope this article has enlightened you on what is essential to setting up a food influencer page. Finding a unique way to showcase your content can help you stay ahead of the competition. Also, remember to fact-check any food-related information you provide to ensure your page stays authentic and has trusted information. 

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