BELLA Rocket Blender Review

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Bella hand blender review
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Even if you are following hectic work routines, people these days are looking for some of the best options for morning meals.

But it may appear a little difficult to prepare healthy food when you are getting late for the office.

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A big blender can help you better handle all the hassle of morning hours.

A personal blender can save you from the struggle of preparing a healthy breakfast as its convenient operation makes everything easier.

A good blender comes with all the essential accessories that can help you enjoy a healthy drink or soup every morning.

Although the market is loaded with many unique blender products, here we are going to talk about BELLA BLA13330 13330 Rocket Blender.

Many people say that only large, powerful blenders can ensure the desired level of functionality, but this personal handheld blender also promises unmatchable performance.

Bella 12 piece rocket blender comes with two stainless steel blending blades that ensure high-quality performance for blending whole foods, leafy greens, fruits, spices, and even dry nuts.

Experts also call it a perfect smoothie maker with its specialized lids that improve performance. Without any doubt, this multi-tasker blender can serve your cooking endeavors.

You can prepare dips, salad dressings, marinades, sauces, and prepare purees for soup, mix omelet, cheesecake, and pancake batter.

Furthermore, the recipe book included in the package makes it easier for beginners to experiment with many new recipes.


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Incredible Features of BELLA BLA13330 13330 Rocket Blender:

There are so many amazing things to know about this Bella Rocket Blender, a few of them are listed below in this Bella blender review to ease your buying decision:

  • Handheld blending power:

This compact yet powerful blender comes with a 240-watt power base that ensures an easy blending experience.

The blending blade is made up of stainless-steel material that can easily liquefy and emulsify whole fruits.

It can also handle leafy greens and the powerful grinding blades further help to pulverize spices and dry fruits.

Users need not apply more power to make it work; it is convenient and easier to operate.

You can enjoy a healthy breakfast every morning without even spending more time in the kitchen.

People find this blender the best choice when they are in a hurry but want to eat something healthy.

  • Versatile and simple:

As already mentioned, the Bella 12-piece rocket blender comes with 2 tall blending cups along with one tiny grinding cup.

It can serve your needs for a variety of food products. Also, the blades attach perfectly to all these cups so that users can enjoy their healthy smoothies right from the cup.

Moreover, it allows easy clean-up so that you do need not mess with the remains after preparing your food. The simple and convenient design makes it the best choice for every modern home.

  • All-in-one solution:

When you are desperate to enjoy a new healthy recipe every morning, this all-in-one blender can serve your needs better.

It can simplify your kitchen prep while helping you create some of the most delicious and healthy food items.

This hand blender comes with a long list of features that make your routines much easier. Moreover, it takes lesser space in your kitchen.

You can place it easily on the countertop while ensuing an elegant appeal with your modern décor.

  • Accessories included:

This blender package comes with all essential accessories that can improve functionality at your home.

The list includes 2 lip rings for drinking, 4 lids, 2 tall blending cups, 1 short blending cup, one stainless steel flat blade for grinding and milling, one stainless steel cross blade, and 240 watts blender base that is available in 8 unique colors.

You can choose any of these eye-catching colors to enhance the overall appeal of your modern kitchen. In short, it maintains impressive appeal while serving all your cooking needs.

Bella blender reviews say that this kitchen appliance can handle kitchen grinding and chopping work very well.

It could even replace your small food processor and coffee grinder at home. You will be happy to hear that this Bella 12 piece rocket blender is currently available at a very affordable price.

Busy homemakers can use this appliance to prepare salsa or to dice up various vegetables.

If your family loves smoothies, this blender can handle grains, vegetables, and non-frozen soft fruits with ease. Manufacturers claim that it can even help you prepare nut butter.


The biggest benefit of this BELLA BLA13330 13330 Rocket Blender is its affordable price.

You will rarely find any other blender with such smooth functionality and a huge set of accessories.

This blender unit can help you better in all small tasks while promising the following advantages:

  • Versatile accessories for routine usage.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to use with compact size.
  • It can replace many single-use appliances at your home.


Well, this blender cannot blend the tough ingredients that are easy to handle for other powerful and expensive blenders.

It can serve you well only if you have some realistic expectations. The main disadvantages of this blender are:

  • It comes with a limited 2 years warranty, but no replacement parts are included in it.
  • Many users complain about its durability with a simple blade design.
  • It can make only a few small size smoothies.
  • Not able to grind a few frozen or hard foods.
  • Blending power is less.

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It is important to mention that BELLA BLA13330 13330 Rocket Blender is no for every home, but if you have lesser expectations and need it for a few simple operations, it can serve you better.

Those who need a blender to deal with soft ingredients and want to prepare quick protein power drinks for gym hours will find it the best choice for their kitchen.

Furthermore, this portable appliance is good for grinding as well as chopping needs.

With all such benefits mentioned in this Bella rocket blender review, it is good to invest in this affordable blender. It won’t put much burden on your pocket and when handled well, can serve you for years ahead.


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