4 Best Grill Grates for Weber Genesis Review

Don’t you just love to grill? With your Weber Genesis, you can grill throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions. Whether rain or shine, you can fire up your Weber Genesis and have a blast.

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However, have you ever had to replace your grill grates? There are different types of Weber replacement grill grates. Therefore, it is important to consider what grill grates are perfect for your Weber Genesis.

So, which are the best Weber Genesis grill grates? The right answer to that question will depend on your preferences and the features you want on the cooking grate. Weber Genesis produces three main varieties, which are stainless steel, porcelain-enameled steel, as well as porcelain-enameled cast iron.

These varieties are not only durable but also easy to clean and they will produce amazing sear marks. In this post, we will highlight the differences between these varieties and give you a list of the best grill grates for Weber Genesis. Let’s get started.

Differentiating the Three Varieties

Let us start by looking at the main difference between these three varieties.

Porcelain-Enameled Steel Grates

The steel grates are not only great in regards to design but also have surfaces that are very easy to clean. They are very appealing with a basic style that you will love.

Stainless Steel Cooking Grates

We all want cooking grates that will last a long time, right? Well, these are grates that will last for a long time. However, you have to maintain them properly for them to maintain a good structure and appearance.

Porcelain-Enameled Cast Iron

The Weber grill cast iron grates are popular because they can maintain the heat for a longer period compared to the rest of the varieties. Therefore, if you want grates that will leave some bold sear marks on your meat, then this will be the perfect type for your grill.

You will not find every style of grate for your Weber grill. Regardless of the type that your grill has, you will be able to prepare meals happily for a long period without the need to replace the grates.

If it is time for you to make a replacement, you should choose grill grates that will make you happy when you grill. The next section focuses on the top picks.

QuliMetal 7524 Cast Iron Grates for Weber Genesis

This product will fit perfectly for several Genesis grills. It fits most of them. However, it will not fit the Genesis II and the Genesis II LX 300. The dimensions are 19.5 inches by 12.9 inches by 0.5 inches. We strongly advise you to check the dimensions of the grates you are using before you place an order. The package comes with two grates.

These grates are made with some heavy-duty cast iron. The Weber cast iron grill grates will last a very long time due to the quality of the material used to make it. You should note that the grate is not similar to the enameled bars. It therefore will not rust or chip. The cleaning process is also easier and you will have amazing grill marks on the food you make.


The reason why this is on top of our list is the ability of the cast iron to retain heat for a longer period and distribute heat evenly across the bars. The searing will appear professional, which is very amazing if you have company over.

When you purchase, you will get sturdy packaging to prevent damage during transport. The company will also give you 90 days of free refund or reship.

Note: Season the grates to avoid any rust from developing.


  • Even the distribution of heat
  • It is durable
  • A strong construction
  • Cleaning is very easy.


  • If you do not season it, there is potential for rust to develop after a while.

Grisun 7639 Grates for Weber Spirit

These Weber spirit grill grates will provide you service for a range of grills, even more than the previous pick. Its dimensions are 17.3 inches by 11.8 inches. There are two pieces in the packaging.

They are made using food-grade stainless steel that you will not help but love. To be honest, they are appealing to the eye. The rods have a diameter of 7 millimeters, which is approximately a quarter of an inch.

The metal is not only non-magnetic but also extremely strong. The heavy-duty construction ensures that you will be able to grill for a very long period.

Do you want to grill like a professional? This is the perfect grill grate for you. They can retain heat well and retain it for a longer period than the enameled grates. They will therefore be able to enhance the flavor of the food you are preparing.

The surface of these grates is nonstick. You will not have cases of food sticking to the grill. They also don’t have any sharp edges. There is no way you can hurt your hands when you are enjoying grilling. To make it better, they do not rust and they will be able to maintain the appearance for a longer period.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Nonstick surface to prevent food from sticking
  • Cleaning is very easy
  • Perfect heat retention
  • Appealing design.


  • None.

QuliMetal 7528 Stainless Steel Grates

Let us start by looking at the compatibility. These grates are compatible with most Weber Genesis grills except the Genesis II 300 and the Genesis II LX 300.

The grills are made with food-grated 304 stainless steel. That stainless steel material is nonmagnetic. It is also resistant to heat and corrosion. You do not have to keep replacing the grate over and over. This set will last a very long time and will give you perfect service. Each rod has a diameter of 7 millimeters.

Each grate is 19.5 inches by 12.9 inches. Each of the grates also has 18 rods.

The material used to make the grates can transfer heat perfectly. The food will not stick to the rods when cooking. You will be able to cook some delicate meals, which include fish.

To prevent any damage, they are carefully packaged and then transported. You will not have any complaints about poor packaging.

Remember: Once you receive these grates before you start cooking with them, take some grapeseed or peanut oil and soak a piece of paper towel in them, after which you should rub the soaked paper towel on the rods. Allow that oil to burn off. This seasoning process improves the nonstick nature of the stainless steel rods.


  • Sturdy and beautiful construction
  • Careful packaging
  • Durable
  • They are safe for food
  • They are nonstick.


  • Do not fit all the Weber Genesis models.

Antree 7525 Porcelain Enameled Cooking Grates

These are amazing replacements for most of the Weber Genesis models. They are made using some strong porcelain enameled steel. That metal is not only resistant to corrosion, but also heat.

The material is so great because it will remain in the same state without any rust developing. It will also not chip. They are very durable. The cleaning is very easy.

The installation process is very easy, even for amateurs.

These grates will provide perfect protection for the burner. They will also heat up evenly and retain that heat so that your food will cook evenly and retain the amazing flavors.

The company will provide you with some guarantee for 12 months.

Note: It is highly recommended that you measure your current grates’ dimensions. That will prevent you from having a compatibility issue with the grill you purchase.


  • Even the distribution of heat
  • They do not rust
  • Durable and beautiful design
  • Easy installation process.


  • Some owners complain that even though the grates fit on the grill, there is a bit of play. This play can be annoying when you are grilling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. When should I replace my Weber Grill Grates?

There are several reasons why you should consider replacing your grill grates. If you notice an amount of rust developing, you should remove it. However, there is a certain amount of rust that will go deeper in the metal and you cannot remove it. Then you should replace the grates. Additionally, if they start chipping away, mainly due to being old and worn out, you should replace them. Another reason to replace the grates is extensive dirt that you just cannot clean.

  1. Are Weber Genesis grills worth the money?

The Weber Genesis grills are an amazing addition to your home if you like to grill. You should go for any model you find amazing. The only problem you would have with the grills is the amount of money you have to spend to acquire one. Otherwise, they are amazing grills.


Once you notice that your grates are becoming a nuisance in one way or another, you should replace them. However, you have to replace them with grates that will not only function properly but also provide the best experience for you and your friends. Professional-looking grilled meat should be a possibility with the grates you purchase. Get one today.

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