Best Rum for Rum Cake

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Do you like rum cake? Rum cake is a marvelous and delicious cake that will knock your socks off. But before you make rum cake, you have to use the proper ingredients to make it good. The recipe you use is very important.

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It is not a rum cake if it does not have any rum in it. There are very many brands of rum on the market. For your cake to be great, you have to choose the right rum. It does not matter how good your recipe is. If you do not have the right rum, you cannot expect to have a great cake.

In this post, we will provide you with a list of the best rum for baking. More than that, we will give you more information to help you make the best rum cake ever.

Best Rum for Rum Cake

This is a type of cake that has rum as the main ingredient. Therefore, it only stands to reason that you should not overlook the rum you use.

The process of choosing the right rum is not just about choosing the pricey rum. You will have to research the type of brand and determine if it has the best taste for your cake. Fortunately, we have done all the research for you, and here is a list of the best rum for rum cake.

  • Cruzan Blackstrap Rum

Cruzan Blackstrap Rum best dark rum for rum cake

The rum offers a strong flavor that is similar to molasses. As you enjoy this rum, you will notice a hot-spice feeling that builds up in the mouth. If you use the rum in your cake, that is the taste you will get from the cake. However, when on the cake, it becomes less severe compared to alcohol burn.

If you prefer the spicy aftertaste, you can use it however much you want. However, it would be preferable to reduce that quality if you do not want that spicy aftertaste.

  • Brugal Gold Rum

Brugal Anejo Gold Rum Review
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ir?t=reviewho 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=B00FUZWHUGThis rum is made in the Dominican Republic. The rum is crafted carefully by some fifth-generation makers. With this rum, you can be guaranteed that your rum cake will have the boosted butter, caramel, spicy, smooth, and vanilla balance you want in cake. It might be the best dark rum for baking.

  • Sailor Jerry Rum

The Original Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Review
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ir?t=reviewho 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=B00E0EYWTWIf you are looking for a type of rum that has a bit more spice to it, then this might just be what you need. This rum is spicier compared to the alternatives. It features a 40% alcohol concentration and is known to be one of the stronger bottles.

When you combine this rum with the right recipe, it will not be that much strong. However, it will give your rum cake the bitterness you need for your cake.

  • Pussers Rum British Navy

Pussers Gunpowder Proof Rum Review
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ir?t=reviewho 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=B0042KWHN2This is a warming, rich, and sweet rum. You can go for this rum if you want some spicy cake. It has some dark pepper traces and an allspice flavor that you cannot help but love. It is the hot invention you need for your rum cake.

  • Bacardi Rum

Bacardi Superior Rum Review
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00AZQP7R0Bacardi is one of the most popular brands with some great amber rum. It has a very fine taste that will be appealing to most people and their preferences in regards to taste.

There are two main varieties of rum. We recommend that you go for the Bacardi superior because it is smooth and lighter compared to the other alternative. Additionally, it is aged for around 2 years to provide that great taste you want for your cake.

  • Cruzan Rum

Cruzan, Rum Single Barrel
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B006K54IOIThis rum is from St. Croix Island. There are a couple of Cruzen rum flavors and a traditional rum option. You can find the cake that works best for you by experimenting with some of these flavors for your rum cake. The aged dark rum is a perfect choice for a flavored rum cake.

  • Whalers Rum

Whalers Rum

Whalers rum is from Hawaii. It is available in different flavors including dark rum, vanilla, as well as coconut. If you want to provide your cake with a different twist, you can go for the vanilla and coconut flavors. You can also go for the dark rum to get the traditional cake taste.

  • Captain Morgan Rum
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B005ISXEJSThe captain Morgan rum is somewhat similar to the Pussers rum in regards to taste. It is among the most appealing rum choices out there. It has a very sweet smell with an amazing flavor you will appreciate.

Do you appreciate the spicy flavor of rum? If you do, then you should choose another type of rum. Captain Morgan is more sweet than spicy.

All of the rum choices provided above are dark rum options. You do not have to settle for any one of them. We recommend that you try out the different brands and choose one that will make the type of rum cake you will grow to love. You can be assured that one of these is the rum you need for your recipe.

  • Tortuga Rum

TORTUGA Caribbean Original Rum Cake
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B000GJOROUThe dark rum for baking is produced in the Cayman Islands and has been recognized as the main rum for Tortuga rum cakes. It is a cake that is made in the Cayman Islands and is then distributed all over the world.

The rum is aged for around 5 years and is used to make the premium cake. If you are planning on making some homemade rum cake, this is the best option for you.

Kind of Rum for Best Rum Cakes

So, what kind of rum for rum cakes?

A homemade cake will be better than a box mix cake option. The best thing about homemade cakes is that they are very easy to prepare, especially if you have the right recipe and the right rum. If you have not tried out some homemade cake, you should give it a try and you can be assured that you will never go for cake mix again.

You need to know that the rums mentioned above will all make some great rum for you. However, there will be that one rum that will work best for you based on what you prefer. However, there is one thing we can all agree on. You cannot use generic store-labeled brands of rum to make your rum cake.

Some people think that the only type of rum you can use to make rum cakes is rum specifically meant for baking. But that is not the case. Any normal drinking rum would be perfect for your rum recipe.

Tips for Making a Perfect Rum Cake

There are steps you should not skip when you are baking your rum cake.

The first thing you need to do is to poke a good number of holes in your cake after it is ready and you are about to pour the rum glaze you have prepared. This tip is important because the more holes there are in the cake, the more the glaze will sip in the cake. You will be left with a delicious bite filled with a rum glaze that will drive you nuts.

When you are poking these holes, you have to make sure they are evenly spread on the cake. You do not want some parts to be under-soaked than others.

Secondly, you have to drizzle the glaze slowly on the cake so that it fills all the holes properly. It is possible that by the time you are getting to this step you are salivating and you almost cannot take the wait any longer. But we recommend that you take this step slowly. Do not miss any of the holes you have poked. The last steps count the most and should be taken seriously.

Where to Buy Rum for Rum Cake

Going to the store might be a hit and a miss depending on your current location. It might be hard to find the right rum brands in the local stores, even if you are living in the US.

If you are outside the US, you can also find popular brands of rum. Some of these popular brands of rum are international and they have their products spread all over the world.

We advise against going for the generic rum brands from the store-labeled brands. These will probably mess up your whole baking experience, which we are trying to avoid.

Instead of hopping from one store to another looking for the right rum for your rum cake, we recommend that you do what everyone else does and just go online shopping. Amazon is one of the best places to find exactly what you need for your baking requirements.

You will be assured of a wide range of options to choose from, some great deals, and not to forget, extremely fast delivery to your location. It is a couple of clicks away.

Can you get Drunk from Rum Cake?

Most people wonder if the rum cake may have actual rum that would get you drunk if taken as a liquid. Well, there is rum in a rum cake and it will surely get you drunk if you take it without baking it.

There are two ways to do this. Although rum is indeed the main ingredient in a rum cake, it does not mean that you will get drunk. The rum has a high alcohol content but this alcohol normally gets burned when you are baking. Therefore, you will not get drunk after taking a couple of bites.

However, you might get drunk if you eat a large amount of cake at once.

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Do you need to Refrigerate Rum Cake?

Normally, whipped cream, as well as other fillings similar to custard will need to be refrigerated. However, if you have a cake that only has butter and some other ingredients, you do not necessarily have to refrigerate it.

It is known that a rum cake is one of the cakes that will sit on a counter for a long time without being spoilt. The rum and the sugar will increase their general shelf life very much.

Additionally, the glaze will not be damaged as much as frosting. Therefore, you can trust that the cake will be great even if left out of the fridge.

Do not misunderstand. There is nothing wrong with refrigerating your cake. If you want it to last longer, we recommend that you refrigerate it.

Freezing the cake will increase the storage for around 3 months. If you are ready to serve it, you should remove it from the freezer and put it in the refrigerator overnight so that it thaws properly.

As you would expect, if you rack your cake in the freezer inside a sealed bag, its structure might be messed up. The freezer bags will not maintain their structure. It is therefore a good idea to use a solid container that will not change in structure.

Remember to add a label on the container with the date of freezing so that you know exactly how long it has before it is spoilt.

How many Variations of Rum Cake are there?

Almost everything has some variations nowadays. This is mainly because people experiment a lot when working on recipes, which is a good thing. The more the variations, the more the things you can try out.

There are a few variations of rum cake out there, just like there are for almost everything. Some of these include Golden Rum Cake, Rum Baba, as well as Rum-soaked Cake.

You should also know that certain rum brands require you use a certain recipe so that you have the best results. Such brands include Bacardi rum.

One of the most popular variations of rum cake is the Black Cake. We recommend that you try out a couple of recipes so that you find what you like most.


Rum cake is highly appreciated all over the world. It provides you with a delicious taste that you cannot help but love. You can prepare your rum cake in your way with amazing variations in the recipe. You should not use rum extract as a replacement for actual rum and you should not use cheap store-labeled brands of rum. Have fun baking!

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