Best/Purest 5 Shilajit Brands Online in USA/Canada 2023

Imagine having a simple solution for health issues such as fatigue and aging. It’s possible that you have or have not heard about Shilajit before. Regardless, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a bit more about it, right? So, what do you need to know about Shilajit?

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Well, improving your health is important to everyone and we are lucky that there are so many ways for you to do that – shilajit being among the products to help you achieve that. But with so many brands in the market, which one should you go for?

After detailed research, we have compiled a list of some of the best Shilajit brands. These are among the brands that will not disappoint.

Let’s get to it;

What is Shilajit


I know what you are thinking: What is this shilajit anyway? Well, shilajit is sourced from the high and steep rocks in the Kashmir, Bhutan, and Himalayan mountains. Some are sourced from Afghanistan, China, Russia, Tibet, and even Pakistan.

As you would expect, shilajit is very popular in those cultures. In the Himalayas, for instance, it is consumed for different reasons. It has anti-fatigue, anti-aging, as well as rejuvenation effects. It would not be surprising if this was the reason for their hardiness.

Shilajit can vary in its makeup based on the minerals found in a specific location, as well as the plant life. Even so, there are similarities you can expect including fulvic acid, selenium, and humic acid. Some of the plant-based ingredients include fiber, tannic acid, benzoic acid, and certain carbohydrates.

All that’s good, but what can you find in Shilajit? Which ancient organic mineral sources do you know of? Around 50% of shilajit is humic acids and fulvic acids. Being that these are ancient, they cannot be duplicated.

Humic acid helps regulate diseases and fight infections and inflammation. It stops toxins from entering cells and guards your gut. As a result, your immune system is boosted. Who wouldn’t want that? Fulvic acid then increases the permeability of cell membranes allowing nutrients to be absorbed easily. These two work together to form a great combination.

Shilajit Types

You will find different types of shilajit in the market. They can be in the form of a hard rock, a powder, a sticky resin, or even liquid. What you should know is that in whichever form, it will give you the health benefits you are after.


Shilajit Powder

This form of shilajit is achieved by free-drying. This process will remove all the water, which means that the nutritious compounds will be highly concentrated. The process is very useful in preserving nutrients.

This is a great concentrated form of shilajit that is not messy and is a great choice if you will be traveling.

Hard Shilajit

In this form, shilajit has around 5% moisture because most of it is removed it is the most concentrated. Since you will have more shilajit per weight, it is more costly. Even though it is not messy, it can be harder to break a piece of it to use. Getting an exact dosage is also harder.

The shilajit tablets out there are in this form, only that they are shaped.

Shilajit Resin

Consider shilajit resin to have the same consistency as honey. It is dried to remove some moisture leaving around 10%. As you would expect, it is not as concentrated as the harder form above. Normally, it is sold in jars from which you can scoop with a spoon.

Due to its viscous nature, it can be harder to measure it with precision. If you are traveling, you will find that it can be harder to deal with it. It can be a bit messy.

Liquid Shilajit

In this form, it is not dried at all. Compared to the other types, it is the least concentrated and is measured using an eye dropper. This is not a good choice if you will be traveling, but it is ideal for tropical use.

Best Shilajit Reviews

Being in the best shape – both physically and mentally – for your day-to-day activities is no easy task. You can try some coffee, but it does not get you in the right mindset.

But now, there is a more effective solution in hand – shilajit. In any form, it will be a solution that you will not regret.

The following are among the best Shilajit brands in USA/Canada.

1. Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Even though shilajit might have many useful elements, its formation will determine how effective it is. The purest Shilajit brand out there gives you the best chance to improve your health and keep you in the best state.

This brand aims to preserve shilajit in its original structure. No intensive heat is used and it is not exposed to the environment to dry it over a long time. The shilajit you purchase will be a potent and safe form for you.

They believe that in its original form, its structure retains the inherent salts, proteins, and enzymes in the structure. To make it better for you, you get the daily dosage, as well as things to avoid.

2. Purblack


Purblack, our second choice, merged the traditional Moomiyo and shilajit with the latest nutrition tech. The result is a high-quality and superior product. To get a wider range of benefits, the brand sourced its shilajit from different regions.

Their modern approach includes the inclusion of gold because the highest quality of shilajit was found in areas with higher levels of silver, platinum, and gold.

You will find only one product, the resin. It is unique in that is in the middle of the harder and softer resins.

3. Lotus Blooming Herbs

Lotus Blooming Herbs

Finding a genuine and authentic form of the Himalayan shilajit is now possible. The gold-grade shilajit is sold by Lotus blooming in the form of a black gummy resin – the most potent form. According to the official site, Johann Helf, the founder, sources it, selects it, and then imports it from a high-altitude region in the Himalayan Mountains.

In each container, you will get 10g of the genuine stuff. It is naturally purified using spring water, after which it is tested to ensure it is safe. You can check out the available tests on the official site.

This shilajit is then packaged in a facility that is FDA-registered and CGMP-certified. The containers are food-grade, sealed, and BPA-free.

4. Siberian Treasure Shilajit

If you want the best quality pure shilajit online at an affordable price, this is the brand you should be going for. The brand offers resin in a glass jar, 3.5oz. To be honest, this glass jar is larger compared to what you get from other brands.

At the prices offered, you would expect it to be watery, but that is not the case. You will have a resin that is thick and can be left out to dry out some more if you want to roll it into balls.

As for the lab testing, it is first done in Russia, then again in the USA. It is among the best Shilajit brands in USA/Canada.

5. Himalayan Healing Shilajit

Himalayan Healing Shilajit

A very small percentage of the shilajit brands will give you a genuine form of shilajit. We discovered that this is among the best brands in the market.

Himalayan Healing offers you a genuine form of shilajit that does not include any additional components that might ruin the shilajit they sell. It only gives you a pure form of shilajit.

The reason why this brand is special is that it gives you a fresh shilajit with every order. You do not get a stock that has been on shelves for a long time. That is the reason why we selected it to be among the best Shilajit brands.

Benefits of Shilajit

Most of the time we find ourselves tired, stressed, and forgetting things – happens to the best of us, right? That’s why we need shilajit. There are different benefits that studies have found related to shilajit. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Stress and Fatigue

Shilajit is considered an adaptogen. What’s that you ask? Well, it is plant matter that will help your body to better adapt and respond to stress. Additionally, it protects the mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse that is responsible for the conversion of what you eat to chemical energy.

For these reasons, shilajit might help with physical exhaustion and fatigue. Studies have shown that this is due to its ability to protect the mitochondria from oxidative damage from physical exertion and reduce cortisol levels.

Enhancing Memory and Cognitive Function

Memory and brain function is made possible by neurotransmitters. Shilajit will increase the levels of these neurotransmitters – including acetylcholine, dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin. The ability to increase acetylcholine might mean that it can be helpful with Alzheimer’s.

Improving Iron Absorption

Iron deficiency is among the common problems that women face especially in their reproductive age. This is caused by low iron absorption in the gut.

There are high levels of iron in dark brown shilajit. Tannoids and dibenzofurans make it possible for your gut to absorb iron by maintaining it in a specific state. Mix it with Indian gooseberry to increase the level of iron in red blood cells.


With shilajit in your body, swelling can be greatly reduced. But there’s more. It also increases the levels of mucus in your stomach. That might help in the prevention of stomach ulcers – a major problem most of us face.

How to Use Shilajit

The way you use Shilajit depends on the form you get it in. Remember, it can be in the form of a liquid, a resin, a hard rock, or a powder. So, how do you use it?

In the form of a liquid, you can take it directly, or even mix it with any beverage. In the form of a resin, it is sold in jars and you can scoop it with a spoon. Simply eat a bit of it, or allow it to dissolve in your warm beverage.

It can also be in the form of hard rock. There are tablets formed by shaping this rock and you can take them in that form. Simply swallow a piece of it to enjoy the benefits.

Finally, it can be in the form of a powder, which you dissolve in a liquid and drink it.

What to Look for When Buying

As expected, some brands don’t have authentic shilajit. So, there are ways you can test the authenticity of the shilajit you purchase. Here are simple methods.

First, the pliability. Pure shilajit should be sticky and gooey. When placed in a fridge, it will become hard and will easily shatter when hit with a hammer, just like glass.

It should also be soluble, able to dissolve in warm water with ease to form a golden liquid.

Thirdly, authentic shilajit will not burn when exposed to fire. When burned with a blow torch, it bubbles, producing ash emanating outward.

We do not recommend that you purchase a powder shilajit. Most of those in the market only have a small percentage of shilajit – 30% or lower.

Moomiyo vs. Shilajit

When researching shilajit, there are chances that you will come across the term Moomiyo. But what is it? Is it the same as Shilajit? Well, Moomiyo is just another name used for shilajit. You can also call it Mummiyo or mumie.

It is a black resin found in the Himalayan Mountains formed from the decomposition of plants and will develop over centuries.

Where to Buy Pure Shilajit

Pure shilajit can be easily found online. You should check the brand’s authenticity before purchasing and also consider what customers have to say about the product.

Ensure that you get it from a vendor that has a reputation for selling pure and authentic shilajit to get the best product.

***If you are considering purchasing supplements from Amazon, it is important to ensure that the supplement company actually sells their products on Amazon. To do this, you can call the supplement company and verify that their store name matches the product you are viewing on Amazon.


We hope that we have convinced you of the importance of shilajit. Considering the benefits you gain, it should be among the things that you have close to you for you and your family alike. If you are pregnant, we recommend that you consult a physician first. Get the purest shilajit from the best moomiyo brands we have mentioned above.

Feel free to share your observations with me in the comments section!

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