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If you have a smoker, you know just how amazing it is to smoke meat and many other foods. It is a bunch of fun and we recommend that you give it a try if you have not tried it yet. As you continue to smoke more and more food, you learn how to improve your recipes in different ways.

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Some of us will prefer to try different things, trying to get something unique for our recipes, while others would prefer to have a sort of guide to help them improve on recipes that already exist.

The great thing about a cookbook is that it gives you new ideas that people have tried out and some other aspects of a recipe that you can integrate into your recipe.

Assuming that you have a smoker, it would be a great idea to have a smoker recipe book to help you out with different details.

So, which is the best smoker cookbook out there? We have gone through a couple of cookbooks in the market and have narrowed down the choices to these 8 amazing choices. Stay tuned!

Best Smoking Cookbooks

We will go through things to consider when choosing a cookbook. But before that, we will check out the top picks we have for you.

  • Best Overall Smoker Cookbook: Franklin Barbecue- A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto Review
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=1607747200The Franklins, writers of this cookbook, started their smoking experience from a trailer where they sold BBQ near Austin, Texas.

They have been gaining popularity ever since and have grown to become one of the most recommended and rated joints in the US.

They have won a wide range of awards since they started their journey and they present their secrets through this book.

In the book, you will be guided through every important aspect a beginner should be aware of including the fire, wood, smoker, and more. But that is not all. There is a lot of insight on the aspects that make a recipe successful including the trials and successes the writers have gone through.

Unfortunately, the book will mostly deal with brisket and meat. Unlike most books in the market, the prime focus is practice and technique rather than the recipes themselves. You should expect that the book will focus mainly on how to do it and do it right. The technique is touched on but not as much.


  • Runner-up: Project Smoke Smoking Meat Cookbook

Project Smoke best book on smoking meat
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=0761181865This might be the most popular smoker recipe book out there. That is one of the main reasons why we considered this book. It rates as the best seller on online platforms such as Amazon, thanks to the endless positive reviews from all those who have tried it out.

You can purchase a Kindle, paperback, or hardcover format of the book.

The cookbook is an in-depth guide that provides detailed instructions on how to smoke different foods. You will learn how to smoke desserts and sides, different meal options, as well as appetizers. To be honest, this guide will help you learn how to make anything you ever wanted.

The thing that people love most is that it features more than 100 recipes that help transform cooking from a task to an art. What’s more, the instructions on the guide are very easy to understand and follow.

Even though this book focuses mostly on recipes, it provides a lot of extra information including the wood options, fuel, as well as tools you should consider using. You will even find details on cold and hot smoking and rotisserie.

If you are looking for a book that gives unique information, you will appreciate this book. There are some great unique and delicious options for you in the book.

  • Best Beginner Smoking Cookbook: Smoking Meat 101 

Smoking Meat 101: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide Smoker Recipe Book
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=1641525053This is our second pick and there are several reasons why it is among the top on our list. The smoking meat cookbook provides a lot of information for everyone including masters and beginners. Anyone can use this master’s guide.

The book includes a wide variety of recipes that are then broken down and presented as very easy steps. It also features an introduction that introduces all the smoking fundamentals. It is a book that will teach you a lot of new things you might not have known.

When you get into the fundamentals section, it highlights smoking meat, flavor, and much more. Even though it is not a large section, it has very important information.

The recipes section is even more impressive. It includes a wide variety of categories such as pork, poultry, seafood, beef, vegetables, sauces, and much more. All the recipes are explained in great depth.

You will even find a certain section that helps you create your type of sauces and rubs. You will learn how to try different changes and change up the flavors as you wish.

This smoker recipe book has more than 70 amazing recipes for smoking. But it is not only for pros. Starters will have a great time with this book as well.

  • Best Quick & Easy Recipes: Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling

Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling Review
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=054401846XThis is also one of the most popular choices for grilling in general. When you look at the ratings, you will realize that it is highly rated and the reviews are off the charts.

The book is prepared by Meathead Goldwyn and is very delightful, even for beginners.

In this book, the writer focuses on the food and how different varieties interact with the smoke and wood to produce different results. You will learn different methods, accessories, equipment, and concepts when going through the detailed information on the recipes. The entire barbecuing process is explained in detail.

The cookbook has more than 100 recipes that feature some great food varieties. In these recipes, some unique and interesting tactics will take your skill to another level. With this book, you will learn how to smoke perfectly. It is a great book that we recommend.

  • Worth a Mention: Smoking with Myron Mixon

Smokin' with Myron Mixon book on smoking meat Review
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=0345528530This is the best smoking cookbook if you are looking for a more affordable option. Not only is the cookbook more affordable, but also very highly rated by those who have tried it out.

That means that it is among the budget picks on our list and can be compared with most of the more expensive alternatives out there.

You will appreciate that the cookbook aims to make the entire process of smoking simpler and the recipes are from one of the best barbecue masters.

Mixon, the writer, has received many awards for his skill in smoking and has spent years trying to make the best. That has been the cause of so many championships in meat smoking competitions. Now, he has shared most of his secrets with you through this cookbook.

In the book, you will find most of the lessons and secrets that he has learned over the years he has been smoking food.

You should expect to find the most basic information, including the right wood for smoking. You should also expect to find a wide range of recipes with a lot of information in each. These are the recipes that he has used in the competitions. What’s more, there are photos to make it easier for you.

  • Best Inventive Recipes Smoker Cookbook: The Ultimate Smoking Cookbook

Smoker Cookbook: The Ultimate Smoking Meat Cookbook Review
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08M8DBJSFIf you are looking for the best book on smoking meat to take your skill to the next level, consider this choice.

The book focuses on smoking any kind of meat including fish. But that’s not all. The recipes you find in this book are somewhat different from what is offered in most of the competing cookbooks in the market. It is a book perfect for people who want to smoke different types of games.

In the book, you will learn how to use the accessories and utilities properly, including the smoker. You will also know how you can perfect your technique with simple steps.

You will appreciate the wide range of recipes provided and the different simple ones such as making waffles. You will even learn how to smoke halibut. Sounds exciting, right?

With this book, you will be able to smoke meat with different methods and learn how to get a unique flavor and results each time you smoke meat.

  • Best with Practical Tips: The Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill Cookbook

The Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill Cookbook Review
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=1612435599We all know that the success of the process of smoking meat depends highly on the wood you are using. Finding the right pellets and wood can be a problem, which is why this cookbook might be an essential part of your learning process. You will find every important information and a wide range of recipes that should help make it easier to smoke meat perfectly.

The author, Peter Jautaikis, offers great advice and gives great insight on grilling and smoking. This author gives you information from personal experience to help make you a master smoker.

In this book, you will find amazing recipes that include wood-smoked trout and more. What’s more, there are photos and a layout that will make everything easier to understand. You will also learn different smoking techniques including the cold-smoke technique.

You can find this book in different formats, including a hardcover format. The electronic version, however, is more expensive compared to the others.

  • Another Favorite Smoker Cookbook: The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue

Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue smoking meat cookbook  Review
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=1770500383Everyone loves the amazing taste of smoked meat. However, redoing those recipes can be a challenge. You have to get a lot of steps right so that all the amazing flavors pop. As a beginner, you need a cookbook that directs you step by step to the type of meat you need. This is that cookbook.

The cookbook features everything you need to produce the best home-smoked meat. You will find recipes that teach you how to smoke brisket, ribs, as well as chicken, and more. There are also some unique meals such as meatloaf and duck to help make the experience more exciting.

You will also find some recipes for brines, rubs, as well as sauces. All the steps of the barbecuing experience are touched on.

So, if you are new to smoking meat, you should consider paying close attention to all the steps including setting up the smoker. You will learn how to select the right wood, the right smoker, and all the equipment and supplies that you need for your smoking process.

You can only find this book in paperback. Even though it is not a big deal, it would be better if there were more options to choose from.

Considerations when choosing a Cookbook

Before you decide to get a certain book, there are things you should consider. They include:

  • Recipes and Tips

It would be great if you could find a list of recipes to choose from in the book. Even though unique information and tips are great, the recipes must be included because they are mainly what you need.

You can find different recipes. The best book should explain these recipes easily.

  • Book Author

Anyone can write a book and it is possible to find an author that does not have adequate knowledge or experience. The authors you will find on our list are very popular and some even have many championships awarded to them. Consider the author’s skills and reputation before you purchase a book.

  • Available Formats

There are three main formats of cookbooks. The hardcover format is the most popular and is mostly preferred because you can use them as you cook. You will also find other formats such as paperback format that is more malleable in comparison. They are also less durable.

The electronic version is the least popular and is mostly downloaded through kindle. If you want to cook while you travel, you can go for this choice.


All the options on our list are very great and are highly recommended. If you prefer to get more of the recipes than the techniques and other tips, you can choose Project Smoke. Otherwise, if you are looking for a beginner’s guide, you can consider The Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill cookbook for the best information for beginners.

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