10 Best Spicy Ramen Noodles

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Instant noodles are very popular among university and college students. The main reason for their popularity among that group of people is that they are simple and completely easy to make. They also take less time compared to other types of food. Not to forget, they are very tasty at the same time.

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However, some classic noodles don’t always work for everyone. People who love spices in their food are will appreciate spicy ramen noodles more. But it is important to find the best spicy ramen pack to get the tingling sensation that lingers on your tongue and lips.

The market has many brands of spicy ramen noodles. Choosing the spiciest ramen noodles can be a bit of a challenge. But you do not need to worry. We have gone to the market and narrowed down the options to give you the best of the best. Continue reading this post to find the pack that you will appreciate most.

Top 10 Picks

Let’s review our favorite spicy ramen noodles.

  • Samyang 2X Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodles

New Samyang Ramen/Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles Review
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00GE1XKHYThis is a spicy pack of ramen that has gained extreme popularity among YouTubers. The main reason why it is popular is the extreme levels of spiciness in each pack. You will find that the supplier warns customers to be sure that they can handle the level of spice before making a purchase. Therefore, if you are quite sure that what you would appreciate most is some spicy, hot food, then this might be the pack for you.

Most of the customers who have reviewed the noodles claim that it is quite hot even without the sauce. Nevertheless, the lingering burning sensation will not stop you from craving more of it.

It originates in South Korea, each pack featuring a volume of 4.9 oz. It has a sweet and tangy spice that might overwhelm you. This might be a pack of the spiciest ramen noodles in the market.

  • New Samyang Spicy Chicken Noodles

Samyang 2X Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B075VM9N96This pack also features some hot and spicy noodles, although they cannot compare to the previous item on our list. It has an amazing level of spice that is not as tongue-tingling as the 2X hot chicken ramen above. However, the reason why it is on our list is that it has a more complex flavor added to the taste.

It is a vegetarian choice, although not vegan because part of its ingredients include eggs. Not to forget, they are halal.

Most people who purchase this pack hoping for a very spicy pack of noodles are not happy about the slight level of sweetness featured in the sauce. Nevertheless, others noted that it gives you a hot and spicy experience even though it is not as spicy as the cousin above.

It is also made in South Korea with each pack having a volume of 4.94 oz. The flavor notes include a slight sweetness, chicken, sesame, as well as seaweed. It is worth a try.


  • Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup

Nongshim Shin Original Ramyun Review
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00778B90SThis spicy pack of ramen also originates from South Korea. It is available in many supermarkets and stores across the United States. It has a very hot and bold flavor. However, it features some dried toppings that you will identify in the taste. These dried toppings have beef, carrots, as well as mushrooms. You can also purchase these noodles in bowls and cups if you are after some level of convenience.

Most of the customers who have experienced these noodles recommend that you add your choice of toppings, which might include some bok choy or a boiled egg. This will give it more substance. If you want to reduce the level of spice, you can choose to use half the packet of powdered soup when starting. Otherwise, you might note an extreme level of spice.

Some of the fans also appreciated the chewy, thick noodles. They note that these noodles have more flavor compared to the standard noodles. Each pack has a volume of 4.2 oz. The flavor notes you will enjoy and love are mushroom and beef.

  • PALDO Fun and Yum Volcano Spicy Chicken Noodles

PALDO FUN & YUM Volcano Hot & Spicy Chicken Flavored Instant Ramen
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B075ZRJDK4First, the name Volcano has to tell you something about these noodles. If you appreciate spicy ramen, then you have to try out this pack of noodles. They are extremely hot and delicious at the same time. It features a high level of flavor and heat. Your tongue will not get enough of this.

The pack does not have any artificial flavors, preservatives, or trans-fats.

The main reason why this might be the best spicy instant noodles is the fact that it is available in a size that is slightly larger compared to the competition. These are chewy and thick noodles, although some people noted that it is less spicy and sweeter.

Most people who have tried this out noted that it is more about the heat and not the flavor. We agree, which is why we recommend this specific pack for people who will appreciate the spice more than the flavor. Some people also appreciated the balance of the spice. It is not too spicy, but it is spicy enough to give you that tingling sensation.

The volume of the pack is 4.93 oz. the flavors are beef or chicken, curry, and is slightly sweet.

  • Ottogi Yuel Ramen Noodles

Ottogi Yeul Ramen Noodles, Hot Pepper Flavor
View on Amazon >>>ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00PEMLQES

The word Yuel is Korean for heat. When you have some of these noodles, you can be sure that your taste buds will have some heat on them. These noodles feature a broth with a red pepper base. It is a pack of spices. If you love spicy food, then you will appreciate this packet.

It features some premium chewy and thick, soft noodles that will be cooked in some broth that is rich in pepper. The noodles are also filled with different types of vegetables. For instance, there are green onions, red peppers, carrots, cabbage, as well as shiitake mushrooms.

Some of the reviewers noted that these noodles could not compare to some of the spiciest ramen noodles in the market. With that said, you will note that they are perfect when it comes to the noodles’ texture. It is a great feature of these noodles.

They have a beef flavor in each packet with a 4.23 oz. volume.

  • Nissin Hot and Spicy Chicken Noodles Bowl

Nissin Hot and Spicy Bowl Noodles Chicken
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This brand of noodles originates from japan and features an amazing chicken flavor that you will love, only that it has a little kick. This brand has a great reputation and might just be the leading brand in instant noodles. The brand has been in existence since 1958, which means they know what they are doing.

If you want to know where to buy spicy ramen noodles from this brand, simply visit the nearest supermarket, or check it on Amazon.

The ramen noodles in this bowl concentrate more on the flavor and include the spice for those who love spices. The bowl features a broth with a subtle chicken flavor that we all know and love.

Some of the customers who have enjoyed this bowl of noodles state that the flavor is not as strong as you would expect. Others, on the other hand, appreciate the reasonable price, as well as how there is a separate packet for the spice so that you can adjust your flavor with ease depending on your requirements.

The bowl has a 3.32 oz. volume and has a citrus flavor note. You will appreciate this bowl of noodles.

  • Indomie Mi Goreng Hot and Spicy Ramen Noodles

Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Stir Fry Noodles
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This pack features 30 packets of hot and spicy noodles that are individually packed. Each serving features 390 calories. When we talk about an individual serving, it means a single packet.

It features some sesame oil, sesame, preservatives, wheat, soybean, as well as soy. So, you should be careful if you are allergic to any of these. It is 100% halal.

Indomie is a very popular brand that originates from Indonesia. This specific pack is among the most favorite in different countries across different countries. Although they have a range of spices, this specific packet will take the flavor up a notch using a reasonable amount of fried onions and chili.

Some reviews complain of the pack being too expensive when compared to the local Asian market. Nevertheless, the reviews also noted that the packets include different packets of oil, fried onions, and seasoning. That means that you can alter the noodles the way you want and enjoy them in different ways each time. The taste, although spicy, will not overwhelm you. You will get the flavor and the spice at the same time.

  • Mike’s Mighty Good Spicy Pork Tonkotsu Ramen noodles

Mikes Mighty Good Spicy Pork Tonkotsu Ramen Noodle Soup
View on Amazon >>>ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07FXZ98XW

This packet features an extremely rick pork broth, the classic tonkotsu, as well as organic ramen noodles. They are all made from scratch and will allow you to enjoy the features you would love from a Japanese noodle bar.

The craft begins with the organic ramen, which is steamed instead of being fried. The rich broth is then added. This broth is made using very simple ingredients that will give you all the things you need to satisfy your cravings.

You should know that the product is free of GMOs and palm oil.

This is a packet of the best spicy ramen inspired by Japanese noodles that are mainly served in the ramen bars. You can enjoy the noodles, just as they are straight from the packet, or simply add some ingredients to customize them according to your preferences. It all depends on what you like.

Regardless of the amazing flavor, some reviews noted the extreme price that does not match the small serving size. On the other hand, some of the reviews appreciated that it is organic, which makes it healthier than most noodles in the market.

You should know that it is a USA brand that is based on Japanese ramen noodles. Each of the packs features a 2.4 oz. volume with a soy flavor.

  • Samyang MALA 4X Spicy Hot Chicken Ramen Noodles

Samyang MALA 4x Buldak Bokeum Ramen
View on Amazon >>>ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0772Q397V

Imagine the Szechuan peppercorn. This pack is from Samyang and it features some really hot noodles. Nevertheless, it is not as hot as the relatives on our list. It is based on the Chinese spice sauce. This sauce includes Szechuan peppercorns, which makes it spicy and gives you a tongue-numbing sensation.

The 4X in the name is the manufacturer’s claim that it is hotter than the relatives on our list. However, most of the reviews regarding its level of spiciness state that it is not a true assessment. It is not as hot as the 2X Ramen noodles from the same brand. The reviews stated that the noodles provided a numbing and tingling feeling on your tongue. Do not forget, it has an amazing flavor on top of that. When you consider the flavor, this might be the best spicy instant noodles pack.

  • PALDO Hwa Ramyun

Paldo Hwa Ramyun - with Soy Peptide, Hot & Spicy Noodles
View on Amazon >>>ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B001RNHITU

This pack of ramen noodles is unique from the others on our list. The pack features some soy peptides, as well as a soy-based protein as opposed to the dried meat option that is available in the other packets. It is considered to be a packet of noodles for vegetarians. Its toppings pack features 5 types of different vegetables. In Korean, Hwa means fire. However, it does not mean that it has that extreme level of heat that you would not be able to stand.

Most of the reviews we looked at claimed that the product does not have the deep flavor you would expect. On the other hand, some reviews state that it maintains its texture perfectly, even if you fail to eat them fast. Reviews also appreciated the fact that it is a vegetarian packet of noodles.

How Spicy are the Ramen Noodles?

We have given you a list of the world’s spiciest ramen noodles. But do you know exactly how hot they are?

A single teaspoon of sriracha would be medium. When you have this amount, almost anyone will enjoy the subtle heat without going crazy. However, you can turn it up a notch if you want SPICY ramen. If you want to do that, simply use more than one spoon. In case not everybody wants extreme spiciness, you can simply include the chili sauce in the specific servings.

If you want less spiciness, you can start with around 2 teaspoons and continue adding depending on the taste you want.

Ingredients You Can Add:

As you might note, we have stated that even the best spicy instant noodles would require some additional ingredients, based on what you are trying to achieve. So, is there a specific list of ingredients you can add to the noodles to modify them? You can add any type of ingredient you want. Some people will prefer to use some carrots that have been cut to matchsticks. You can also add red bell pepper and cabbage sliced to thin pieces. Nevertheless, you can make alterations and include any of your favorite vegetables.

For instance, you can prefer to use broccoli, celery, mushrooms, snap peas, bok choy, asparagus, zucchini, spinach, bean sprouts, kale, or even water chestnuts. It all depends on what you want.

How to Cook the Spicy Ramen Noodles?

Different recipes have different directions for cooking ramen noodles. You will find recipes that direct you to cook them inside the soup directly or simply stir fry. However, it is not recommended when you are dealing with the spicy ramen noodles on our list.

The noodles should be cooked using boiling water. You should make sure that they are submerged inside the water. If not, they will be cooked unevenly and might become gummy noodles.

After cooking the noodles for around two minutes, you should remove the water and then rinse them inside the water so that they stop cooking. You should then toss these noodles with some sesame oil so that they do not clump.

You should also be careful with the time you cook the noodles. If possible, you can use a timer so that they do not cook for longer than the two minutes that are recommended. The sauce and cabbage addition will help them complete cooking and will soak up the flavor. If you find that you made a bit more than you can eat, here is our guide on how to store and reheat ramen noodles.

In case you want to prepare the noodles ahead of time, you can. You simply need to whisk the ingredients of the sauce together inside the bowl and refrigerate after covering.

You can then cook the noodles in boiling water for two minutes, drain, then rinse with some cold water and add some sesame oil so that they do not clump, then refrigerate after placing them inside an airtight container.

Prepare the additional ingredients such as vegetables and refrigerate them separately.


Most of us appreciate spicy foods and we always want to test our limits. The list of the spicy ramen noodles above should help you get that amazing tingle you want on your tongue and lips. We highly recommend the Samyang 2X spicy hot chicken noodles if you want to test your limits.

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