Broiler Drawer vs. Oven Broiler: Which is better for your kitchen?

We all know about grilling. Food is cooked on an open flame, which means that there is no precise temperature control. But when it comes to broiling, things are a bit different. Broiling does involve cooking food using direct heat but the temperature is controlled, which makes it superior.

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You can choose from several broiling options. You can – for instance – use a broiler drawer or an oven broiler. That is the main focus of this post.

Is it better to have a broiler in the drawer or oven? We have researched the broiler drawer vs. oven broiler and have prepared this post to help answer that question. Here we go.

A Broiler Drawer

Broiler Drawer

Not many people know how to use a broiler drawer. You may have just figured out what the cooking stove’s bottom drawer is. The truth is, most of the stoves in the market have a drawer at the bottom specifically meant for broiling.

It is a drawer meant for warming different foods safely and with a controlled temperature. The food also gets a brown top necessary for many meals. It is the perfect substitution for a microwave.

When you use a broiler drawer, your food is cooked with precision and you can work on more recipes. Your cooking experience is improved. When it comes to using a broiler drawer, it is a breeze. First, many use gas to broil food. It also does not need preheating to work. As long as you turn it on and allow it to warm up for some minutes, you are good.

However, since it heats up fast, you have to monitor it carefully. Food can be easily burned when not monitored. You also have to ensure that whatever you use can withstand intense heat. Some tools would not be safe to use in a broiler.

An Oven Broiler

Oven Broiler

An oven broiler works just like a broiler drawer. However, it is usually on the oven’s top shelf. When using this broiler, you need to be careful when cooking. Certain foods will take longer than others in the broiler. The fact that it is usually on the top of the oven means food cooks fast.

Therefore, you can easily adjust the rack based on the cooking speed or the results you want. When the food is closer to the top, it heats up faster.


Since some recipes require more time and lower levels of heat, you would have to move the rack lower. That means that the food will be further away from the rods resulting in lower heat to cook for longer. Some recipes, on the other hand, need a browning first or caramelizing. For such recipes, the tray should be closer to the rods.

The same as the broiler drawer, there is a lot of heat. Certain pans should not be used in the oven since they might be damaged. To prevent food from being overcooked, you should keep a close watch.

Is it Better to have a Broiler in Drawer or Oven?

Now that you know what these two broilers are, you might ask yourself, which one is the better option? Well, when considering the oven broiler vs. broiler drawer option, you will find that a broiler drawer is a preferable option for those who do not want to spend more.

Nevertheless, the broiler drawer is placed at the bottom. Checking on food is a bit of a challenge. What’s more, removing heavy food becomes hard, especially for people with back problems.

An oven broiler, on the other hand, works for everyone. When you think about everything else, there is not much difference between a broiler drawer vs. an oven broiler.

Final Words

We know that broiling is an amazing way of cooking. It provides your food with the heat at the top to cook food completely. Regardless, everyone has a preference, and choosing between a broiler drawer and an oven broiler might present a challenge. We hope that this article makes it much easier for you to make a decision.

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