Can You Put Parchment Paper in The Microwave – Cooking, Burning and Toxicity

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Using parchment paper for cooking will raise some issues. If you have used parchment paper, you must have asked yourself if you are putting yourself at any risk of fire or other health risks. It is normal for you to ask such questions before using parchment paper and this article should help you understand if you can microwave parchment paper.

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We have also included additional information that you might need to know about parchment paper.

What is Parchment Paper

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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07H79KX8WBefore we address the parchment paper microwave reaction, we should understand what it is.

Parchment paper is paper-like any other except it is subjected to the parchment process, which means that it has a silicone coating that gives it certain properties. The paper is heat resistant up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit, water-resistant, as well as non-stick. It is a perfect tool for cooking different recipes in the kitchen.

These aspects make parchment paper versatile. It is therefore perfect for baking, adding a layer between candy and dessert, as well as covering a workspace while you work in a mess such as dough. However, these are not the only uses of parchment paper. It is extremely useful in the kitchen when cooking.

Parchment paper has a very slippery surface. Once decorated, it gets an amazing coloring effect. You will find rolls of parchment paper in professional chefs and bakers kitchens. It is a must-have for every kitchen in households.

There are two main types of parchment paper, the bleached paper, and unbleached paper. The bleached paper is usually white and the unbleached paper still has the color of the tree from which it was made, so it is brown.

How safe is Parchment Paper?

The silicone used in coating the parchment paper is entirely safe for use. You should know that it is only a synthetic rubber. It does not contain any element that is harmful to your body and it will therefore not affect your health. You can use parchment paper for baking recipes without any worry.

Is wax paper safe for microwave? Truth is that parchment paper is completely safe for use in cooking and baking. The coating that the parchment paper will give it features such as heat resistance, make it moist, and oil resistance. You can also use the paper several times.

You can also use parchment paper for steaming. However, in this type of cooking, it is highly advisable that you use the unbleached parchment paper instead of the bleached alternative. The bleached alternative possesses certain dioxins that might be toxic.

Other safe uses of parchment paper include sift drying ingredients such as baking powder and flour, wrapping dishes or cakes, wrapping food coatings that are in the microwave. You can also use it to replace cupcake paper.


One safety issue you need to consider is that parchment paper will burn easily if you leave it under heat for a long time. You should also avoid placing the parchment paper close to an oven’s wall because it will definitely burn. You should place the paper directly on the tray in the middle without any possibility of hanging. Otherwise, it will burn.

Now, to the microwave. Can parchment paper go in the microwave? You use a microwave in several cooking tasks such as grilling and defrosting food that is frozen. But is parchment paper microwave safe?

Parchment Paper in the Microwave

Parchment paper is perfectly safe for use in a microwave. The paper is non-stick and is heat resistant. These features make it a perfect tool for use when you need to warm or cook your meals inside a microwave.

When you wrap food before you place them in the microwave, it will help to prevent any food from sticking to the base and walls of the microwave. You will, for that reason, have an easier time cleaning the microwave and your microwave will definitely last longer.

The features of parchment paper make it extremely superior to other alternative papers. You can trust that it will be resistant to water even when the water is in a boiling state. It is odorless and it will definitely not add any tastes or chemicals to your food even under high temperatures.

Although parchment paper is primarily used for baking, it is a safe tool for cooking. It will hold well under high temperatures going up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. If the meal you need to prepare requires a temperature lower than 450, you can definitely choose the parchment paper.

The silicone coating will also make it resistant to grease and silicon.

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Is it Toxic?

The toxicity of parchment paper is highly dependent on the type you purchase. As stated earlier, there is bleached and unbleached parchment paper. The bleached parchment paper might have certain dioxins that are toxic. When you heat the parchment paper, there are chances of the toxins leaching from the paper to your food. It might cause some health issues for you and your family.

The parchment paper might also contain Quilon, which also poses certain health issues. Before you purchase parchment paper, make sure that it does not contain Quilon.

Does it Burn?

Although the parchment paper can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it will burn perfectly when exposed to a direct flame. It is thin paper and a direct flame will light it immediately. If you expose it to temperatures higher than 450 degrees, it will also burn. That is why it is important to check the recipe and the amount of heat you need before you decide to use the parchment paper.

If you recycle a single piece of paper several times, it will start to become bitter and it will become darker.


A parchment paper is an important addition to our kitchens because it plays a very important role. However, you should make sure that you use it safely to avoid any fire hazards. Make sure to purchase the right paper or you will expose yourself to certain health issues.

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