Can You Reboil Eggs?

Most of us are usually in a rush in the morning and preparing your breakfast the previous night is a great way to make sure that you keep time. If you boiled some eggs the previous night and tossed them in a fridge, you will have to warm them in the morning. How do you reheat your eggs? Can you re-boil eggs?

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You might also find that the eggs you boiled did not cook properly. How do you deal with that? In this post, we explain everything regarding reheating boiled eggs.

Reasons for Re-boiling Eggs

It is possible to boil eggs, using the ingredient that you always use, and find that some did not cook properly. This egg(s) will be soft and extremely hard to eat because it will be disgusting.

Having a well-boiled egg for a meal eradicates the chances of contracting salmonella, a disease you might get from raw eggs.

In addition, having an egg that is cooked properly will increase the proteins that your body can absorb.

What will happen if you Reboil an Egg?

What would happen if you boil an egg twice? When you reboil an egg, you can get either of two results.

The first result will be a harder egg that is cooked properly.

The second result might be an egg with a softer shell.

Once you reboil your eggs, you can choose to consume them instantly or store them in your refrigerator for later use. A fridge will keep your egg for a maximum of one week, after which it might go bad. When you decide to use the eggs again, make sure that you test them using the water test. Fill a bowl with water at room temperature and place the eggs inside. If the eggs float on the water, you will know that they are bad. If they sink, they are fresh and you can use them.

How to Reboil Eggs

Boiling an egg again will require a bowl, the egg, and some boiling water, preferably a cupful. You should use a large bowl or a medium one at least. It would work best for cooking a single egg, or a few them at the same time.

Use any preferred method to heat the water after placing the eggs in the empty bowl. Once the water boils, pour it into the bowl with the eggs until they are submerged completely.

You should then cover the bowl with a lid and wait for the temperature to drop a little. When the water cools, check the eggs. In case they are not properly cooked, you should let them sit in the water for a while longer.


If you are reheating boiled eggs, you should let them sit in the water for a minute. Remove the egg from the bowl with a spoon and place it on a paper towel to eradicate the moisture.

Can you reboil undercooked hard-boiled eggs? Yes, you can. You should use the same process, placing the eggs in a bowl and pouring boiled water into the bowl until the eggs are submerged. Wait for ten minutes and they will be ready.


You should not have a cold or undercooked egg. This simple process will work on your egg quickly and you can enjoy your breakfast.

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