Everything You Should Consider Before Buying A Chest Freezer For Your House

A chest freezer has the freezer compartment on top while fridge freezers have it on the bottom. It’s easier to store and organize and can accommodate taller items and more fresh food. They’re not as popular though because they cost more and often need their compressor repaired after 10 years of use.

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There are different types of freezers available in the market like upright freezers, mini-fridges, etc, lets’s take a look:

What features can they have?

  • They come with adjustable shelving most of the time.
  • Some models have baskets, that can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • They’re usually compact and don’t take up too much space.
  • Chest freezers are usually wider than they are tall, so you’ll have more shelves for storage rather than height.
  • Most of the time they have enough room for large casserole dishes with a lid, baking sheets, and even 9×13-inch pans.
  • Some models are stackable to save more space.

How to choose the right one?

  • Your chest freezer size depends on your needs, space, and how much you’re willing to spend.
  • Make sure it’s large enough for what you need to store. · Try to get one that doesn’t have too many moving parts so fewer repairs are needed.
  • Also, think of where you will put the freezer and if there’s an outlet nearby for it.
  • Chest freezers are better because they can accommodate food in bulk, taller items and since they’re not as popular they tend to last longer. They cost more but are worth it in the long run!

A chest freezer is a traditional way to store your food products like ice cream, Quiche, and frozen meals, but are you sure it’s actually the best option for you? With free-standing upright models popping up everywhere, are there any benefits that they offer over their more antiquated counterparts? When looking to purchase a freezer, it’s important to consider all your options so you can get the product that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Choosing an upright freezer keeps things organized in one place with the help of vertical storage shelves. They typically offer more room in a smaller footprint than their chest-style counterpart for you to between an upright or chest freezer boils down to two main differences: form and function.

 Some advantages of chest freezer

  • Space Maximization This type of freezer offers maximum space without taking up extra space thanks to its horizontal design. Chest freezers take up less floor space than their upright counterparts. The low-profile design not only allows them to fit in tight spaces but also allows for more storage.
  • Temperature Stability – The inside of a chest freezer doesn’t fluctuate as much as an upright model, which makes it ideal for any type of food storage.
  • Energy Efficiency – It uses less energy to keep the interior cold on average than an upright freezer.
  • Convenience – This type of freezer is easily accessible for you to effortlessly view and grab the food you need.
  • Capacity – First things first, how much usable space do you have? And what do you need it to hold? A chest freezer dimensions are normally larger than an upright fridge. Some of the smallest fridges are around 140 liters with most being between 150 and 300, but then you need to add in at least 50 liters for a freezer. The large models can go up to 1,000 and beyond, but they’re not easy to move without help.
  • A versatile appliance – Chest freezers can be used to store items such as frozen meat, vegetables, and fruits or even non-food items like party supplies and sports equipment. And because they’re easily portable, you can put them inside your house or outside in the garage.
  • Keep food fresher for longer – They made chest freezers to minimize frost build-up, keeping food in them frozen longer.

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Size guide for a perfect chest freezer for you:

Chest freezers are typically one of 4 sizes of chest freezers available in the market :

Upright Freezer SizeCubic FootageDimensions (approx.)
Compact3-5 Cubic Feet20-24" W x 31-37" H x 20-25" D
Small5-9 Cubic Feet21-25" W x 55-60" H x 22-26" D
Medium10-16 Cubic Feet23-30" W x 60-73" H x 27-30"D
Large17+ Cubic Feet27-33" W x 64-76"H x 29-30" D
  • These are the most common sizes. There are much smaller, but they’re only good for small amounts of food storage and no one sells them anymore. The larger freezer you can get, the more it costs to operate. So if you pay by the kilowatt-hour (which you probably do), that might affect your decision-making process.
  • As far as what size chest freezer you need, it depends on how much food storage you are looking to do. If you are just looking for stocking up on meat that you buy in bulk when it’s on sale, then a 10 cu ft freezer is probably fine. It’s very important to study the chest freezer measurement before buying them However, most people end up using them for everything – canned food, frozen food, and especially bulk buys. For this reason, I recommend the larger models.

A general rule of thumb for figuring out how much food storage you can fit in a given size freezer is to add up what you’re going to store in it and then divide by 2 because freezers are only about 50% efficient.

What about those situations where you have household members who eat different things?

The solution is to get a chest freezer and dedicate one or two of the shelves to their foods, so they can take what they want out when they need to. The other nice thing about this is that if you’re storing meats for more than 6 months or so, the chances of it going bad go up exponentially (like exponentials!) with time. So if you can get your meat down to about 10% of what you store then you’re good to go for a year.

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Last Words

With storage space at a premium, chest freezers can be more advantageous than upright freezer models. Not only do they take up less floor space but they also provide great long-term storage capacity and allow for better organization of contents. And because of their low profile design, you can locate them virtually anywhere in the house –  even if you ask if it’s garage ready? the answer is yes.

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