Cooking Sausage and Ground Beef Together In The Same Pan

There is a lot you can do with sausage and ground beef independently. There is a range of recipes, all of which produce great and savory dishes.

However, one question we’ve been hit with a lot lately is, can you cook ground beef and sausage together? Most people are concerned with the resulting taste and whether it is worth it.

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So, today, we will be discussing cooking sausage and ground beef together. We will also discuss some of the various ways you can use these two together successfully. Let’s get started.

Cooking Sausage and Ground Beef together

Pan of cooked Sausage and Ground Beef

Is it possible to use them together? The truth is, there is a range of meals that you can make with a mixture of ground beef and sausage. There are also many variations you can enjoy with the two mixed together. You can come up with your unique way of integrating them into your favorite dishes.

It is impossible to cover all ways you can enjoy sausage and ground beef together. Therefore, we will discuss a few key concepts that you should know about when cooking sausage and ground beef together.

Preparation of Ground Beef and Sausage

separated Ground Beef and Sausage

In this preparation, we will use 3 pounds of sausage and 4 pounds of ground beef. It might seem like a lot. But this is a good amount to make a couple of meals, or if you need to prepare food for a larger number of people.

The first thing you need to do is mix them. Remember, you should remove the sausage casings since you will be mixing the sausage with the ground meat.

Start by cutting the sausage into small bits. To do that efficiently, we recommend that you use your hands. It is therefore important to make sure that your hands are completely clean. Continue to work the mixture properly until it is all mixed.

After it is all mixed in, you can prepare any type of meal ranging from meatloaf to meatballs. The applications are endless.

Cooking Frozen Sausage and Ground Beef

The first thing you should know is that they are safe to cook together. However, that does not have to mean that you should freeze or thaw them together. You can choose to fry them first to improve the taste, but that is not necessarily either.


The one thing you should be concerned about when is the two types of meat attain the minimum level of internal temperature. Ground beef will require 155 degrees while sausage will need 165 degrees. This is the safe temperature for the two. When cooking them together, we would recommend that you allow them to both reach 165 degrees.

Understandably, you might be concerned but they will be fine. The temperature will not ruin your ground beef.


As you can see cooking sausage and ground beef together is safe, and popular. There are different ways you can enjoy the mixture from ground beef to other dishes that would require meat. Simply ensure that they are well cooked and that they reach their recommended internal temperatures.

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