Difference Between Cream of Chicken And Cream of Mushroom

Creamy soups are very delicious and popular. There is a variety of creamy soups that you can choose from for different recipes. Each of them is made differently to ensure its uniqueness. Do you know about the cream of chicken and cream of mushroom?

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Do you know the difference between cream of chicken and cream of mushroom? Well, these two are among the most popular, and today, we will be comparing them.

This post is a detailed comparison between these two creamy soups. Here we go.

An Overview

Cream of chicken

Cream of chicken is made using chicken bits that are simmered in water together with some other ingredients. It has been a popular remedy for different health problems like influenza and colds.

Additionally, it has been recognized as a comfort food all over the planet. Cream of chicken is cooked with broth together with some vegetables and perfected with some cream.

Cream of Mushroom

Cream of mushroom, on the other hand, is a soup dish that contains mushrooms, mushroom stocks, or even both. To make it, you will need to thin the flour roux using some cream or milk to make its base. It is mainly popular because of its smooth, creamy texture.


When comparing these two, you will notice that they have almost the same ingredients. It’s the reason why they can be so confusing. Even so, cream of mushroom requires more ingredients.

If you want to make some cream of chicken, ensure that you have chicken stock, unsalted butter, onions, chili, flour, milk, pepper, salt, and shredded cooked chicken.

To make cream of mushroom, you will need mushroom, unsalted butter, chicken broth, button mushrooms, garlic, leeks, flour, parsley, heavy cream, thyme, pepper, salt, Madeira, and bay leaf.



It is recommended that you serve cream of mushroom as a first-course dish. You can use it as a whole meal, or as an appetizer. Additionally, you can serve it complete with toasted bread, sandwiches, as well as buns.

For some people, cream of chicken is a perfectly delicious meal alone. You can have it as a complete meal without a problem. Even so, you can try out different ways of serving it to find one you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a difference between cream of mushroom and mushroom soup?

The difference between these two is the cream. While the broth in mushroom soup is thin and clear, the broth in a cream of mushroom is thick and creamy.

  1. Can you mix cream of chicken and cream of mushroom?

Even though these two are somewhat similar, they have certain differences. Even so, there might not be a big difference when the two are mixed and used together.

  1. Can I substitute the cream of mushroom for the cream of chicken?

Is cream of mushroom and cream of chicken interchangeable? The truth is, these are great substitutes for each other. They can work well in place of each other in different dishes.


the difference between cream of chicken and cream of mushroom lies in the main ingredient used to make the soup. While cream of chicken is made using chicken broth, cream of mushroom is made using mushrooms. Both soups have their unique taste and can be used in a variety of dishes.

Cream of chicken soup is a versatile ingredient that can be used in many recipes, such as casseroles, pot pies, and soups. On the other hand, cream of mushroom soup is a great ingredient for sauces, stews, and pasta dishes.

Whether you prefer cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup, both are great ingredients to add flavor to your dishes. Experiment with different recipes and find your favorite.

Which soup do you prefer to use in your cooking, cream of chicken or cream of mushroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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