Cuban Coffee vs. Colombian Coffee

Have you tried Cuban or Colombian coffee before? What did you think? Can you tell the difference? As Starbucks and Caribous continue to increase, people all over the world are starting to appreciate and understand the different types of coffee much better.

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However, most people either have not tasted or cannot differentiate Cuban coffee vs. Colombian coffee. Lucky for you, we can tell the difference.

In this post, we have prepared a brief, yet informative post to explain the Cuban vs. Colombian coffee difference.

Here we go;

The Difference

So, what is the main difference between Cuban and Colombian coffee?


Cuban coffee is very popular because it has a very sweet and strong taste. Traditionally, it was made by mixing some sugar and the dark roasted, finely ground coffee before you start brewing it. That is then followed by the brewing and it is served just like an espresso.

Colombian coffee, however, has a certain classic profile. It features a mild acidity that is accompanied by a strong sweetness of caramel. You will also notice that it has a nutty undertone added to it. It is among the most popular type of coffee.


Cuban coffee is from different regions. These are three regions, the Pinar del Rio, Escambray located in the center of the island, as well as Sierra Maestra mountains. Much of this coffee that is grown for export is grown in Sierra Maestra.

Colombian coffee is grown in more regions than Cuban coffee. It is grown in the southern, central, and northern areas. However, the most amount of coffee is found in southern and central areas.


Cuban coffee, to be honest, is a bit too bitter. Not everyone can withstand its taste. For that reason, the coffee has to be sweetened with sugar known as espumita.

Colombian coffee, however, is not as bitter as Cuban coffee. Therefore, there are certain ways you can make it without adding sugar. You might simply need to add some cream or even enjoy it black without any sweeteners. It would still work perfectly.


Caffeine Content

Colombian coffee has almost the same levels of caffeine as other types of coffee. Cuban coffee, however, is known to have more caffeine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Cuban coffee stronger than American coffee?

When comparing Cuban coffee vs. American coffee, you will find that Cuban coffee will be strong, thick, and somewhat like syrup. The blend features a very captivating aroma. Cuban coffee is two times stronger than American coffee.

  1. Is café bustelo Cuban or Colombian?

This is a very popular type of Cuban coffee. It is a staple for most immigrants. Its popularity has grown to different homes all over the country.


Everyone loves coffee. But when there are so many different types, it would not make sense to stick to a single variety. We recommend that you try the different blends out there and experience the Cuban and Colombian ways of making amazing coffee. Give it a try!

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