Does Aquafaba Go Bad?

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Aquafaba is one of the new unbelievable revolutions for the vegan world. Most of us were somewhat skeptical when we first heard about Aquafaba – a simple way of mimicking egg whites with a liquid from chickpeas. Sounds somewhat insane, right? But to be honest, it is an amazing replacement for eggs.

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So, what about storage? You must store Aquafaba properly so that it lasts a little longer. We have prepared this short post to figure out how long it can last, and discuss how to store Aquafaba properly. Let’s get to it.

Is Aquafaba only from Chickpeas?

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There are many options for Aquafaba. It does not have to be chickpeas specifically. The water from any type of cooked beans will work. Regardless, white beans and chickpeas will provide you with a neutral taste and appearance. That is why they are preferred most for vegan cooking and baking.

You have to remember, however, that the best beans to use are the ones cooked only in water. Those that use salted water do not have such good taste because they do not whip up well.

So, Does Aquafaba go bad?

Without proper storage, chances are high that Aquafaba will go bad in a very short time. It will indeed last months when the carton is not opened. However, once you open it, you should ensure that you use it in less than a week.

Can you store Aquafaba?


After you have opened the carton, there are chances that you might have some leftovers. Can you store it in a fridge? If you want to store it in a fridge, you will have to fold the opened part of the package and put it in the refrigerator.

How long does Aquafaba last in a fridge? After you store it in a refrigerator, you have to use it before a week passes. There is an advantage to storing it in a refrigerator. When cold, Aquafaba will whisk up faster. That is perfect when you are baking.

We recommend that you store Aquafaba in portions of 1 tbsp. using an ice tray is effective and it will last around 4 months.

Homemade Aquafaba

How long can you keep whipped Aquafaba in a freezer? If you have made some Aquafaba at home, the storage is not so different. In a mason jar, it will keep in a refrigerator for around two or three days. After that, you should use it.

When it comes to freezing you should store it in portions of around half a cup. When in these portions, it will last for around two months.


Remember: You should drain and rinse the chickpeas and place them in a fridge or freezer until they are ready for use.

How do you know if Aquafaba has gone bad?

Before you use your Aquafaba, even if refrigerated, ensure that you smell it. Aquafaba that has gone bad can be identified by the smell. If you notice a smell of spoiled beans, ensure that you throw them out and do not use them.

Can you use out-of-date Aquafaba? There are chances that the out-of-date Aquafabawill cause certain health problems. To be safe, simply toss any out-of-date Aquafaba.

Final Words

Aquafaba will give you the same results as an egg. It will give you amazing results for your meals and you will not have to use any eggs. Remember, this is also an amazing way of avoiding waste. If you want to make some Aquafaba at home, it is also easy. Let us know what you think of Aquafaba.

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