Difference Between Dogfennel and Dill

Dill and dogfennel are plants that are so often confused due to their similarities. They both have feathery light leaves and are used in Mediterranean cuisines. So how can we tell dill from dogfennel?

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In this article, we will look at the two plants in detail and learn how to identify dill vs fennel.

What is Fennel?


Fennel is a flowering perennial plant in the carrot family. It is indigenous to the Mediterranean coast but is now grown in most parts of the world. It has yellow flowers and feathery leaves. The stalk emerges at the base from a bulb that grows above the ground. This means that, unlike a carrot, fennel is not a root vegetable. All parts of the fennel plant are edible.

What is Dill?


Dill is an annual plant that belongs to the carrot family. It is predominantly grown in Europe and Asia where its leaves and seeds are used as spices for food. Dill is commonly used in pickles for seasoning purposes. If you have ever had dill pickles then you must be conversant with its citrusy taste.

Dogfennel vs Dill

Is dogfennel and dill the same? I believe that in defining dill and fennel, some differences already stand out. I will still go ahead to show you that the two are not the same. Here are some differences.


Does dogfennel smell like dill? Well, dogfennel’s leaves and stems have a smell that is tangy and musty. On the other hand, dill being aromatic has a scent that is almost like caraway. The pungent smell of dill enhances the flavor of dishes.

It is therefore clear that dill and fennel do not have the same smell.


Dill leaves are used as herbs and its seeds are used as spices. In contrast, all parts of the fennel plant are fully edible. From the leaves to the flowers and the bulb.


The leaves of the fennel plant are bright green and extend from the main stem. As opposed to fennel, dill leaves are greyish-green and attach to the leaf stalk at regular intervals. The leaf stalk then attaches to the main stem.



Is dogfennel and dill the same? Now you can confidently answer that they are different after going through this article. We’ve looked at different aspects of dill and fennel from the leaves to culinary use and they both stand out.

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