Difference Between Feverfew, Chamomile and Daisy

Through the years, medicinal herbs have grown in popularity. Some have faded away while others remain popular. There are a few herbs that are still popular: Feverfew, Chamomile, and Daisy.

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But what is the difference between these three types of herbs?

In our post today, we will be looking at the feverfew vs. chamomile vs. daisy comparison. The post features a detailed comparison in different aspects to help you tell these three apart from each other.

We hope that you find this post informative. Let’s dive into it.

An Overview

Before we get into the comparison, let’s start with an overview of the three.



The name is derived from febrifuga, a name that means ‘fever reducer’. It is among the oldest herbs that were used by Egyptians to treat a range of ailments. It is used to treat ailments such as toothaches, stomach aches, as well as sore throats.

It is a small plant that will only grow to around 20 inches. It also has beautiful white flowers whose center resembles daisies. The smell is similar to citrus and when cut, it produces a yellow liquid.



Chamomile is used in tea a lot. It has been in existence for centuries, originally from Western Asia and Europe. Its use is mainly in tea as a sleep aid to reduce anxiety. You can consume it in a range of ways, even though tea is the most popular.

The plant is small and delicate, growing to around 24 inches. It features white flowers, a yellow center, as well as a very sweet smell.




Daisies are all over the planet, except in Antarctica. The plant features a large head with a star shape. Fresh daisy leaves can be eaten. They work amazingly in salads and have a high level of Vitamin C.

In herbal medicine. Daisies reduce bleeding, and ease coughs and digestion. They are also used to relieve back pain.

The Differences

Now, let’s take a look at the difference between these three plants. How do they compare to each other?

Feverfew vs. Chamomile

Are chamomile and feverfew the same thing? The first thing to note is that the two are from the same family – the Asteraceae family. This is among the largest flower families. They also have the same physical similarities.

However, there are differences to note. First, while feverfew is perennial, chamomile is annual. So, the feverfew might last more than 2 years, while chamomile only one.

The smell is also different. As noted above, feverfew features a citrusy aroma, while chamomile features a smell similar to apple blossom. Additionally, feverfew is bitterer compared to chamomile.

As for their use, feverfew works great with inflammation and pain relief, while chamomile helps to relax the body and better sleep.

Finally, you can find chamomile all over the planet, and is affordable. Feverfew, however, is harder to find and is more expensive.

Chamomile vs. Daisy

Are chamomile and daisy the same thing? First things first. These two are in the same family. However, daisies have more than 30,000 species. They will grow to around 2 inches. They feature some white petals with a yellow center. Chamomile stems are skinnier compared to daisies.

As for the uses, daisies are normally used in salads and provide a range of minerals and vitamins. Chamomile, however, is used mainly in tea and beer.

Additionally, while daisies are found all over the planet, chamomiles are mainly found in Europe and Africa.

Feverfew vs. Daisy

Is Feverfew a daisy? Well, the feverfew is under the same family as the daisy. However, feverfew is a plant that is highly appreciated for its medicinal properties and its ability to relieve ailments such as headaches.

These two have flowers that are similar in appearance. Regardless, they have different uses. The feverfew is also bitterer than the daisy and has a different aroma.


You might think that these three are similar to each other when you look at them. However, a closer look at them will show you the difference. They have different medicinal uses and are ingested in different ways. We hope that this post helps you understand the feverfew vs. chamomile vs. daisy difference.

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