Difference Between Fideo And Vermicelli

There are different types of noodle dishes from different parts of the world, each with a certain uniqueness. Fideo and vermicelli are two popular types of noodle dishes. One thing people are always wondering is if fideo and vermicelli are the same.

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You need to know that there are certain differences and similarities between these two. It is easy to confuse these two.

In this post, you will find a detailed fideo vs. vermicelli comparison to help you differentiate the two. Let’s dive into it.

What is Vermicelli?


Vermicelli is a name that translates to little worms (not the most appealing name). However, the noodles can go great with a wide range of flavors. You can choose to use them for dessert or breakfast in many different recipes.

Mainly, there are two types, Italian and Asian (also known as rice vermicelli). These two have certain differences that make each unique.

What is Fideo?


Fideos is a name that simply translates to noodles. They are quite similar to vermicelli in regards to ingredients and their shape. However, they are made shorter before packaging. In most cases, they are toasted inside oil instead of boiling to give them a rich flavor.

In general, fideos are golden and short with the thinness of vermicelli.

What’s the Difference between Vermicelli and Fideo?

There is a fideo vs. vermicelli substitute. These two are not the same. They might both have a thin and long shape but vermicelli is normally round.

Vermicelli is an Italian pasta that is made using refined durum wheat semolina whereas Fideo is made with wheat. Fideo can, however, be made using other types of grain.


When it comes to the texture, vermicelli is softer compared to fideo.

Can I substitute Fideo for Vermicelli?

Is it possible to substitute fideo for vermicelli? There are indeed certain similarities between the two. However, the two cannot be used interchangeably in all recipes. It all depends on the recipe.

They can be used in place of each other, but you should expect that the taste will be different. Additionally, the cooking time required is different for both. Vermicelli will cook faster compared to fideo. Therefore, if you choose to substitute one for the other, you will have to make adjustments accordingly.



As you can see, there are certain similarities and differences between these two. But that does not change the fact that they are both great types of pasta to include in your meals.

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