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Fiestaware Frequently Asked Questions

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Fiesta dinnerware has been around for quite a while. This type of dinnerware is popular in most households. However, there are concerns about the safety of the dinnerware. It is important to identify and address the concerns of fiesta dinnerware.

In this post, we highlight some of the most frequently asked questions from fiesta users and provide relevant answers for each of them.

What is Fiesta Dinnerware?

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Fiesta dinnerware is an old line of glazed dinnerware produced by a company known as Homer Laughlin China. The company is based in West Virginia, since the 1930s. The company’s popular and oldest shapes were a product of Frederick Hurten Rhead’s designs until 1942, which is the year he died. The shapes have since then been modified and a set of new shapes introduced in the market.

This product is popular and is available in very many households throughout the world, thanks to the advertising campaign from 1939 to 1943. In the oldest line of products, there was a Fiesta with a red color. However, the manufacturers removed it from the line due to the chemicals. After several years, the production stopped in 1972. In 1986, the production of the Fiesta products continued. It is still available to date.


Is Fiestaware Radioactive?

The oldest Fiestaware was made using glazes, which are radioactive. Even though the company made note of the red pottery, the other colors were still radioactive. The other pottery was glazed using the same recipes, which means that any other pottery from that time might be as radioactive. Even though these dishes are collected mostly because of their bright and beautiful colors, it raises a question of how safe it would be to eat off any of the dishes from that time.

There is no evidence available that states that those who made these dishes faced any challenges caused by exposure to these glazes. Research proves that the red-dish will expose a person to gamma radiation if in the same room. Touching it will expose you to beta radiation and once you eat acidic food from the plate, you will be exposed to alpha radiation. The research proves that the plate has 20% uranium in weight. Ingesting uranium increases the risk of cancer or tumors.

Regardless, the Fiesta dinnerware collection was still less radioactive than most of the items manufactured during that same period.
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Are the Modern Fiesta Products Radioactive?

Are they still radioactive? Can Fiestaware go in the oven? Colored dinnerware was produced first in 1936. However, the dinnerware had an ingredient that was required for the production of weapons. Therefore, in 1943, the companies could not use the ingredient. After the 1950s, the red glazed resumed with the use of depleted uranium, which ceased later in 1972. Any Fiestaware produced after that time is not radioactive.

You can access modern Fiestaware with any color you wish. However, these colors are not similar to the old ones since there is no presence of lead or uranium. Therefore, is Fiestaware safe to use? You can rest easy because none of the modern Fiestaware is radioactive.

Is Fiestaware oven proof?

Is Fiestaware oven-safe? Fiestaware is perfectly oven safe. The modern Fiestaware is extremely tough and durable. You can use it to heat food in an oven without stressing about the quality diminishing. The dinnerware can withstand high temperatures, as high as 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The bakeware will withstand higher temperatures, up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, you should know that Fiestaware oven-safe feature does not mean that you can use it on an open flame.

Can you use Fiestaware in the Microwave?

The fiesta products are created for a wide range of food purposes in homes, as well as hotels and other consumer industries. The products are created in a manner that allows you to use them in most food processes, which include heating in the microwave. So, can Fiestaware go in the microwave?

Yes, it can. You can use the fiesta products in your microwave without hassle. The products are actually preferred by most people because they do not get as hot as other utensils used in the microwave. If you place a Fiestaware bowl in a microwave, it will distribute the heat to the food and maintains a low temperature itself. The bottom part, right below the food, will be hot. However, the other sections will be completely safe to touch.

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Is it possible to bake using Fiestaware?

There is a specific line of fiesta bakeware products. Can you bake in Fiestaware? There are bakeware products produced for this specific purpose. These products are able to withstand a high temperature of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, you can use them for any purpose other than baking. You will use it directly from the oven to the table without any stop in between. Can you bake Fiestaware and serve using the same product? The answer is yes. The product will go from counter to oven, or microwave to dishwasher.

How do you clean your Fiestaware?

You might note some grey markings on the Fiestaware. The markings are caused when the metal meets the glazes. These glazes are harder than metal. The markings are not an effect on the pottery or the glaze. If you have this problem, you are probably wondering if it would be easy to clean these markings and is the Fiestaware dishwasher safe. Well, these marks can come off easily if you use any of the wide range of products available. Take a tiny amount and apply it to a sponge, after which you should use the sponge to clean in a circular motion. After you complete that process, clean normally using a dishwasher.


Fiestaware oven-safe features are not the only amazing thing about Fiestaware. The products have been around for quite a while and have continued to gain popularity over the years regardless of the notions going around about their radioactivity. If you want a product that will serve you and your family safely, Fiestaware is the way to go.


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