Difference Between Fisher Paykel vs Bosch Dishwasher

Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma in buying appliances for your kitchen or home generally? Where there are a couple of brands and all seem suitable for the purpose but you have to choose one. This is an experience most of us are familiar with when it comes to installing dishwashers.

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In this article, we will look at Fisher Paykel vs Bosch dishwashers in detail ensuring you have all the information you need to choose one that is to your liking.

Let’s get started;

General Comparison Between Fisher Paykel and Bosch

Fisher & Paykel Appliances Holdings Limited is a company that designs, manufactures, and distributes appliances that are used in the kitchen and lifestyle. These appliances include dishwashers, washing machines and driers, refrigerators, freezers, and cooking appliances. They’ve been designing products since 1934. They are based in several countries worldwide, fifty to be precise.

BSH Home Appliance is also a company that manufactures household appliances. It is one of the largest home appliance manufacturers in Europe and the world. It was founded in 1967 as a joint venture between Robert Bosch GmbH and Siemens AG. This company specializes in dishwashing, cooking, refrigeration, washing and drying, freezing, and other household appliances.

Fisher Paykel vs Bosch Dishwasher  

Fisher Paykel Dishwasher
Fisher Paykel Dishwasher
Bosch Dishwasher
Bosch Dishwasher

Now that we’ve looked at the general products manufactured by both companies, let’s major in the dishwasher. There are many factors to consider as you purchase a dishwasher for your kitchen. First, the space available, the number of dishes you wash, and noise, among many others. Let’s look at both brands concerning some of these factors.


When it comes to design, there are two designs to consider. The standard Bosch design opens full and the drawer design was developed by Fisher Paykel.

With the standard dishwasher, minimal space is saved. This is because when you open the door, it occupies about twenty-one inches. This could be a challenge when the kitchen is quite small because the open door minimizes functionality as you have to wait to close the door to use the pathway.

With the dishwasher drawer, you can control how far it opens without any disruptions. You can still load and offload the dishes conveniently. This is perfect especially if you have a galley kitchen. It will save you space.

Energy Saving

With saving energy in consideration, you need a brand that uses a fair amount of water for maximum results. Both brands have done commendably well in ensuring that their appliances are energy-saving.

Bosch, for example, has multiple models that enable you to save over 30 liters of water. They have advanced technology that monitors the washing cycle and makes appropriate adjustments to ensure less water and electricity are used.


With the Fisher Paykel drawer dishwasher, you can use one of the drawers independent of the other. This is very convenient when you have a small number of dishes since you don’t have to run a full dishwasher that is half empty. This saves both water and electricity.


Everyone loves peace. The less noisy a dishwasher is, the better it is. Manufacturers have slowly improved their products by reducing noise levels from about 60dB.

Bosch has a range of technologies developed to ensure that their dishwasher operates at the lowest decibel levels, that is, 40dB or lower. They even introduced an InfoLight that lights the floor to let you know when the dishwasher is running. Isn’t that awesome?

Fisher Paykel is not left behind either. The interior of the dishwasher is made of custom plastic. How does this reduce noise? With the stainless-steel interior, more noise is produced as water splashes than when water splashes off plastic. The noise level of these dishwashers is 45dB or lower.

Functions And Settings

Bosch Dishwasher Control Panel

When it comes to comparing Fisher Paykel and Bosch dishwashers in terms of function and settings, there are a few factors to consider. Fisher Paykel offers a range of dishwashers that feature multiple wash programs, including a delicate cycle, a sanitize option, and a fast wash cycle. Bosch dishwashers, on the other hand, are known for their quiet operation and energy efficiency, as well as a variety of wash cycles, including a quick wash cycle and a half-load option.

In terms of specific features, Fisher Paykel dishwashers offer an adjustable upper rack that can accommodate larger items, as well as a flexible folding tines system for easier loading and unloading of dishes. Bosch dishwashers also feature a range of loading options, including a flexible third rack for additional capacity, and an adjustable middle rack for taller items.



Any dishwasher saves energy than hand-washing the dishes. There is the use of fewer volumes of water. It is also time-saving as dishwashers are more efficient. More factors are considered when choosing between dishwasher brands to buy from.

Do you have enough space? Or would you need a space-saving dishwasher? Do you need to maximize energy saving? All these questions help you choose a dishwasher that is best suited for you. With this information, you can acquire your preferred dishwasher.

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