Foodsaver Models Comparison Guide and Chart

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Do you have a vacuum sealer in your kitchen? If you do not, you should purchase one. There are very many reasons why a vacuum sealer is an important appliance for every kitchen and we will provide you with several reasons to purchase one. The first, the most important reason why you need a vacuum sealer is the preservation of food. Foodsaver machines gained initial popularity due to their ability to store perishable foods, such as meat and cheese, as well as storage of food bought in bulk with cost-effectiveness in mind.

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So, why should you purchase a Foodsaver vacuum sealer? Which model is best? Well, this is a Foodsaver comparison article. We will compare the Foodsaver model features and give you additional information regarding the functionality of Foodsaver. Keep reading to learn more.

Types of Food Saver Machines

Foodsaver, the company behind the models compared below, has prepared a wide variety of models to satisfy the specific needs of different users. This section will explain the main types of machines they have brought to the market.

Manual Functioning Machines

Some Foodsaver models require the user to place the bag inside the sealing compartment manually. The bag is sealed and made airtight. Most of this machine type has control panels with very little controls from which a user can choose. That means that they are extremely easy to use and the functionality is very basic.

Automated Functioning Machines

The automated machines are the most popular in the market. They are automated, which means that you only have to place the food inside the bag and the machine will seal it after inducing a vacuum inside the bag. They have a range of functions, from dry to moist, which are for different types of meals.

You will find some that have vacuum speed settings to increase their efficiency. You can also marinate the food with ease.

Transportable Machines

Do you enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hunting? Well, this is the perfect vacuum sealer for you. You should choose to purchase a Foodsaver model that is portable and easy to move around. The reason why these models are portable is that they require a small amount of energy to provide optimal functionality. Therefore, you can use a pickup or a boat to power them. They will also function very quickly when sealing your food to save the energy you provide them.

Custom Bag Makers

Such machines can create bags of custom sizes. They make use of a retractable roll for making bags. The bag is placed in the machine and you can see where the machine puts the seal. Therefore, you will reduce the bag material waste and reduce excessive storage.

Reasons for Purchasing a Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer

Before we get into the Foodsaver model comparison, you should understand why you would require one in your kitchen.

Saving Time

When you purchase a Foodsaver vacuum sealer, you will not need to make grocery runs each time you want to enjoy a meal with some vegetables. Instead, you only need to purchase vegetables in bulk and simply use them whenever you need to cook with your grocery. Sucking out the air around the vegetables will preserve your food for a very long time and it will be in the same good condition it was when you purchased it.

Batch Cooking and Waste Free

This method of food preservation will eradicate the wastage of food and allow you to cook food in large batches. You should know that the vacuum sealer would allow you to store portions of chicken breasts, meat, and place them in your fridge or your freezer until the day comes when you want to enjoy the food again.


When you adjust your vacuum sealing, you will be able to save food for an entire week or save food for many people.

When you have had your food to your fill, you will not need to throw it away anymore. Simply store the food using the vacuum sealer.

Safe and Healthy Food

Is hygiene a prime priority for you? A vacuum sealer will ensure that the food remains hygienic and safe when you want to store it. It is better than other methods of food storage. The food will have a protective cover and you can handle it without making it unsafe for consumption.

After you vacuum seal the food, it is important to refrigerate it. The recommended temperatures are between 36 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The food will last longer than several weeks. Storing food using this method will eradicate the risk of listeria or botulism.

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The Foodsaver Models

Let us look at some of the features that set the top models apart.

  • FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer V3460 Automatic Sealing

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer V3460 Automatic Sealing System
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B001E75OSGThe Foodsaver V3460 is an amazing appliance to have in your kitchen. The system can remove moisture and air from the storage bags so that your food lasts longer. It beats other methods of food storage such as containers, foil, and plastic wrap. The system has a SmartSeal technology that allows it to create an airtight vacuumed seal by sensing the type of vacuum and bag. Operating the vacuum sealer is quite simple. Only two steps.

First, you have to put the food inside the bag. Second, slide the bag’s open end inside the appliance. This automatic vacuum sealer will begin sealing the bag immediately. You can choose from different available settings to increase the efficiency of the machine depending on the food you are saving. You can adjust the moist and dry settings to alter the seal level. You can use two different speed settings to reduce or increase the vacuum speed depending on the type of food.

Some of the additional features include a sealing strip that will make sure the seal is secure and airtight by applying heat. A drip tray to catch the overflowing liquids. A limited warranty of one year.

  • FoodSaver V2244 Food Preservation Machine

Foodsaver FSFSSL2244-000 V2244 Machine for Food Preservation with Bags and Rolls Starter Kit
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0044XDA3SWhen it comes to functionality, the Foodsaver v2244 is not similar to the other products in the market. This model is operated manually. It does not have a material roll-up. The user can seal and length or size of the bag without worrying about the excess bag material going to waste. It has an easy latch and lock. You will not require two hands to lock the lid and operate the machine.

With this machine, you can preserve meat for three years. The meat will still be fresh and will have an amazing flavor. There is no chance of freezer burns. This method will store your food five times longer than the alternative methods of food storage.

Using this sealing system is quite easy. The system has led indications that will guide you easily through the sealing process. Simply press the seal button and all the air will be sucked out of the bag. The system does not have certain automated functions. Therefore, you can operate with complete ease and maintenance will be similarly easy.

The V2244 is compact, which means that it is easy to store it when you are not using it. It also features a drip tray that is dishwasher safe. Cleaning it is therefore easy.

  • FoodSaver 31161366 Space Saving Machine

FoodSaver 31161366 Space Saving Food Vacuum Sealer
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07VPRW77ZAre you interested in saving space? This is the model for you. This Foodsaver model will save at least 50% of your kitchen space. It will save you a lot of storage and give you adequate efficiency. You can align the bags with complete ease if you plan to use it frequently. It is worth mentioning that the vacuum sealer has a control panel that is intuitive and very easy to use. It is one of the latest models in the market. However, that does not restrict it from producing powerful energy like the other older versions.

Except for a few features, this product gives you most of what other models offer at a lower price. It will save you money. It is compatible with 1 pint or 1qt. seal bags or use an 8-inch vacuum roll. You can also choose to use it with containers and jars.

Are you wondering about the main features of the machine? Well, it can seal a maximum width of 11 inches using the two modes for sealing. It also has a feature that will help you align the bag.

  • The FoodSaver GM710-000 Machine

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer GM710-000 GameSaver
View on Amazon >>>ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B016C4KJS0

If speed is a priority for you, the GM710-000 is the perfect machine for your kitchen. The machine can seal 240 pounds or 80 seals consecutively. It is a feature that is quite different compared to the other machines. Its speed is one of the reasons why this model is on this FoodSaver model comparison.

The machine removes the air from the bag and applies a certain level of heat to seal the food in an airtight environment. You can use it to save poultry, meat, and fish and extend their lifespan considerably.

When you purchase this unit, you will get several advantages that include a storage compartment integrated into the machine, as well as a sturdy handle and a 12-volt adapter. You will also get heat bags, a seal roll, as well as an accessory hose. All these features make the machine portable. You can grab it and go wherever you need and power it using a boat, a pickup, or other small amounts of power.

To make sure that the machine can be used in the field, it has a rugged design that has non-slip buttons made with rubber.

  • FoodSaver GameSaver Wingman Plus

FOODSAVER GameSaver Wingman Plus Vacuum Sealer
View on Amazon >>>ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01BKF4AN6

It is very common to have a barbecue party, only to have excessive leftovers. It always sucks to have to dispose of the extra food. We’ve all been there. Luckily, you do not have to worry about wasting more money on the food you throw away. This amazing FoodSaver model will allow you to save up all your food and save money in the process.

The Wingman has rolls and heat seal bags made using heavy-duty material. The material will create a perfect vacuum environment around your food. The unbreakable seal will not allow any moisture or air inside the bag eradicating any chance of freezer burns, or deterioration of quality.

If you are like most of the customers in the market, a simple machine is always the preferred choice. This specific model is extremely simple to use. Simply use the buttons to adjust the dry or moist settings according to the food you have. You can also use the vacuum and seal buttons.

The drip tray incorporated will eradicate any chances of overflowing liquids messing up your countertop. After collecting the liquids, simply take out the tray and dip it in the dishwasher for easier cleaning.

  • FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealer
FoodSaver V3240 Vertical Vacuum Sealer
View on Amazon >>>ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00EFD8HMG

If you are a beginner, you might enjoy using this FoodSaver model. After looking at the difference between the FoodSaver models, we concluded that this is one of the easiest to use. It is a manual machine with two adjustable vacuum speeds.

The customer reviews provided on online markets state that this machine is very effective despite being a manually operated machine. It will help you seal away very fragile foods such as cheese without messing up their integrity, thanks to the crush-free instant seal.

If you have bulk food to store, this machine is perfect for you. It uses a lot of energy and power to produce optimal results.

You can use any Foodsaver bags or rolls with this vacuum sealer. You will enjoy the moist and dry food settings, coupled with a roll holder and a bag cutter to make work completely easy. Its total weight is 8 pounds and it can seal a maximum width of 11 inches.

  • FoodSaver FM2435 Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver FM2435 Vacuum Sealer Machine
View on Amazon >>>ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01C464ZCQ

This amazing Foodsaver model will provide you with several features, which include the creation of bags of custom sizes to allow you to save up different amounts of food at your convenience. You can then vacuum the bags and double seal them to allow your food longer storage.

The machine is made using high-quality stainless steel. It features an additional handheld sealer coupled with a starter kit. The sturdy construction will not only increase the product’s life but also its efficiency because it is extremely sturdy. The additional handheld sealer is purposely meant to allow you to lock containers and bags with zip locks whenever you need to. Making airtight bags is not the only option you have.

The vacuum sealer has a roll that has a cutter for cutting the optimum length of your bags. You will therefore reduce the excessive waste that might be produced when you are sealing away your food.

This model will also provide you with a removable drip tray that you can clean using the dishwasher. The drip tray is also easy to access. The company recommends that you give the machine a 20 seconds break between sealing for the best results.

  • FoodSaver FM 5200 2 in 1 Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver FM5200 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine
View on Amazon >>>ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01MDRSCVF

This amazing Foodsaver model is not only sturdy but also extremely functional, thanks to the amazing features it has. When you store your food using this machine, you can easily increase the life of your food by three weeks. You will also enjoy using the bag-making system, which can produce a bag immediately after you finish sealing one meal. It is extremely time-saving compared to other models. It has an upright design, which means saving up more of your counter space.

To make sure that the environment around your food does not contain any moisture or air, the vacuum sealer will make the bag completely airtight. It will also add a double seal so that the environment around your food remains that way. No air will be able to sneak back into the bag.

The unit is somehow bulky. However, it has functions and settings that you will use with complete ease. You have the chance to use some Moist and Dry settings, as well as a quick marinate function.

The system contains a roller and a cutter. Therefore, when feeding the bag, feed it from the left and it will come out through the front. Additional features include the led indicators, as well as a moisture detection system.

  • FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer V 4400

FoodSaver V4400 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine with Automatic Vacuum Sealer
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00DI342B4This is yet another vacuum sealer with amazing features that you will enjoy using. The brand can increase the shelf life of your food for up to three years. It has an automatic bag detection system, as well as vacuum sealing. It can not only seal your bag with an airtight vacuum but also seal canisters, zipper bags, containers, as well as marinated foods, thanks to the handheld sealer.

It has led indicators that will help you during the vacuum sealing process. The V4400 is one of the few sealers in the market that is ideal for large families. Some of the major features include smart detection of moisture, automatic bag detection, as well as inbuilt led indicators.

FoodSaver Model Comparison Chart

Now, let us look at the Foodsaver models comparison chart. The Foodsaver comparison chart should help you compare the machines in detail very quickly.

FoodSaver ModelCutterRollerMaximum Sealing WidthBag DetectionAdditional Features
Foodsaver V3460✔️✔️11 InchesDishwasher safe drip tray, Airtight heat seal, 2 vacuum speeds
Foodsaver V224411 InchesFor Wet and Dry Food, Easy Latch and Lock, Led Indicators
Foodsaver 311613668 InchesSpace Saving, Bag alignment, Simple control panel
Foodsaver GM 710-00011 InchesRugged Design, Large drip tray, Inbuilt storage
Foodsaver Wingman Plus11 InchesEfficiency, Consecutive sealing
Foodsaver V 3240✔️11 Inches✔️Crush Free Sealer, Manual Operation, Dry and Moist Food
Foodsaver FM 2435✔️✔️No LimitLed Indicators, Inbuilt storage, Up to 60 consecutive seals
Foodsaver V 5200✔️No Limit✔️Consistent Sealing, Handheld Sealer, Automatic Moisture Detection
Foodsaver V 4400✔️✔️11 Inches✔️Moisture Detection, UL and ETL certified

What is the Difference between FoodSaver and GameSaver Bags?

There is not much difference between the GameSaver and FoodSaver bags. The design and quality are similar in both. However, the GameSaver rolls and bags are packed with many rolls while the Foodsaver is produced and sold individually.

Which Foodsaver Model is the Best?

We have established that each of the machines provided above is different in their ways. If you remember correctly, we stated that the improvements on each machine aimed to satisfy certain customer requirements, presented by different customers. For that reason, it is not easy to specifically pick a single machine and state that it is the best. You can simply choose one and it would be best for a certain purpose. Therefore, the easiest thing to do is choose using your preferences as the basis of your choice.

What is the newest Model of Foodsaver?

In our list of picks, the V5200 is the latest production of the Foodsaver models. It is not only a sturdy and functional machine but also filled with amazing features and options. You can use the drip tray to make sure your countertop stays clean and the automatic bag detection will help make work easier. You cannot go wrong with this model.

Is a Foodsaver Worth Buying?

It is normal to question the need for Foodsaver models. Regardless of the FoodSaver comparisons, are they worth the money?

Well, a Foodsaver will not only save you money on storage bags but also save you money on leftover meals. You will enjoy the purchase and it is cost-effective.


There are many reasons why you should purchase a Foodsaver vacuum sealer, especially the fact that you will reduce the wastage of food. Use this method to prolong your food’s shelf life and completely improve your health. It will maintain the flavors in your food and the nutrients. You will not have to deal with freezer burns for however long you store the food in the freezer.

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