does chicken and dumplings freeze well

Can you Freeze Chicken and Dumplings?

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Chicken indeed is one of the main meals that most people all over the world enjoy. It is very common to find that you have excess chicken and dumplings and it just does not feel right to throw it out. Freezing it to enjoy another time would seem like the best option and it is a good option. But can you freeze chicken and dumplings? For how long can you freeze this amazing meal without affecting its texture, taste, and aroma? Well, this short post will provide you with all the details you need for freezing chicken and dumplings. Read on for a better understanding.

Freezing Chicken and Dumplings

Can I freeze chicken and dumplings? We have all asked that question before and the answer is that you can freeze chicken and dumplings. It is simple.

Remember, when you visit the store to purchase some chicken and dumplings, you will find them frozen when in packaging. Do chicken and dumplings freeze well? This meal is referred to as a freezer meal because it freezes so well.

When frozen, chicken and dumplings last up to four months. The freezing process ensures that the texture is preserved together with the flavor and all the nutrients that accompany the meat.

Enjoying the meal again

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When you decide to enjoy the meal again, simply place the chicken and soup on some medium heat and allow it to boil slowly. The freezer bag that has dumplings will take a bit more work.

You need to put the freezer bag with dumplings in a container that has warm water.

Thawing the dumplings in this manner will allow them to separate properly. After you place them in that container for several minutes, place them in a bowl, and try to separate them by hand carefully.

Note: If they feel frozen after several minutes, place them back in the warm water and allow them to thaw some more. If you don’t there are chances that you will break the packaging and the fillings will fall off.

After separating the dumplings properly, simply place them inside the boiling soup and allow them to reheat for several minutes. It is recommended that you allow the meal to boil them for around ten minutes in medium heat.

You may choose to reheat your meal with a microwave instead of a stovetop and it is fine. Be honest, a microwave would seem to work faster compared to a stovetop. If a microwave is your preferred choice, just follow the same process with the frozen chicken and dumplings. Remember to check that the container you are using is microwave safe. Health for us and our families is very important, right?

Freezing Process

Can chicken and dumplings be frozen? Yes, they can, and here is the process.

First, remove them from the heat and allow them to cool to room temperature.

Then remove the dumplings from the soup and place them inside a freezer bag, ensuring to remove as much air as you can. You can do the same with any other chicken pieces in the meat.

Place the soup in an airtight container and close the lid tightly. Finally, store them in the freezer.


Can you freeze dumplings once cooked? This article has proven how simple it is to freeze chicken and dumplings. How do you store chicken and dumplings? Now that you know, you never have to throw out your food again.


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