Difference between Horchata and Rumchata

When you visit different liquor stores, you will find a range of cream liquors. Now, it is possible that you have come across horchata and rumchata before and wondered whether they are the same thing. Is one a variation of the other? Is rumchata alcoholic horchata?

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The simple answer is: horchata is a Spanish and Mexican drink that is made using soaked rice or even almonds. Even though it is creamy, it does not use any dairy products. Rumchata, on the other hand, is made with some dairy cream.

This post goes deeper into the difference between these two. We will look at different aspects and compare these two deeper. Don’t go anywhere.

About Rumchata and Horchata

Rumchata shot
Rumchata shot

Horchata is a sweet beverage, normally dairy-free, that is made using some soaked grains and water flavored with different spices. Different cultures have different variations that give their versions a unique flavor profile. Different preparation methods are used and different ingredients are used. Regardless, it comes out as a simple beverage.

Is Rumchata made from horchata? Rumchata, on the other hand, is a rum-based liqueur that has vanilla and cinnamon flavors. It is inspired by horchata. However, it is a Wisconsin drink that uses a natural dairy cream. It is a very popular liqueur.

The Taste

Does rumchata taste like horchata? The flavor of horchata might change based on the recipe used. Regardless, it is a sweet, mild, and creamy beverage that is mixed with some local spices. After that, it is sweetened using natural sugars. It is a drink meant to refresh and fill you up. The effect should be soothing and cooling. That is its main purpose.

Rumchata, on the other hand, has a creamy, smooth, and sweet taste. It also features an underlying cinnamon taste with a hint of vanilla. That thick cream will help make the rum softer and diminish its taste. Even so, you will still feel the taste of alcohol.

Making Horchata and Rumchata

You can prepare some of the horchata recipes fairly fast. However, you might need a bit more time with some of the recipes. This drink would work perfectly if you accompanied it with fresh bread and pastries. You can also choose to enjoy it on its own. You can also spice it up using ingredients like nutmeg, vanilla, spice, star anise, cloves, and more.

Rumchata has also been adjusted a bit in different ways. You can find coffee as one of the companions for the liqueur. You can also find a wider range of flavors such as the Limon and the peppermint bark. It is a delicious drink that you can serve straight. Even so, while on the rocks, it is even better.


Horchata and Rumchata are two amazing drinks, even if they might be confusing to some. All you would need to know is that rumchata is a drink that has alcohol in it. It is also good to note that there are variations of rumchata that have horchata as part of their ingredients. Try them out and taste their difference.

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