Why is my Macaron Batter Grainy? – Here’s How to fix it

Macaron is a simple sweet confection based on meringue. It is originally from France and is made with some sugar, egg whites, almond powder, and also some food coloring. The meringue halves are put together with some creamy filling. A macaron features a crispy outside with a chewy inside.

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Unfortunately, macarons are in a range of sizes and shapes. However, they can be hard to make. It is possible to have macaron batter grainy. But is macaron batter supposed to be grainy? Well, it is not.

For that reason, we will be looking at the mistakes you would make to mess up your macaron. We will also look at how to make macaron batter smooth.

Why is Macaron Batter Grainy?

Colorful Macarons

You should know that Macaron batter should not be thick, lumpy, or even too runny. Instead, it should have a soft texture and should be able to hold its shape after piping.

If it is not the way it is meant to be, there are chances that there was a problem with your macaronage. This is the process of preparing the macaron shell. The batter is mixed until it becomes glossy and smooth.

It is also possible that you might have used the ingredients incorrectly. You need to use reliable ratios.

How Long to Fold Macaron Batter

You need to track the number of times you fold your batter. This number depends on the batch size. If you have an average size, you will need around 60 folds maximum. The more you gain experience, you will be able to see and feel when the macaron folds are enough.

We recommend that you fold your macaron until the lumps are finished and it becomes slightly thick.

How to Avoid Making it Grainy

Here is how to fix grainy macaron batter.

First, we recommend that you make the macarons in batches. This is better compared to piling the ingredients in a single bowl. A different bowl for each batch is recommended.


Secondly, you need to ensure that you count the number of folds. As stated above, around 60 should be adequate.

To ensure the consistency of the macarons, you will need to smooth the edges. That ensures that your macaron edges are not too crunchy and thin. Additionally, they will not be too chewy and fat.

Another thing that makes macaron batter not smooth is either over-mixing or under-mixing the ingredients. When you under-mix your batter, you will end up with peaks on your shells, instead of a glossy and smooth surface.

When you over-mix your batter, you will end up with crispy and thin shells, which will have spread out too much. To prevent that, we recommend you count the folds.


Even though macarons are crispy and delicious, they will need to be perfected for that to happen. There are simple tricks that you can use to achieve that and the list above allows you to achieve that.

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