Husk Cherries vs. Tomatillos vs. Ground Cherries – A Detailed Comparison

Husk cherries, tomatillos, and ground cherries. These are three names that are very confusing to most people. They are interesting types of fruits that can easily confuse you if you are not sure what you are looking for.

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But are tomatillos the same as husk tomatoes or ground cherries? How are they different from each other?

Our post today is a detailed comparison between husk cherries, tomatillos, and ground cherries. After reading this post, you should be able to tell how these three differ from each other. Let’s dive in.

About Tomatillos


Tomatillo is a Spanish word that translates to ‘little tomato’. It is a fruit that is native to Mexico. Most people confuse tomatillos with green tomatoes, mainly because of their color. However, they are not the same as green tomatoes because they have papery husks and are softer.

These fruits are planted in the same manner as tomatoes and will normally grow to around 1.5m. As they continue to mature, they change color to yellow. Some varieties are purple when mature.

You can choose to eat tomatillos cooked or raw.

About Ground Cherries

Ground Cherries

Ground cherry is a golden cherry that is under the genus Physalis. The main reason for their name is that they fall to the ground when they ripen. Additionally, they have a small fruit that is similar to a cherry in size.

Now, these fruits can be enjoyed whether raw or enjoyed in salads. You will find some varieties of this fruit including Goldie, Aunt Mollie, and the pineapple ground cherry.

You will also find that the ground cherries have a papery husk enclosing the fruit. This husk will dry when the fruit is ripe and release the fruit.


Normally, they are yellow with less acidity.

About Husk Cherries

Husk Cherries

Most people wonder about the husk cherry vs. ground cherry difference. However, you should know that these are two names used to refer to the same fruit. Husk cherries can also be called husk tomatoes, ground cherries, golden gooseberry, Cape gooseberry, and more.

The Difference

Now, let’s look at the husk cherry vs. tomatillos difference.


You will notice that tomatillos are larger in comparison to ground cherries. Ground cherry is almost half the size of a tomatillo when fully matured.


Do ground cherries taste like tomatillos? The acidity levels in ground cherries are lower than that of tomatillos. Ground cherry is sweeter. Therefore, certain varieties of tomatillos, like the pineapple tomatillos, need to be cooked for the acidity to reduce.


The tomatillo plants grow taller than ground cherries. Are ground cherries in the same family as tomatillos? Well, ground cherries are under the nightshades family under the physalis genus, similar to tomatillos.


Ground cherries are normally enjoyed raw, or even used in salads. However, tomatillos are great choices for sauces.


As you can see, there are certain tomatillos vs. ground cherries differences such as size, colors, and taste. Even so, they are closely related and have certain similarities like in appearance and the papery husks. You should know, however, they are both great sources of minerals, vitamins, and fibers.

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