Olivari Avocado Oil: Real or Fake? How To Spot Fake Ones

Many recipes require you to use some avocado or olive oil. These have some neutral taste. It is among the few factors that you can consider when deciding whether a cooking oil is a good choice for your recipes or not.

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Avocado oil is growing more and more popular because of its health benefits, as well as its amazing flavor. When it comes to avocado oils, there are many brands in the market, all claiming to have authentic avocado oil. Olivari is one of the popular brands in the market. Even so, you will find yourself wondering, is Olivari avocado oil real?

We have done extensive research and have prepared this brief post to answer that question. We will try to figure out whether Olivari avocado oil is real or fake. Let’s jump right in.

About Olivari Avocado Oil

Olivari Avocado Oil

Olivari avocado oil is one of the most versatile products on the market. It works great with a range of recipes. It features a high smoke point, making it great for many cooking situations. You can use it for anything including pan-roasting beef, stir-frying, and sautéing vegetables.

According to the brand, it is made from authentic products and is 100% authentic. It is also cold-pressed and sorted for quality.

Who makes Olivari avocado oil? Now, Olivari is among Sovena Group’s important brands. You can find their products in almost all parts of the world.

How to Tell Real or Fake Avocado Oil

Now, it is easy to identify real avocado oil. The first thing you should be careful of is the color. Authentic virgin avocado oil has a green color, while refined avocado oil appears almost light yellow. As for the taste, the fresh, authentic oil should have a butter and grassy taste. It is almost similar to mushrooms.

Note: Even the best oil will become rancid at some point. You have to ensure that you purchase a reasonable size that you can finish before it oxidizes. Also, store it away from light and heat.

So, is Olivari Avocado Oil Pure Avocado Oil?

Well, the best produce is used in producing Olivari avocado oil. They are grown using organic and sustainable methods in different parts of the world. The avocados used to produce the avocado oil are checked by hand for any imperfections and ripeness. They are then de-stoned and skinned to prepare a pure, healthy, and delicious avocado oil.


Additionally, is Olivari avocado oils refined? You will find refined oils in supermarkets all over. Refining is a process that ensures the product features a uniform appearance, smell, and taste. It also increases the shelf life of the oil.

Olivari avocado oil refines its oils using natural methods. They do not use any harsh chemicals or Hexane.

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There are different brands in the market. Olivari ensures you have a range of oils to choose from for different recipes. You can be sure that you will find pure, tasty, and healthy avocado oil for you and your family from Olivari.

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