Is Yoshinoya Healthy? – What you should know

Yoshinoya is among the largest retailers of Japan’s popular quick meal – Gyudon or the beef bowl. There is a large network of consumers for Yoshinoya and you will find some who enjoy the beef bowls almost daily.

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You can’t help but wonder, is Yoshinoya healthy? Is it harmful to enjoy Gyudon regularly?

We have prepared this post to help you figure out whether Yoshinoya is healthy. Let’s get started.

About Yoshinoya


Well, Yoshinoya is a fast food restaurant that prepares a range of bowls with Japanese dishes like veggies, rice, as well as lean meats. Most of the restaurant’s menu items feature foods that are higher in Sodium – just like with most of the fast food restaurants.

Is Yoshinoya Healthy For You?

The truth is that Yoshinoya is relatively unhealthy. Consider that one bowl features 21 grams of protein only and around 600 calories. Compared to the protein amount, that amount of calories is very high. The reason for this level of calories is the proportion.

A regular bowl will make use of less beef with more rice. That is the reason for the higher carb and lower protein content. Additionally, there is sake and higher sugar levels.

One bowl of beef Gyudon can have around 400 to 600 calories. That meal contains some beef slices that are cooked in a broth, then served over some steamed white rice.

As for the chicken teriyaki dish, you will get some chicken that is cooked in a sweet teriyaki sauce, then served with some steamed white rice. The larger dishes have around 600 calories, while the smaller ones have around 400 calories.

Healthiest Food at Yoshinoya

This is easy. What you need to do is choose any grilled protein, which includes grilled chicken, teriyaki beef, or even grilled salmon. That will help in reducing fat and sodium intake. Instead, you end up with a delicious and nutritious meal.

To make it even healthier, we recommend that you double the protein portion and skip the rice. We also recommend that you include some grilled or steamed vegetables.


If you want an appetizer, we recommend that you go for some miso soup and not the regular donut rice bowl. The broth soup is a great choice to boost your vegetable and protein dish.


The normal Yoshinoya beef dish might not be the healthiest option out there, considering the calories included in a dish. However, you can choose a combination that is not only sweet but also very healthy.

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