Khmeli Suneli Substitute -What You Can use Instead?

Khmeli suneli is a Georgian spice mix that is savory with a great aroma. It was created during the Soviet Union era. Khmeli Suneli is used in a variety of dishes, from stews, salads, soups, and many others dues to its pleasant aroma and great taste.

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In this article, we’ll look at what Khmeli suneli is made of, how to replace Khmeli suneli and the substitutes of this spice. Let’s dive in.

What is Khmeli Suneli Made Of?

Spices Blend

We’ve seen in the introduction that Khmeli suneli is not a single spice but a mixture of spices. It is made up of coriander, dried fenugreek seeds, parsley, dried celery, dill, basil, black peppercorns, and summer savory. These ingredients are ground together to make the Khmeli suneli spice.

The resulting mixture of these spices makes Khmeli suneli suitable for almost every dish. The savory seasoning is suitable for savory pastry, rice, salads, soups, sauces, stews, and beans, among others.

How Can I Replace Khmeli Suneli?

Due to its origin in Georgia, the country, Khmeli suneli is not readily available in other countries like the US. However, you can make your own Khmeli suneli and enjoy the great aroma and nutty savory taste that comes with it.

The key to making your Khmeli suneli is ensuring that the basic ingredients that are responsible for key flavors are included. For example, fenugreek seeds are one of the key ingredients in spice. Otherwise, you can add other available spices that are to your preference. There is no specific right recipe for making Khmeli suneli. You can use your preferred ingredients as long as you include the core Khmeli suneli ingredients.

Khmeli Suneli Substitute

Khmeli Suneli

Italian seasoning

When it comes to the Khmeli suneli substitute, one of the substitutes is Italian seasoning. Why Italian seasoning? This is because like Khmeli suneli, Italian seasoning can be tailored to meet the needs of the cook. Depending on availability and preference, you can add or exclude some ingredients. Italian seasoning is made of basil and marjoram which are also found in most Khmeli suneli mixtures.

Ras el hanout

Another spice that would be a good Khmeli suneli substitute is Ras el hanout. This is a spice mix from Morocco. It includes many spices just like Khmeli suneli and has additional floral ingredients. It is a perfect substitute because it has some of the spices used in Khmeli suneli.


In a nutshell, we’ve seen that Khmeli Suneli is a Georgian spice blend that is made from several different spices. The result is a spice with a savory, nutty taste with a wonderful aroma.


However, for some people, this spice is not readily available. We’ve seen how you can replace Khmeli suneli by making your own and maintaining the key ingredients such as fenugreek seeds. You can also add as many different ingredients as you would prefer.

Other substitutes for Khmeli suneli include Italian seasoning and Ras el hanout which have some similarities to Khmeli suneli.

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