LG NeoChef 1.5 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Review

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Microwave ovens have been in kitchens for a long time. They are very effective in creating meals, warming some leftovers, and many more. A wide range of brands has produced countertop microwaves including one of the best, LG.

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LG NeoChef microwave is among the best in the market with amazing reviews from customers who have tried it out. But should you get this countertop microwave model? Well, let’s figure this out.

We prepared this post to provide a detailed LG NeoChef microwave oven review. We will tell you everything you need to know about the microwave including how it operates, its amazing features, and much more. Let’s get started.

LG NeoChef Overview

Stainless steel LG - NeoChef 1.5 Cu. Ft. Mid-Size Microwave Review
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Who it’s for?

For anyone looking for a functional microwave with adequate capacity for an average family’s meal.

Why do we like it?

We like that it is appealing, simplified, with simple tweaks that eradicate troublesome issues such as turntable stability.


What is the LG NeoChef microwave? What does it mean? LG NeoChef is a countertop microwave with an amazing design. It features a minimal, yet elegant appearance that only improves your kitchen’s décor. It has amazing performance coupled with precision and power.

In this LG NeoChef review, you will find that it has a smart inverter coupled with sensor cooking that assures success in preparing recipes.

What about the other features? Well…



Before you choose the LG NeoChef microwave, you will need assurance that it is not only functional but also something you will love looking at. This microwave features a beautiful and elegant stainless steel color. It will blend with your kitchen’s décor without a doubt.

As for the controls, the front has SmoothTouch controls that ensure the operation is easy. You will also have a very easy time cleaning the controls. Simply wipe it with a cloth and you are set. Operating these controls is very easy. A simple finger touch will work.


You will often find ovens with turntables on which you have to balance food to avoid tipping. But that is not the case with this beautiful creation. It features a different stabilizer ring. It has a hexagonally shaped ring with 6 wheels as opposed to 3. That means you will have extra support. No more worry about supporting heavier items on the turntable.


We often worry about splatters and spills. The cleaning can be hectic, right? Fortunately, the LG NeoChef microwave has an EasyClean interior. That ensures stains will not build up and cause a challenge cleaning.

Getting rid of the splatters and spills does not have to be a task. You will not require any scrubbing or chemicals to clean the microwave. A simple damp cloth should clean the mess off with ease.

Easier Cooking

Sensor cooking is among the latest innovations in microwaves. This model has that feature. It allows the microwave to sense the humidity level. That information will help determine how ready the food is. After your food is cooked and ready, the microwave will simply go off.

It also has amazing features that allow you to do more than simply warm leftovers. You can always monitor your food with ease with the help of the LED light in the interior.


The LG NeoChef 1.5 Cu. Ft. countertop microwave review would not be complete without mentioning the capacity. With a capacity of 1.5 Cu. Ft, you should be able to prepare food for your family at once.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who makes NeoChef microwave?

Answer: All microwaves from LG are manufactured by a division of the corporation, LG electronics. It is a company that was initially started in South Korea, after which headquarters in New Jersey was opened.

  • How do I turn off the chime on my LG NeoChef microwave?

Answer: Follow the manual to find the easiest way to turn off the beep or chime on the microwave. In most, you will touch and hold ‘Clear’, then, for five seconds, touch the ‘Keep Warm’ button, you will then be prompted to switch on or off.


Now that you have seen the LG NeoChef 1.5 Cu. Ft. countertop microwave review, you have to decide if it is the right one for you. There are several factors that you have to consider before you purchase the LG NeoChef microwave oven. Ensure it features adequate space for your requirements, the features you need, and that it will not require more space than is available in the kitchen.

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