Everything You Need to Know About Lo Mein vs. Rice Noodles

Asian noodles can be categorized into three. There are rice, wheat, as well as glass noodles. Under these three, there are many sub-categories, each with a certain distinct aspect. That can be the ingredients, size, shape, or even method of preparation.

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Lo Mein and Rice noodles are among the popular types of noodles you will find. But what is the Lo Mein vs. Rice Noodles difference?

We have prepared a post to discuss the differences between the two types of noodles. We will also check whether it is possible to substitute one for another.

Here we go;

Rice Noodles

Rice Noodles

Rice noodles are a popular type of Asian noodles. You will find it all over Asia, especially in Southeast Asia. Rice noodles are manufactured using rice starch and have different widths and lengths. As for the structure, they are firm and springy, able to absorb the flavor of soups and sauces served with them.

You can find fresh rice noodles in different Asian supermarkets. However, dried noodles are much easier to find.

You should expect different widths of rice noodles. On average, however, they are around ¼ of an inch wide.

Lo Mein

Lo Mein

These are wheat noodles that are very popular in China. They are similar to spaghetti in that they are cylindrical, except that they are thicker.

The primary ingredients include wheat flour and eggs. Asian grocery stores have both fresh and dried varieties of Lo Mein. However, the local grocer will probably have the dried variety only.


The Difference

Now, let’s check out a Lo Mein vs. Rice noodles comparison.

The first thing you will notice is that they are made using different ingredients. Lo Mein noodles are made using wheat flour while rice noodles are made using rice flour.

You will also see that they are different in color. The rice noodles might be yellow or white, while Lo Mein is either brown or yellow.

The third difference is the texture. While rice noodles are chewy, Lo Mein noodles have a softer texture.

You can cook rice noodles by soaking them in boiling water for a couple of minutes. As for the thicker Lo Mein noodles, it will take close to 10 minutes on high heat. For the thinner Lo Mein noodles, you will only need 4 minutes to have them ready.

Are rice noodles healthier than Lo Mein? Well, as for the rice noodle vs. Lo Mein nutrition, rice noodles have higher levels of Selenium, Manganese, and Phosphorus. Lo Mein, on the other hand, has higher levels of Vitamin B2, Vitamin K, as well as Folate.


Can you substitute rice noodles for Lo Mein? Rice noodles are a great alternative to Lo Mein. They act as a great substitute for any noodles made using wheat flour and eggs. In certain cases, they are gluten-free, which means they work great if you are on a gluten-free diet.


Rice noodles and Lo Mein are different in several ways including the color, ingredients, as well as preparation methods. Even so, they are a great addition to any meal and will go well with most soups and sauces.

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