Difference between Mexicorn, Fiesta Corn, and Regular Corn

There are different side dishes you can go for and one of the most colorful and festive include mexicorn or fiesta corn. Add some color and flavor to your dinner table.

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But what is the difference between Mexicorn fiesta corn, and regular corn? We have found that these are names that confuse most of us. But not to worry, we know all about them and how they differ.

This post is a detailed comparison between Mexicorn vs. regular corn vs. fiesta corn. Read on for a comprehensive comparison.



Mexicorn is simply a Green Giant vegetable ix. It features a simple combination of green and red bell peppers and corn. This mix has a cheerful look. But that’s not the main reason for its popularity. It has a wide range of uses that you will easily appreciate.

Mexicorn can be stored in a refrigerator for around 4 days in airtight containers.

Fiesta Corn

Fiesta Corn

Well, fiesta corn is essentially the same thing as Mexicorn. Green Giant uses the name Mexicorn to describe fiesta corn, which is simply a combination of corn, red, and green bell peppers.

However, there are certain variations, such as the addition of tomatoes and spicy peppers.

Difference between Mexicorn and Southwest Corn

Is Southwest corn the same as Mexicorn? Well, these two are not the same, but they have certain similarities. While Mexicorn is a type of canned corn that features green and red peppers, southwest corn has red peppers coupled with green poblano peppers.

Difference between Mexicorn and Regular Corn

The main difference you will notice between Mexicorn and regular corn is that Mexicorn has the addition of peppers. Mexican corn features grilled or roasted corn that is brushed with lime, chili, as well as other types of seasonings.


Can you make Mexicorn at Home?

If you find that you do not have Mexicorn, you can choose to make some yourself. It’s also simple to make. What you need is corn – 3 cups. It does not matter whether they are frozen and thawed, fresh, or canned.

You also need taco seasoning, which is a fun addition, coupled with red bell peppers, and green bell peppers.

Start by melting some butter on a skillet, after that, saute the peppers for around 3 minutes, and then add the corn and seasoning. Cook for around 10 minutes, then serve it warm.


There is no difference between Mexicorn and fiesta corn, except that the name Mexicorn is used by Green Giant to describe fiesta corn. It is a very simple dish to make straight from home. Add any variations that would make your fiesta corn different.

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