Difference between a Slurpee, ICEE, and Slushy – In-Depth Comparison

In every gas station in America, you will find icy drinks such as Slurpee, ICEE, and Slushy. But is a Slurpee and slushy the same thing? Do you know what the difference is between them? Well, we do.

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We have prepared a detailed comparison between a Slurpee, ICEE, and slushy. Let’s take a look at how these three compare to each other.

Appearance and Taste

Slurpee vs ICEE vs Slushy

A Slurpee is a frozen beverage available in a range of colors. Similarly, an ICEE is a frozen beverage. However, it does not have as much sugar as a Slurpee. Additionally, it has a higher level of carbonated water.

Slushies are more popular with children since they have a range of sweet ingredients. They can have fruit juice or ingredients such as ice cubes that are used to improve their taste.

One thing that they all have in common is that they are simply icy drinks available in soda machines. A Slurpee and a slushy are produced by machines that dispense syrups together with crushed ice. The difference between a slushy and a Slurpee vs. ICEE is that ICEEs are from machines that have crushed ice only.

Who Owns Them?

7-Evelen is the owner of the trademarked name Slurpee. A big similarity in the ICEE vs. Slushy comparison is that they are owned by the same company – ICEE Company. While Slushies are based on ice cream, ICEEs and Slurpees are made using juice or flavored syrup coupled with carbonated water.

To make the extra frosty, they are sold over some crushed ice.


The major Slurpee vs. slushy vs. ICEE is the ingredients. To start with, a Slurpee has flavoring carbonated water, as well as a certain sugar syrup. ICEE, however, contains some flavoring, carbonated water, sweeteners, or sugars, as well as food coloring. Finally, a slushy has water, food colors, as well as a concentration of sweeteners or sugar.

The Preferred Drink

All the drinks have certain advantages. It depends on what you need and what you are looking for. Slurpees are in a wide range of flavors. You will also find them with different syrups, as well as add-ins such as fruit pieces, candy, coffee beans, chocolate chips, and more.

Therefore, you will have a wide range of combinations that you can make straight from home. If you need something that does not have a large addition of flavors, then a slushy might just be what you need.


An ICEE is more expensive compared to a slushy and Slurpee. However, there are no additives such as fruit pieces or flavored syrups.


Each of the above drinks has an advantage. The one you should go for is based on what you need. If you are not after flavorings, an ICEE is best for you. If what you need is something with add-ins and variety, then a Slurpee is what you need. Otherwise, you can try a slushy.

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