Difference between Subgum and Regular Chow Mein

You might have come across chow mein. These popular types of noodle dishes. But you should know that there are certain subgum chow mein vs chow mein differences.

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Our post today is about a comparison between subgum and regular chow mein. We hope that after you read this post, you will be able to differentiate the two. Here we go!

What is Subgum Chow Mein?

Subgum chow mein is a Chinese dish of stir-fried vegetables and meat served alongside crunchy noodles. The quality of subgum chow mein that stands out is that it has a variety of proteins. They include beef, pork, shrimp, and chicken among others. The vegetables are usually water chestnuts, celery, and carrots. These are the ones used in chow mein.

Subgum chow mein can be served as a side course or even as a main course depending on the Chinese restaurant you go to.

What is Regular Chow Mein?

Regular Chow Mein?

Regular chow mein is quite similar to Subgum chow mein. Both dishes include crunchy noodles. However, regular chow mein is made of stir-fried bean sprouts served with crunchy noodles. Note that in regular chow mein there are no meat products.

Subgum chow mein vs chow mein

The difference between these two dishes is noted in what is served alongside the crunchy noodles. In subgum chow mein, stir-fried vegetables and meat are served with crunchy noodles. In contrast, in regular chow mein, stir-fried bean sprouts are loaded onto the crunchy noodles. No meat is involved.

Subgum chicken chow mein vs chicken chow mein

Subgum is generally a Chinese dish with a mixture of vegetables. As opposed to regular chicken chow mein, in subgum chicken chow mein, the vegetables are mixed with the noodles and the chicken with the addition of a preferred mixture of sauce. The vegetable can include mushrooms, carrots, and celery among others.


In summary, chow mein is a Chinese dish that is made of crunchy noodles. We’ve looked at subgum chow mein vs chow mein in detail. In subgum, the noodles are served with a mixture of vegetables and meat. In the regular chow mein, bean sprouts are served with noodles. We’ve also seen that chow mein can be served as a side course or a main course depending on the Chinese restaurant you choose to visit.

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