Substitute for Giardiniera (Giardiniera Alternatives)

What’s giardiniera? Well, it is a mix of flavorful pickled vegetables and olive oil. If you have the right thing, it should be sour, crunchy, somewhat oily, and spicy too. It is a very popular food in the United States.

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You can’t always have giardiniera at your disposal, which would mean that you will require a substitute. So, what is similar to giardiniera?

We have prepared this post to help you figure out some of the most effective giardiniera substitutes. Let’s dive right in.

Giardiniera Alternatives


You will find that there is more than one giardiniera brand in the supermarket. You will find it close to the pickles. In case you are in other parts other than the Midwest, you may only have access to the national brands and not local ones – which are preferable.

There are, however, many other options on Amazon that we would recommend.

Alternatives without the Sour Kick

You might not like the giardiniera’s sour kick. That means that you would prefer the New Orleans olive salad. This is a salad that is preferred for the muffuletta sandwich. It has an amazing flavor without the sour kick that giardiniera has.

Central Grocery is responsible for making this type of olive salad. L

Make a Substitute Yourself

You might need giardiniera in around 1 hour to come. Fortunately, making some yourself is also an option. You can use any type of pickled vegetables to make it. Certain vegetables will work better than others, especially those that are sour. We do not recommend any sweet varieties like sweet pickles.

Some of those that work great include sport peppers, jarred artichoke hearts, pepperoncini, pickled roasted bell peppers, capers, olives, as well as canned mushrooms.

To make some, chop the vegetables so that you have around one cup in total. You will then need to add some olive oil, around 2 tablespoons, as well as a tablespoon of oregano.


You might not require to add salt. You should also know that this mixture will get better with time. However, you do not need to give it time. You can use it immediately.


So, if you need a giardiniera substitute, then you see that it is very easy to make some yourself. You will be able to make some with ease and get the same flavor that giardiniera offers. You can also make adjustments to make it as you would most prefer.

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