What is Vadouvan Curry Powder And Substitutes

Curry powder is popular because of its association with Indian food. However, in a couple of restaurants, you will find its French cousin, vadouvan curry. Vadouvan curry has continued to gain popularity for a couple of reasons.

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So, what is vadouvan curry powder? If your pantry does not have this French curry powder, it might be a good time to consider getting it.

We have done a bit of research and have prepared this post to help you know everything you need to about curry powder. We will discuss everything you need to know.

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Vadouvan Curry Powder Ingredients

What is vadouvan made of? The first thing you should know is that vadouvan and ordinary curry powder are made using dry ground spices. Vadouvan, however, is a blend of certain Indian and French spices. They are used in that manner to help provide that unique flavor from Southern India.

The blend of Indian spices includes turmeric, curry leaves, green cardamom pods, and red chili powder. The French spices include cloves, nutmeg, as well as fenugreek seeds. This blend produces an earthier, milder flavor of curry plus a bit of sweetness.

To ensure that these spices produce a stronger flavor, they are toasted using medium heat. That is why their natural oils release an enhanced flavor.

Vadouvan Taste

You will get a complex combination of smokiness and sweetness in any food that has vadouvan curry powder. When added to soups, vegetables, or meat, you will get an extra flavor dimension that you will appreciate.

Is Vadouvan Curry Powder Spicy?

As you would expect from different French foods, there is little that vadouvan offers in regards to spicy heat. While it is true that it has some chili pepper, it is in small quantities. Therefore, there isn’t much heat as you would think.

Vadouvan Uses

You might be wondering about some of the vadouvan curry powder uses. Well, you can use this curry powder in almost any type of recipe that requires curry powder. What’s more, you only need to sprinkle a bit of it over your fish or chicken. But that’s not all. You can also choose to use it in rice, roasted vegetables, lentils, and more.


You can use it in almost any way you like. For instance, you can choose to mix olive oil and powder in an equal ratio. That mixture can then be rubbed on lamb or chicken before you cook to make an amazing meal.

Is Vadouvan Curry Powder the Same as Regular Curry Powder?

What’s the difference? Well, it is not the same. However, it can work in any recipe that regular curry powder can. It will do a better job since the spice blend is of higher quality.

Vadouvan Curry Substitute

Vadouvan Curry Substitute

You might not always have the powder. It might be trendy in certain places but it is not available all over. That is why you need a vadouvan curry substitute in that case.

The best option you have is regular curry powder. It is the British version. It has a blend of spices, just like vadouvan curry, which is why it works so well in that respect.  If that is not an option, you can always go for your vadouvan blend. You will find all the ingredients you need to make this blend in the local grocery store.

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Vadouvan curry powder is becoming increasingly popular. We believe that it is one of the things you should have in your pantry. We also believe that this type of curry powder will make your food unique, which will please family and friends.

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