The Best Bread For A Tuna Sandwich

A tuna sandwich can be a quick and straightforward selection for almost everyone, especially pescetarians, who cannot consume sandwiches with prosciuttos.

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What if I tell you that you can make this sandwich taste excellent with the right bread? Probably you will be curious to know more.

What if I tell you that I have at least four types of bread that can improve your tuna sandwich ten times better?

Fresh Baguette


I cannot let without mentioning a fresh baguette in this list. If bread and combined with the right ingredients, this bread can give you a unique gastronomic experience even with the easiest recipes.

In the case of a fresh baguette, I would first start by removing some of the inside bread crumbs. Then, you can create a better surface, so all the ingredients stay well and do not slip while eating.

Usually, Baguette goes perfectly with butter, but especially in this case, olive oil is the best option as tuna has a lot of olive content, so mixing butter and olive oil is not the best thing.

Other ingredients that you can put in the sandwich can be red onions, boiled egg, some basil, and fresh tomatoes to add some juiciness and freshness.

If you love tuna, this will be the ultimate sandwich for you. And yes, I consider Baguette the best bread for tuna sandwiches.

Foccacia bread


This is my favorite type of bread for a tuna sandwich, and maybe because pizza with tuna is my favorite pizza.

This type of bread has the best taste and aroma when it is warm, so preparing it by yourself at home is the best option ever.


You can put some fresh tomato sauce, some tuna, and olive on it, and you can serve it as an open sandwich. This sandwich can be a good substitute for a quick and homemade pizza.

Another option is to serve it with green leaves, some corn, mayonnaise, and provolone cheese.

Or if you want to go extra, I would propose to serve it in the way of a calzone. So you open the dough and all the ingredients you put them inside, and you bake them all together.

This is not a very common recipe, but for sure is a very delicious one.

Sliced bread

Sliced bread

The most typical one for a tuna sandwich is sliced bread. This bread can be found in different types and prices and is the easiest way to do a tuna sandwich.

You can go for rye bread or a normal one; this bread will be a very nice sandwich.

I consider it in the list of the best pieces of bread because it can be easily prepared and packaged. Also, slices can keep the tuna inside with a delicate product.

With this type of bread, all ingredients can fit well. I prefer to mix some mayonnaise with tuna, some lemon juice, and a small quantity of onion.

I mix them into a sauce, and I put a good layer of sauce on each slice of bread. This is amazing for summer as it can be consumed cold as part of any meal.

What’s the best bread to eat tuna fish on?

I would say a multigrain bread. This type of bread is considered very healthy due to its consistency and extra nutritional values from various kinds of grains.

It is fresh, the crusts are crispy, and the inside is cotton-soft. Tuna is also a soft fish product, that’s why I prefer soft bread.

What is the best bread for a tuna salad sandwich?

tuna salad

Even in this case, I would go for sliced bread. However, the shape and slim surface are perfect for a tuna salad because they can easily contain all the salad mixture.

The sliced bread can be whatever your heart wants. When I make sandwiches, I choose some prime quality bread because the bread taste is one of the essential parts of the sandwich itself.

Bread with seeds can be very suitable for the tuna sandwich.

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