Best Indoor Grill for Korean BBQ – Detailed Review 2022

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If you are reading this, you have probably enjoyed some Korean grilled pork, beef, or chicken and are yearning to replicate the experience from the comfort of your home. Korean barbeque provides an amazing way to unite friends, prepare the meal straight from your dining table, and enjoy the delicious and amazing meal with your friends.

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To get that experience, you have to purchase the best indoor grill for Korean BBQ. The Korean indoor grill you purchase will allow you to enjoy an intimate time with your family while grilling meat inside your house. However, you have to take several things into consideration.

What to Look for When Buying Indoor Grill for Korean BBQ

There is a wide variety of grills with differences in sizes, shapes, as well as features. For that reason, you have to consider several factors before you decide on a specific grill.

Material and Diameter of Plate

The material used to make the plate will determine the durability and strength of the grill. It affects the quality of the meals you prepare and the ability to clean the grill.

The diameter of the plate, on the other hand, will affect the size of the food you prepare. Therefore, you have to consider the number of people that you will serve. For most standard models, the diameter ranges from 12 inches to 14 inches.

Source of Heat

A grilling device requires a source of heat. The source of heat can be either electricity or fuel. Some of the grill models have their own burners. However, some will require that you use a portable one. A Korean BBQ electric grill is the most portable and convenient for outdoor and indoor use. As long as you can access some source of power, you are good to go.

Non-Stick Coating

Considering the type of food you will be preparing, there are very high chances of meat sticking to the surfaces of your grill. It is very important to consider this feature when looking for a grill to purchase. This feature will prevent the charring of food that is stuck on the surfaces. The cleaning process is also easier. Since this feature is very useful for a grill, you will find that most of manufacturers prefer to add it to their products.

Best Indoor Grill for Korean BBQ Reviews

  • Best Overall Indoor Grill for Korean BBQ – TeChef 

TECHEF korean bbq electric grill review
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This product is one of the most applauded by customers who have tried it. The TeChef makes use of a very simple, yet efficient design. Everything that is applied to its design has a certain purpose. The stovetop pan will gain heat perfectly, even when temperatures are low. This amazing feature reduces the amount of time you will use to prepare your meal significantly. In addition, it will allow you to have full control over the temperature. On the plate, you will see slots, which are meant for draining purposes. However, these slots will not change the level of the plate. They are angled perfectly so that they can maintain the level while allowing for perfect fluid drainage.

An additional feature that the stovetop boasts is the non-stick coating. The non-stick coating is amazingly efficient. The fat and grease will slide easily through the holes without leaving any residue on the stovetop. In addition to that, the stovetop is very easy to clean once you finish grilling your meat. You should note that the pan does not have a drain pan for catching the fluids that drip through the holes. You will have to use your own bowl for that purpose.

The stovetop is made professionally in Korea with perfect craftsmanship, which makes it perfect for residential, as well as commercial kitchens. It has a cast aluminum material, which allows it to distribute heat perfectly. The result of cooking with this stovetop is a meat chunk that is cooked well and browned evenly. The aluminum construction has a Teflon that is added five times to make the non-stick feature completely efficient. Its amazing domed shape allows it to sit perfectly on a stove or portable gas grill.

It is worth mentioning that the pattern added to the cooking surface makes it one of the most beautiful tabletop grill Korean.


  • + 5-layer DuPon Teflon print design
  • + Oil draining system to ensure there’s no excess oil
  • + Friendly price tag
  • + Very beautiful design.


  • It comes with no dripping pan
  • The surface can get scratched.

  • Zojirushi EB – CC15 Electric Grill

Zojirushi EB-CC15 korean indoor grill Review
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If you want to replicate the taste you enjoyed in a restaurant and make your guests happy, this is the grill for you.


This specific model has a square surface of 143 square inches. This surface area is able to cook food that will satisfy three to four people. The model has a heating element of 1300 watts. The heating element is able to provide temperatures between 176 degrees Fahrenheit to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the adequate temperature to prepare most of the Korean BBQ recipes.

The design of the grill allows the fats, grease, and oil to be redirected away from your food. The food you are preparing, for that reason, will not be swimming in the fluids. The waste flows into a tray that is under the grill, allowing for easy collection, as well as disposal of the same. To enhance your security and protect you, as the user, the indoor Korean BBQ grill will only function if you install it properly.

You might find that you want to move the grill from one spot to another, while it is still hot. The handles, as well as the base, are always cool regardless of the current temperature of the grill. Transportation of this grill is therefore made easier.

This grill has a non-stick surface, which will prevent any food from sticking to the sides. In addition, it is perfectly easy to clean once you finish cooking. You can easily disassemble the grill so that you can clean the appliance thoroughly. You can also throw the drip tray inside a dishwasher without worry.

The non-stick surface will heat extremely fast reducing the time you spend cooking the food. There are heat settings that you can easily adjust so that you can cook at different temperatures.


  • + Features the adequate temperature to prepare most of the Korean BBQ recipes
  • + The handles, as well as the base, are always cool
  • + The grill has a non-stick surface
  • + It is perfectly easy to clean once you finish cooking.


  • The grill requires hand washing.

  • IWATANI Smokeless Korean Grill

Iwatani Corporation of America 35FW review
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Are you looking for a grill that has all the parts you need to entertain your guests? Well, here is the perfect grill for your kitchen. This grill is unlike other alternatives because it features its own source of heat, which is powered by butane gas. It allows you to heat and cook your food easily and quickly without much hassle. The process of cooking is simple. You simply need to add some water to the aluminum pan at the bottom, after which you will insert a canister with butane and start cooking with ease. Each butane canister will last a total of about 215 minutes, which is the perfect time to grill while enjoying time with your friends.

The grill’s top has a non-stick coating, which allows your food to cook without sticking to the surface. It is also a perfect way to make sure that cleaning the grill is extremely easy. The fluids that come from your meat will drip away from your meat. The result is a healthy and sweet meal. There is an aluminum pan that is at the bottom. It is a water holder, as well as a grease collector. Cooking with this grill is exciting and it does not leave you with much cleaning work.

The butane gas will help your grill reach a maximum of 250 degrees Celsius. You can, therefore, cook a large amount of food within a very short period. Aluminum die-casting is the material that is used in making the grill plate. Therefore, it is not only lightweight but also sturdy. The rest of the grill’s body is coated with powder and the plugs of the appliance are made with ABS resin.

The product has a Japanese manual but it is easy to understand because of the picture illustrations.


  • + Unique design allows you to cook multiple recipes
  • + Easy to use and clean
  • + Non-stick coating for easier cleaning and cooking
  • + Allows you to control the heat.


  • It takes some time to even heat the plate.

  • LIVEN Electric Grill

LIVEN Electric Grill with Hot Pot review
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This electric grill is created by LIVEN and is one of the most appreciated Korean BBQ grills indoors. It is a perfect way for you to save all the natural resources while creating the most amazing food straight from your kitchen. It has a pot body and grill that are made using die-cast aluminum. It also features a very unique shape that is not only beautiful but also efficient in ensuring that there is even distribution of heat. The result is food that is cooked and browned perfectly. This grill can do more than grilling. You can easily fry your food if you need it. It has a pot with a capacity of 1.6 liters. It also has adjustable settings that allow you to fry, boil, and cook the way you want.

The material from which this grill is made is food grade. It also has resistance to high temperatures. That means that charring is not a possibility. The food will cook perfectly and will be good for your health. The baking plate and the hot pot have a non-stick coating. The food will, therefore, not stick on the surface and you can clean easily and quickly. There is an addition of a glass lid, which will lock tightly to prevent the heat from escaping and you can boil your ingredients quickly. An additional feature is the bottom cooling system, which will help to boost the grill’s efficiency and extend the service life of the grill.

The grill’s total weight is 6.8 pounds. It is able to cook without any smoke, which is very healthy for you and your family. The grill is also able to distribute heat very rapidly, reducing the time you will use to cook. The bottom of the pot body is created in such a way that it will not slip at any point.


  • + The pot body and grill are made using die-cast aluminum
  • + Features a very unique shape to ensure the best heat distribution
  • + It has adjustable settings that allow you to fry, boil…
  • + Nonstick surface so you can clean easily and quickly.


  • There is no grease trap
  • Only 3 choices of heat for hotpot, grill or both.

  • CookKing – Traditional Korean BBQ Pan

CookKing - Korean Traditional korean bbq grill indoor review
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If you fancy a Korean BBQ that is prepared traditionally, then this is the grill that you want to consider. The indoor grill is very stylish and is appealing to the eye. It is able to prepare the perfect meal for you without any smoke.

To eradicate any smoke, you simply need to add some water to the bottom part of the pan. When the water at the bottom boils, it will heat up the non-stick surface, which is slightly slanted.

The pan is made using a titanium coating, which is non-stick and is very high quality. It is the perfect cookware if you want to have a diet with low-fat levels. The pan has some holes at the sides. When cooking, the oil will be produced from the meat and it will run quickly to the sides of the pan where the holes are. The food that will be produced is less fatty. You will stay healthy with this selection.

This pan makes use of a very innovative type of cooking, which allows you to grill several types of meat, vegetables, as well as fish. It is fun and extremely easy to use. The pan is also very light. Therefore, you can prefer to use it indoors or outdoors. All you need is a gas top and you are ready. The heat is distributed evenly and very quickly. It reduces the time you spend cooking and also ensures that food is cooked perfectly and evenly. The food will not stick to the sides and you can clean very easily and quickly.

This tabletop barbecue grill is made in Korea and has received very impressive reviews from customers. The most amazing part of the pan is the style of cooking it uses. It is important, however, to note that the grill’s coating comes off if you scrub it too hard.


  • + Multi-layer Nonstick Coating
  • + Unique fat draining system
  • + Extremely easy to use
  • + Distribute heat evenly and very quickly.


  • It Can only be used with a gas stove
  • Heavyweight.


There are three main types of Korean barbecues, which are electric, stovetop, and charcoal. These stovetop types, make use of gas or propane, as the source of heat. They are able to reach high temperatures and can cook perfectly. The alternative, the electric types, do not use a heating element. Instead, they use a heating element. Therefore, they are able to reach extremely high temperatures, higher than the stovetops. Make sure that you consider the type of grill you want before you purchase one.

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