Philips Smoke-Less Indoor Grill Review

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Philips Smoke-Less Indoor Grill Review

philips avance collection smoke-less indoor grill
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01D6KCY4KFor some, grilling on a BBQ seems an occasional phenomenon, but with the Philips smokeless indoor BBQ grill at play, you are free to set up the BBQ anytime you want. Quite distinct from the conventional outdoor grills that take an eternity to set up and get cleaned, this indoor grill is an ideal choice if you are looking for something that is characterized by the virtues of convenience, versatile functionality, and affordability.

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The Philips smokeless indoor BBQ grill is one of the top-rated grills that furnishes the users with brilliant features and performance and has been designed to create the perfect grill for you.


  • + It is dishwasher safe- can be simply disassembled and placed inside the dishwasher to get cleaned
  • + Infrared technology evenly distributes the heat and ensures even cooking
  • + It can quickly heat up to a temperature of 450 degrees
  • + It comes in an assembled form
  • + Easy user-interface


  • Its size and weight don’t make it ideal for use in small kitchens or when traveling
  • You will find cheaper resources in the market with similar constituents

The first thing that you will notice and love about the BBQ grill is its design; apart from a strong and endurable built, the grill assures durability and even cooking of food under all circumstances.

The grill is essentially black with grates carved out on its surface that are indeed smooth but holds the food intact in their place.

Furthermore, this great kitchen appliance comes with three fundamental settings that are, “On”, “Off”, and “Warm” thus, implying that you will have to cook your food using these three options only.

However, the lack of enough temperature options might sound puzzling to some, but despite that, the grill is of superior quality and produces the desired results.

Coming to its dimensions, they are 21.85″*7.48″*16.93″ and weighs 12.35 pounds which can turn out to be a little bigger than the size that ideally complements a standard-sized kitchen.

  • Set up and connectivity

The Philips smokeless indoor BBQ grill is incredibly easy to set up; according to most people who have bought it and have been using it for quite some while now just like us, believe that it takes about one minute or even lesser depending upon your ease with the same to get it ready for grilling.

Furthermore, the grill preheats food in around six minutes, therefore, making sure that your food is cooked in the blink of an eye.

The grill would reach you in an assembled form and wouldn’t require any further modifications; you can simply remove its box and plug it into a socket in your kitchen to get started.



Features and performance

  • Smokeless infrared technology

Its advanced infrared technology and special reflectors make certain that the heat is distributed along the cooking grid for some delicious grilled food. The drip tray placed right under the grid remains at a lower temperature at all times so that virtually, as the denomination of the grill suggests, there is no unpleasant smoke and grease splattering, and that eliminates the need for a range hood.

Nevertheless, unlike chicken, lamb and pork come with a lesser amount of fat, therefore, inferring that it will inevitably produce smoke but, eventually it would be much lesser than a charcoal or gas grill.

Also, the infrared technology eliminates all chances of inducing flare-ups and fire hazards and is hence, qualifying as safe around children.

  • Operation

The indoor smokeless grill operates exceptionally well, and to top it off, there’s the implementation of infrared heat technology coupled with special reflectors to heat your food even before you know it.

The grill preheats itself just within 6 minutes and heats up to a temperature of 446 degrees in a short span and maintains optimum temperature throughout the cooking process. Additionally, the grill claims that it would reduce 80% of the smoke utilized by the grill and the lubricated trays absorb the extra heat by removing the surplus fat or grease in the food.

  • Food is perfectly cooked

As because BBQ grills do not involve a flat surface to cook their food, it needs to make sure that the heat produced by it reaches every bit of the food placed on it and the performance of Philips smokeless indoor BBQ grill is delineated on the same principles.

The grill doesn’t come with any additional temperature settings and you wouldn’t need any when working with it; at 446 degrees Fahrenheit, the food gets cooked evenly and stands out as the perfect recourse for searing meats.

This trait of constant heat rules out the prospect of burning the food and leaves you only with a plate of soft, juicy, and seamlessly browned dishes.

  • Easy to use and clean

Like we have already mentioned in the above section, the BBQ grill is made up of only two pieces that confirm its affirmation of easy usage and cleaning. You can just place the grill on the base and turn on the switch and it will start the process of grilling the food.

Moreover, the interior design doesn’t call for an elaborate cleaning process– one swipe over its non-stick surface renders it clean.

Nevertheless, if you are still doubtful about an efficient cleaning, detach the parts and put them into the dishwasher only to reassemble them for use again. The minimal-splattering attribute further assists in keeping the surface of your grill clean.


After carefully analyzing all the highlights of the Philips smokeless indoor BBQ grill, we can assert that it is unarguably one of the bests in the market. Everything that the product promises to be or achieve is sincerely achieved and at the end of every grilling session, you will be left with immense satisfaction, click here to read amazon customer reviews.

What stands out for us while reviewing the grill is the fact that it guarantees all-around contentment with it; from arriving at your doorstep in a pre-assembled form to its one-step cleaning, all the straps of its usage are duly tightened making it a high-quality appliance for everyday use.

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