Best Indoor Turkey Fryer – An In-Depth Review

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A propane turkey fryer can be hard to work with and can offer thousands and thousands of BTUs. However, we have a favorite and most efficient alternative that we will tackle in this article. Electric fryers have become an important must-have for most kitchens.

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It is not an easy task to prepare a turkey without messing everything up. You are constantly worried if it cooked well, whether it will come out dry enough, or what the people who will eat will think. However, there are several ways to prepare a turkey, which include deep-frying.

For that reason, we did extensive research to find some of the best turkey fryers. Some of the considerations put in place for the best indoor turkey fryer include the user ratings, as well as the ease of use. In this post, you will find in-depth indoor turkey fryer reviews to help you make an informed decision.

What to Look for When Buying an Indoor Turkey Fryer

Before you decide to purchase an indoor turkey fryer, you should consider several factors, as explained below.

The Capacity

The most obvious and important factor to consider is the fryer’s capacity. How big a turkey will the fryer be able to hold? An indoor turkey fryer should be able to comfortably hold and cook a turkey of 14 pounds or any weight below that. Besides, the oil tank should be able to hold up to five or more gallons of your preferred cooking oil.

Lifter Type

This accessory comes with the turkey fryer. It helps you lift the turkey from the pot after it cooks well. When choosing a turkey fryer, you should choose one that is extremely convenient for you. In that regard, you should think of its ability to lift the bird without exposing you to any risk of burning from the boiling oil.

Safety Consideration

You should know that a turkey fryer would probably hurt you if you fail to handle it properly. A turkey fryer should have several safety features. For instance, it should be able to shut off automatically. This feature is common in most indoor turkey fryers and several outdoor brands. It should shut the fryer down immediately it starts to overheat. Another feature that you should look out for is the thermostat, which controls the fryer’s temperature. It will allow you to have more control over the fryer, reducing the chances of being burnt. It should also have a lid, which will reduce any chances of the oil splashing to you when the bird is cooking.

Is it Outdoor or Indoor?

This should be the first thing you consider before you purchase a turkey fryer. Your preferences should help you make a good decision in this aspect. Make sure that you consider how and when you intend to use the turkey fryer.

Temperature and Wattage

Most of the available deep fryers will operate on power ranging from 1800 watts to 2200. The high wattage will heat the oil quickly. When it is done, the heat will drop back to room temperature. The best temperature, at which a deep fryer works, is 375 degrees Fahrenheit. (check this deep-fried turkey cooking time chart)

For that reason, you should have a feature that will help you control the heat depending on your meal and your preferences.


After you cook a bird with a deep fryer, you might have a hard time cleaning up. You should consider how hard it would be to clean a deep fryer before you decide to buy one. You should decide to purchase a deep fryer that has a non-stick material attached to its chamber. Additionally, you should consider if it is possible to dismantle the deep fryer. If you purchase one that would be dismantled with ease, you will have an easier time cleaning it because each part is cleaned independently.

Best 4 Indoor Turkey Fryers

  • Best Multifunctional Indoor Turkey Fryer: Nesco ITR-01-13 Infrared Upright

black NESCO ITR-01-13, Digital Infrared Upright Turkey Roaster, Oil Free, 1425 Watts review
View on Amazon >>>

This product allows you to enjoy a delicious fried turkey taste without the need for oil. It is an oil-free fryer and roaster, a master built for use outdoors and indoors without the need for propane or oil. It also has an additional cooking basket, as well as a stand that gives you the versatility to prepare a perfect turkey, as well as other different foods with different recipes. It has a glass lid that will allow you to keep an eye on your food as it continues to cook inside the roaster. When you add a few of your favorite flavor wood chips, you can convert this roaster to a smoker and enjoy preparing smoked meals.


This product will work perfectly for you regardless of your level of expertise. You can easily prepare your food without messing anything up in your backyard. You will have the chance to choose your preferred source of fuel and start preparing a meal easily. It works with a variety of accessories. These accessories should help you customize the product for a range of smoking and frying experiences. With this electric indoor fryer, you can enjoy different types of food throughout the year without worry.

All you need to do is plug it in and it will handle the rest of the work. It eradicates the need for constant supervision. You can simply start the turkey fryer and it will prepare the meal as you handle other tasks. The fryer is also extremely safe to use.

  • Best Oil-Free Indoor Turkey Fryer: MasterBuilt MB23010618

Masterbuilt MB23010809 Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster review
View on Amazon >>>

This is one of the best indoor turkey fryers in the market. It has quite a number of positive reviews from different customers who have tried the product. It allows you to boil, steam, and fry a range of your favorite foods from different recipes with less fuel. It makes use of a third less oil than the other alternatives. Also, it has been tested for commercial standard use. This turkey fryer has a basket that is extra-large, able to accommodate a large turkey, up to 20 lbs, chicken wings, up to 5 lbs, as well as a large bowl of seafood.

Also, you can be able to clean up the turkey fryer with extreme ease since it has a built-in drain valve. It also has components that are dishwasher safe, making it completely easy to clean up.

You will be able to prepare any of your favorite recipes all year long regardless of the weather or time. Besides, you can prepare different types of foods, including tamales, seafood boil, and potatoes by boiling with ease. All you have to do is fill the fryer with water and the rest will work out easily.

With the drain clips, which are patented, you can raise the basket and easily steam crab legs, vegetables, and a wide range of foods. This fryer also features several safety aspects like a dual thermostat that will give you complete control over the heat. It is the perfect alternative to frying using propane. When there is no flame, the risk of burning is extremely low.

  • Best Electric Turkey Fryer For The Money: MasterBuilt Butterball 

Masterbuilt MB23010618 Fryer, XL Stainless Steel review
View on Amazon >>>

This indoor turkey fryer has received great praise from the different customers who have had the pleasure of using it in their homes. It has a construction that is completely stainless steel. Whether you are pro-ready for competition or a beginner, you will have the adequate tools to design a backyard masterpiece. You simply have to choose the preferred source of fuel and start working on the meal you desire. You can easily work on a wide range of recipes with extreme ease.

The product is coupled with a variety of important accessories that will help you customize the fryer. With these accessories, you can easily improve the experience you have when frying and smoking your ingredients, creating a perfectly cooked meal. The delicious flavor of the food you prepare using this indoor turkey fryer is undisputable. There are no risks of any fires or other safety hazards. The butterball electric fryer has been tested and certified for use in different environments, including indoors. The design has been engineered to specifically keep you safe and away from harm when you are preparing your turkey.

This indoor turkey fryer has an inside that is coated with porcelain to make cleaning extremely easy. It also uses less oil than the other alternatives by 33%, which is extremely amazing.

You will be able to cook turkeys weighing 14 pounds with complete safety. Since it uses less oil, the bird will cook efficiently and does not expose you to the risk of the oil boiling over or spilling from the sides.

The maximum weight of a turkey that the butterball can accommodate is 20 pounds.

  • Best Big Indoor Turkey Fryer: Butterball XXL 1650 W

Masterbuilt 23014314 Butterball XXL 1650W review
View on Amazon >>>

This is definitely the best electric deep fryer for turkey and you can easily tell from the customer reviews provided on several online markets. This amazing turkey fryer makes every day a perfect day for turkey.

You can easily fry a turkey, steam a couple of vegetables, and boil any amount of potatoes you wish. Regardless of the food you intend to cook, or the recipe you intend to use, you can be sure that the cooked meal will amaze you. The nutrition and deliciousness of the food you prepare will be amazing since the fryer uses less oil compared to the other traditional alternatives.

It has an amazing basket that is extra-large, allowing you to cook a turkey up to 22 pounds. It is also extremely easy to clean, thanks to the drain valve that is built in it, as well as the component that is dishwasher safe. One of the unique features it boasts is the digital control panel that has a timer, giving you complete control over the cooking process.

This turkey fryer is heavy-duty. Its design is meant to serve commercial uses and it uses only 1650 watts. It has been tested to make sure that it meets all the specifications for a commercial standard fryer.

It has a couple of accessories, which include a pot, aluminum basket, a lid to help improve your safety, as well as drain clips that will help you drain the excess oil.

Propane Fryer vs. Electric Fryer

Every post you read will state that an electric fryer is much better than a propane fryer. What are the differences? What makes the electric fryer better than the propane fryer?

The electric fryer has an adjustable electric element to help cook your meal. When you use an electric fryer to prepare your meal, you will use about four minutes for each pound. It is also coupled with several features such as dishwasher safe accessories, including a pot, lid, as well as drain valves. The only thing that is not dishwasher safe is the heating elements. Some of the features that will help improve safety include the thermostat controls that will help you maintain a steady temperature when cooking.

An oil-less turkey fryer works perfectly for anyone who has been advised not to ingest deep-fried food. It will work perfectly to give you an amazing fried turkey with less oil. The turkey fryer is also very good for indoor turkey frying.

If you have children or pets in your home, then you should consider their safety and a propane fryer would present several risks and hazards. It is advisable that you use an electric fryer for indoor use.

Benefits of Using an Indoor Turkey Fryer

From the electric turkey fryer reviews available on several platforms, you can tell that there are many advantages associated with indoor turkey fryers.

First, you will be able to cook a large turkey with complete ease. You can cook up to 15 pounds of turkey with far less oil compared to conventional turkey fryers. The food will be free of grease, which is a safe addition to your family.

The indoor turkey fryer will provide you with complete control with the use of the adjustable thermostat, digital timer, as well as extra storage capabilities.

The stainless steel fryers are heavy-duty and are extremely durable. You will be able to clean them with ease, thanks to the inner coatings that are non-stick. With proper maintenance, your turkey fryer should be able to last a very long time without any cases of damage.


The indoor turkey fryer review should help you understand what to look for when you decide to purchase one for your family. You should be able to tell the best from the worst. We have also provided several alternatives. We narrowed down these options by considering the factors that would make cooking your turkey a complete breeze.

Maintain your turkey fryer by cleaning as soon as you finish frying, and using the turkey fryer in the right manner. It is also important to check the fryer’s capabilities. Some of the fryers are able to handle different cooking processes. However, some have limitations. Make sure that you check these limitations to avoid breaking the fryer.


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