Best Japanese Mandoline Slicers – Detailed Review

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Japanese mandoline slicers are becoming extremely popular in western household kitchens. A Japanese mandoline will offer you many benefits in your day-to-day activities in the kitchen. You will be able to slice vegetables and fruits with more ease while improving the style and elegance of your kitchen. Unfortunately, there are very many options on the market. As you might know, not all the available Japanese mandoline slicers will give you efficient results. Choosing the right one for your kitchen might be quite a struggle.

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Lucky for you, this article will highlight the best options available in the market. We will also guide you on the considerations you should make when choosing a Japanese mandoline slicer. Stay tuned!

Important Considerations

Before you purchase a mandoline slicer, you have to think about the following.

Intended Use

The perfect Japanese choice for you will highly depend on how you intend to use it. If, for instance, you only need to cut some tomatoes, you will not require a mandoline that has different types of slices or blades. If, on the other hand, you want a model that you will use on a daily basis for different purposes, you will require to purchase a high-end vegetable slicer for your kitchen. It should be reliable, durable, and practical.

Types of Cuts Offered

Before you purchase a mandoline, you should be aware of the amount and types of cuts that a mandoline would offer. Different recipes will have different requirements and you should recognize that fact. There are very many different types of cuts. However, you should know that some have interchangeable blades, which would mean having different options. All you would have to do is to exchange the blades.


The quality of the mandoline slicer is important regardless of how frequently you intend to use the slicer. If you purchase a high-quality tool, you will get a durable and efficient slicer. Your investment will definitely not go to waste and you will be satisfied with the service provided by the vegetable slicer. If you purchase one that has high quality, you will eradicate the possibility of any accidents or cuts.


A Japanese vegetable slicer is a very important and efficient addition to your kitchen. It will make work easier and you will be comfortable using it. However, before you purchase a mandoline, you should make sure that it would not damage your finances. Make sure that you set a limit in regard to the cost.

Japanese Mandoline Slicer Detailed Reviews

  • Best Overall Vegetable Slicer – GSD Universal

White GSD Universal Vegetable Slicer With 5 Changeable Blades Review
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The GSD Universal slicer is made in Germany for vegetable and fruit slicing purposes. The company made this product a durable and beautiful addition to household kitchens. The 5 in 1 slicer will replace most of your kitchen tools because it has various functions. You should know, that this tool is completely easy to use and you will save a lot of space and time while you are preparing different meals. You can use it to prepare your ingredients within seconds. With this tool, you can easily slice radishes, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, and many more for your recipe. You can also use it for fruits easily. However, you should remember to use the protector always to avoid any danger to your hand.

You will get five inserts once you purchase the slicer. The first insert is reversible and works perfectly for grating and fine slicing. The second insert can be used for slicing French fries. You can use the third insert for julienne strips that are approximately 5 millimeters thick. The fourth insert will work for slices that are crinkle-formed. Finally, the fifth insert is for fine slicing that is approximately three millimeters thick.


  • + Safe to Use
  • + Multiple uses
  • + Easy to Use.


  • No cons.

  • Best Runner Up – Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer

View on Amazon >>>

The Benriner slicer will give you complete control over the thickness of slices that you want to cut. It offers you a chance to slice up to ¼ inches. You simply need to use the screw at the side to adjust the space between the blade and the runway. You should know, however, that there are no markings on the Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer. Therefore, even though you will adjust it to the thickness you need, there is no way to tell the exact thickness you are using. You would have to use another way, such as a ruler, to check the thickness of your recipe requires a specific thickness.

You can remove the blades to sharpen them using a whetstone in the same way you sharpen your kitchen knives. However, even if you do not sharpen the blade, it will stay sharp for a long time by itself. There is an inclusion of Julienne inserts. Regardless, there have been disappointing reports of these inserts not working well.


The Benriner Japanese mandoline slicer is highly recommended for home use and not for any professional or commercial uses.

To be honest, it will not give you a multi-use service but it will definitely work well for simple kitchen tasks at home.


  • + It has a very sharp blade.


  • It does not have English instructions
  • The inserts are not properly functional.

  • Best Affordable – OXO Good Grips V-Blade Slicer

White OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer Review
View on Amazon >>>

This Mandoline has four thickness options. You will also enjoy locked storage meant for safety. You can set the thicknesses easily using a dial that is placed at the side of the slicer. We all require precision when we are working on a recipe.  To help with that, the settings are marked in inches and millimeters so that you can be completely aware of the thickness you are using. It has an additional fold-down stand that allows the OXO slicer to be placed with legs down or up, perched on top of a bowl.

It has a fully functional safety grip, coupled with metal prongs that will grip food securely without messing up. You will also enjoy a steeper slice. The mandoline will definitely cut better and the efficiency will increase adequately. Once you note that the blades have degraded in regards to quality, you should purchase other ones sold by OXO.

You will get amazingly precise slices once you use this amazing slicer. You should be careful, however, because it is very easy to cut yourself.


  • + Self-contained design that is extremely amazing
  • + It is very precise
  • + It is affordable.


  • Your hands will go very close to the blade and you might cut yourself if not careful.

  • Best Ceramic Blade – Kyocera Adjustable Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Adjustable Mandoline Vegetable Slicer
View on Amazon >>>

This is among the best Japanese mandoline that provides quality services. The company behind the slicer is popular for the ceramic cutlery they produce. The ceramic cutlery provides a sharper service compared to stainless steel. The Japanese mandoline has a single blade placed diagonally. It will slice any ingredient you need with complete ease and precision. The Kyocera is compact and you can pull it out easily for quick slicing tasks.

Unfortunately, you might have difficulty using it on larger items such as pepper and onions because it has a short ramp.

You can slice three different widths. You will have 0.5, 1.3, 2, and 3, all in millimeters. To adjust the slicing width, you should use the rotating bar positioned beneath the ramp. Even when using the thinnest width, you will still get precise slices from this amazing slicer. There are also two notches positioned at the slicer’s base so that you can slice over a bowl easily. You can choose from black, red, and green, which are the three available default colors.


  • + It features a grater and julienne slicer
  • + It has precise cuts.


  • It has a short ramp.

  • Best Adjustable Mandoline Slicer – Gramercy Stainless Steel

Gramercy Kitchen Co. Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline Food Slicer
View on Amazon >>>

This is one of the unique types of slicers in the market. As you know, safety is a priority for each of us. The company behind this slicer had your safety in mind. To make sure that you are safe, the company included a pair of safety gloves that are resistant to cuts.  You will not require changing the blades for any reason whatsoever. It features a blade guard meant for proper storage. You will also have a food holder to help with slicing, as well as a brush to help you clean it.

With this slicer, you do not have to keep checking your drawers trying to find the blades that you prefer to use or any other accessories. All the things you need for this slicer are built-in. Therefore, you will not require changing the blades. The slicer offers two settings, which are 4.5 millimeters and 9 millimeters.

However, there have been complaints stating that the slicer is very hard to disassemble for cleaning purposes. You will also find that some users complain of uneven slices, which include thinner edges.


  • + All accessories are built in the slicer
  • + Safety.


  • Disassembly for cleaning is hard
  • The blades are not adequately strong
  • Uneven cuts.

Do I really need a Mandoline?

The big question is do you really need one of these tools in your kitchen? Truth is, if you care about the meals you prepare, you should have one of these. Precision is an important aspect of all recipes and you might not have that luxury when you are using a chef’s knife. Compared to a knife, a mandoline is a perfect tool for you. You will have precise slices and it will take less time to get perfect results. Let’s face it, you will need a faster, more precise, and safer alternative to a knife, and a mandoline is just that.

Japanese Mandoline vs. French Mandoline

Are you familiar with French mandoline? Well, the French mandoline tends to be quite larger compared to the Japanese mandoline. They are also more heavy-duty and due to their quality construction, you will end up spending more to acquire one. You will get a range of blades that you will interchange for different slicing, julienning, and cutting purposes.

On the other hand, Japanese mandolines are lighter and are more affordable. They are perfect alternatives for use at home because they will not take up much space. The main difference that sets the Japanese mandoline apart is the blade that runs diagonally, ensuring that you get a clean and precise slice.


Before you purchase a Japanese mandoline, you should make sure that it meets your requirements. There is a wide range of products available in the market and it is important that you check them out in detail before you purchase one. If you are ready to do things differently in the kitchen, you should start with this tool. Make amazing meals from amazing recipes from today.

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