7 Best Sets of Kitchen Knives Review

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Chefs are always in need of some of the best tools and accessories to meet their routine needs, and there is no exception to kitchen knives. Whether you love to cook for the family and guests at home or are a professional chef in a big restaurant; a knife is always your best companion.

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The market is loaded with a wide range of kitchen knives that you may plan to buy for your cooking area, but not all of them are equally reliable.

When you need the best tools for your home or restaurant, it is important to go through their reviews and ratings first.

However, if you do not have much time to do such an in-depth analysis; we have done some analysis for you.

So if you are looking for a top-rated kitchen knife set; You have come to the right place, Because whether you are an amateur cook or a seasoned one, this article aims to help you find the best cooking knife set for you.

Actually, choosing a good cooking knife set is not that easy. You have to be very careful to compare essential features offered by different brands.

So we have highlighted the six most popular and high in quality knife sets from the best cutlery brands that are already rated high for their outstanding properties and performance.

And to help you choose the best set for your needs, we’ve identified six kitchen knife block sets—ranging from high-end Western and Japanese-style knife block sets to a starter one.

Several other models are more expensive than the ones listed here. but, I wanted these kitchen knife sets to be more budget-friendly.

So what is the best kitchen knife set to buy?

Let’s take a closer look at each one;


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Top 7 best kitchen knife sets with a block Comparison Table


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Product NameWusthof ClassicGlobal G-835Chicago CutleryMercer GenesisVictorinox 8-PieceZwilling J.A.
RockWell Hardness58 HRC58 HRC53 HRC56-58 HRC56 HRC57 HRC
Edge Angle14°15°15°15°15°15°
Steel TypeForgedForgedForgedStampedStampedStamped
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  • Best Rated Knife Set: Wusthof Classic 7-Pieces 


Wusthof Classic 7-Pieces Kitchen Knife Set with a wooden block
View on Amazon>>>

If you are looking for a professional high-end forged German kitchen knife set, the Wusthof Classic series is one of the best you can possibly get.

Indeed, the classic is one of Wusthof finest kitchen knife lines, this set is available in 7 pieces, 9 Pieces, and 12.

Okay, let’s take a look at The Wusthof classic 7 kitchen knife set which includes the most useful knives for your kitchen use, each knife in this set is precision forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel ( x50CrMov15) that contains molybdenum, chromium, and vanadium to add more hardness, durability, corrosion and stain resistance to the blade.


Wusthof added an exclusive technology called EPtec to this series to enhance blade sharpness by 20% and to last much longer even after extended use, And a tapered cutting edge to reduce the drag when slicing.

And because Wusthof classic is a fully forged knife they have a full tang that goes the entire length of the triple-riveted handle which adds extra durability and robustness.

In addition to a full thick bolster that adds much more balance and heft (it’s great for those who prefer the weight of the knife for cutting and hammering stiff ingredients).

Wusthof classic has a 14-degree cutting edge on each side which means it’s sharper than many Japanese and western style kitchen knives.

And 58c Rockwell hardness means it’s hard enough, to worry about sharpening or maintaining the edge.

A durable handle made of synthetic polyoxymethylene (Pom) which is best known for its strength, hardness, excellent fading, discoloring resistance, and most importantly a safe and non-slip grip even in wet or greasy conditions, Click here to read some of the best Amazon customers reviews.

If you have ever wondered what the difference between the classic and the gourmet series is, the classic is fully forged with a superior blade and better edge retention while the gourmet is a stamped kitchen knife with a lower blade quality.

Wuthsouf class kitchen knife set includes :

  • 8-inch Chef’s Knife.
  • 8-inch Bread  Knife.
  • 6-inch kiritsuke prep Knife.
  • 5-inch serrated utility knife.
  • 3.5-inch Paring Knife.
  • Kitchen Shears come apart for easy cleaning.
  • Wood Knife Block

Who it’s for?

If the high price doesn’t hurt you, this kitchen knife set is a compelling purchase.



  • + Constructed to the highest standards in the Solingen area of Germany
  • + The block has a slender footprint on the counter
  • + High Quality and Durability
  • + Comfortable and Safe grip
  • + Life-Time Warranty
  • + Worth the Cost.


  • If you prefer lighter-weight kitchen knives, these knives aren’t likely to be your favorite
  • It slightly expensive.

  • Best Japanese Knife Set With Block: Shun Classic

Shun Classic 6-piece Slim Knife Block Set Review
View on Amazon >>>

Shun Classic set is a workhorse knife in any commercial and residential kitchen. 

The product is designed to deliver great performance for multiple tasks such as mining, chopping, and dicing. 

VG-MAX super steel core clad on both sides with 34 layers of stainless Damascus to get the maximum sharpness and corrosion-resistant. 

Combined with D-shaped ebony Pakka Wood handle to let the user get the comfort of use and full control.

Stainless steel Damascus-clad blades – This knife set is created from a piece of highly tempered steel that ensures outstanding durability, strength, and a gorgeous flowing pattern.

Handle – The handle of the knife is made of Pakka wood to deliver excellent ergonomics for ease of use and superior control.

Ease of cleaning – Since they are made of high-quality stainless steel, they can be easily washed after each use. although they are corrosion and rust-resistant, always dry the blade and handle before putting them back into the block.

Blade – The blade of the knives is extremely sharp out of the box. and they have a double-bevel edge of 16 degrees on each side and 60-61 Rockwell Hardness.

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  • + D-shaped Pakka wood handle for a better grip in wet and moisture conditions
  • + The whole Knife set is precision forged from a sturdy piece of high-quality steel
  • + The set is durable, ensuring that you can use it for a longer time
  • + Shun offers free knife sharpening with the purchase
  • + Limited lifetime warranty.


  • The cost of the product is not cheap, but it can deliver the performance that low-cost chef knives cannot provide
  • The block comes with empty slots which makes you feel like you are obligated to make further purchases.

  • Best Light-Knife Set: Global G-835/WS 6-Pieces

Global G-835/WS 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with a stainless steel block
View on Amazon>>>

Another top-rated kitchen knife set from a professional and well-known Japanese Cutlery brand.

The global g835/Ws – is comprised of 5 beautiful high-quality kitchen knives and a stainless steel block, designed to cover all your cooking tasks.

The knives are manufactured in Japan from 18 cromova stainless steel which is a special combination of molybdenum, vanadium, and chromium, which provide the steel with enough hardness and flexibility (C56-C58 Rockwell) to get superb edge retention, ease of sharpening, perfect corrosion, and stain resistance

The global’s blade is thinner than most the traditional knives, in result it allows it to smoothly slice through the food without causing any damage, and a long taper and prominent edges on both sides to maintain the edge sharpness as long as possible even after extended use, Astonishing, isn’t it?!

The edge is symmetrical in design to fit right and left-handed users.

The best features about these professional kitchen knives are the super lightweight, which allows you to work with them for long sessions of food prep without any wrist or forearm fatigue,

and the textured stainless-steel hollow handle which is filled with the precise amount of sand to deliver a perfect balance to the knife, besides an extraordinary build to eliminate hiding spots for foods.

In a nutshell, every piece of this kitchen knife set is manufactured to extremely high and exact Japanese standards

Global g83/Ws 6 Pieces set includes:

  • G4 – 7” Chef’s Knife
  • G3 – 8 ¼ “Carving Knife
  • G9 – 8 ½” Bread Knife
  • GS7 – 4” Paring Knife
  • GS3 – 5” Utility Knife
  • G835/Kb – 11 Slot Stainless Steel Knife block (spare slots can be used by other kitchen knives and knife sharpener you already own)

Who it’s For?

Anyone who is looking for a little more than a typical kitchen knife set.


  • + Symmetrical in design, will work great for right and left-handed
  • + Life-Time warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
  • + Stamped from a single piece of steel
  • + Exquisite balance
  • + Light-Weight.


  • The handle may get slippery and greasy after long working hours
  • Not much room for knuckles.

  • Best All-Purpose Set: Zwilling J.A. Henckels

Zwilling J.A. Henckels 30782-000 TWIN Signature Knife Block Set, 19 Piece, Black
View on Amazon >>>

We are going to talk about one of the top-rated knife block set from J.A Henckels. It has gained huge popularity in the market within very little time; and of course, there is a reason behind it.

The Zwilling J.A. Henckels 30782-000 Twin Signature 19-Piece Knife Block Set is already used by several chefs and homemakers; they are happy with the performance. The amazing thing to know about this product is that it comes in the form of a combo with almost all types of tools you may need for cooking.

The list includes a set of 8 non-serrated steak knives, 4-inch parer, 2.5-inch peeler, 5 inches serrated utility, 4.5-inch utility, 8-inch chef, 6-inch utility, 8-inch bread knife, and 7-inch Santoku hollow edge, 9-inch sharpening steel, and kitchen shears.

Moreover, the package also includes a block for easy storage, and it is made up of high-quality bamboo material. It is a perfect choice for modern as well as traditional kitchen designs.

Experts rate this knife set as the best choice for heavy cooking routines as these knives are made up of premium quality materials.

The best news for the buyers is that the product is covered under a lifetime warranty offered by J.A. Henckels. You will find these knives to be dishwasher safe up to a certain level; however, to maintain their life, it is better to wash them by hand right after usage.

You might be aware of the fact that J.A. Henckels has designed several amazing kitchen accessories within the past few years, but this one gained huge popularity in the market.

The main reason behind its reputation is that Zwilling has used a special formula known as the Friodur blade to design these tools.

These knives are ice-hardened to achieve 57 Rockwell Hardness. Hence, these tools last longer even with regular usage.

And guess what?

The laser-controlled edge of these knives can be hand polished and sharpened with ease. It leads to easy maintenance routines without looking for an expert.

The knives are designed with a 15-degree angle on both sides make it more suitable for professional chefs.

The 4.5-inch Vegetable Utility Knife included in this package is almost the same as that of a steak knife. You can buy this product online at a reasonable price and ensure fast delivery at your doorstep, here are some Amazon customer reviews.

Who it’s For?

Whether you are an amateur home cook or you have skills, this kitchen knife set will be one of your best friends in the kitchen.


  • + High-quality materials and workmanship
  • + Well-balanced and, comfortable grip
  • + Maintains sharpness
  • + Maximized efficiency
  • + German-made
  • + Dishwasher Safe.


  • Block Takes up lots of counter space
  • It relatively pricey.

  • Best Knife Set with Built-In Sharpener: Chicago Cutlery Insignia 2

Chicago Cutlery Insignia II 18-Piece Knife Block Set
View on Amazon >>>

The set is composed of 18 pieces, so you no longer need to worry about buying individual knives at a higher price, especially if you are only an amateur cook who does not know what each knife is for!

The whole set comes with forged high-carbon stainless steel blades and handles since the knives are forged its means they feature a full tang that extends the full length of the knife from the tip to grip, to give you added strength, control, balance, durability, and to offer ultimate sharpness and to retain its edge perfectly even when re-sharpened time and time again.

Chicago Cutlery Insignia 2 blades contain high carbon content, so they are much stronger, harder, very easy to re-sharpen, and have a perfect resistance to stains, pitting, and rust.

It also comes with a forged bolster to keep your fingers from running onto the blade. And black riveted black ergonomic polymer that offers a slip-resistant minimizes wrist tension and is designed with balance and comfort in mind.

Made with taper grind edge technology which means straight tapering on both sides of the knife to grant it a low cutting drag, maintain more straight to the blade, and make the knife perfect for both left and right-handed users. (sometimes flat grind is known as “V” grind too.)

Each knife comes with optimum sharpness to give you a precise cutting experience, and All of them can quickly be organized in the 18-slot rubber-footed cherry woodblock that comes with the set!

Who it’s for?

Anyone who needs a robust, balanced, and comprehensive kitchen knife set without breaking the bank.

Insignia 2 set includes:

  • 8-inch chef’s knife
  • 7-inch Santoku knife
  • 8-inch serrated bread knife
  • 8-inch slicer
  • 6-inch boning knife
  • 5-inch utility knife
  • 3-inch paring knife
  • 3 ¼ inch paring knife
  • A pair of shears
  • 18-slot block


  • + Symmetrical in design, will work great for right and left-handed
  • + Sturdy, Durable, and resistant to rust and stains
  • + In-block sharpener Creates a very sharp edge
  • + Ergonomic handle
  • + Easy to re-sharpen.


  • Too much sharpening leaves scuffs on the knife
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Quite expensive

  • Best Kitchen Knife Set With Rubber Handle: Chicago Cutlery 1119644 18-Pieces

Chicago Cutlery 1119644 Knife Set
View on Amazon >>>

This is a very high-quality knife set constructed of professional-grade high carbon steel fusion forged blades that are well balanced, well-weighted, and feel great in your hand. The black poly grip handles have a slight amount of giving that feels soft to the touch without being too soft and squishy and give you a really good grip on the knife.

The steak knife handles are a bit thinner and made of stainless steel, but they still, have a good feel to them. This set, is made of stainless steel, is very strong, sharp, and durable, and very easy to clean. The set is completely dishwasher safe. The woodblock is made of a very good-looking honey maple and will be a great accent to any kitchen.

Chicago Cutlery has been in the cutlery business since 1930 and in 1969 they began to make their professional-grade cutlery available to home users. With over 80 years of experience, you know that you will be getting a high-quality, good-looking cutlery set that will last a very long time.

Who it’s for?

Chicago Cutlery’s block set is an excellent choice for everyone who looks for a complete set that includes every knife type.

Included in the Chicago Cutlery 1119644 18-Pieces;

  • 7-3/4 inch chef knife.
  • 7-inch Santoku.
  • 8-inch slicer.
  • 7-3/4 inch serrated knife.
  • 5-inch Partoku.
  • 8 * 4-1/4 inch steak knives.
  • 5-inch Utility.
  • 3-1/4 inch Parer.
  • 3-inch Peeler.
  • Sharpening steel and honey maple block.


  • + Symmetrical in design, will work great for right and left-handed
  • + Sturdy, Durable, and resistant to rust and stains
  • + A lot of knives variation from slicer and Santoku to utility and steak knives
  • + Ergonomic and comfortable handle
  • + Worth the cost.


  • Despite the good looking block, there were a few wood shavings inside the knife slots
  • knives should be washed by hand
  • Unsymmetrical slots
  • No shears.

  • Best Affordable Japanese Kitchen Knife Set: Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series

Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Best affordable Japanese kitchen knife set with block
View on Amazon >>>

ir?t=guitarscamp 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0011TRO80Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

This wonderful set is constructed from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel with the tang extending all the way through the handle for superb strength and a longer-lasting edge. The handles are made of strong heat and water-resistant resin that gives you a comfortable, yet non-slip finish.

The construction gives the knives a good weight-to-balance ratio that feels great in your hands. The woodblock is made from a very handsome-looking block of bamboo that keeps all your knives in one convenient place. No more searching for the right knife.

The Ginsu 7112 Chikara 12-Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set is dishwasher safe but it is recommended that you hand wash them, and they are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and positive customer reviews.

This is a very practical cutlery set at a very good price.

Who it’s For?

Anyone who looks for a high carbon Japanese kitchen knife set at a budget-friendly price.

Ginsu Gourmet Set Includes:

  • 8-Inch Chef’s Knife.
  • 7-Inch Santoku Knife.
  • 5-Inch Serrated Utility Knife.
  • Honing Rod.
  • Shears.
  • 4 * Stamped Steak Knives.
  • 3.5-Inch Paring Knife.


  • + Versatile Japanese kitchen knife set
  • + Forged high carbon stainless steel knife set. ( except the steak knives )
  • + The handle shapes offer excellent gripping comfort
  • + Handles are made of a special type of resin which makes them withstand hot and cold conditions.


  • No bread knife, but I think the Utility 5″ knife can be successfully used for slicing any kind of bread
  • Some customers complain about a rust spot on the blades after a couple of uses, but I think it occurred by not properly maintaining the knives.

  • Best Affordable Knife Set: Mercer culinary genesis 6-Pieces

Mercer culinary genesis 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with a wooden and glass block
View on Amazon>>>

One more economical high-end forged German-style kitchen knife set is offered by mercer culinary a well-respected name in the cutlery industry.

They have been in the market for 30 years it’s a short period compared to other old kitchen knife companies, but mercer culinary has proven itself over the years that it is a first-rate kitchen knife and professional culinary tools maker.

So I had to review one of their best kitchen knife set, it’s the mercer culinary genesis 6 pieces with a block.

A high-end forged kitchen knives set I defiantly recommend to everyone who’s looking for a good kitchen knife set for a reasonable price.

Mercer culinary 6- pieces set comprised of 5 kitchen knives made of high carbon, no-stain x50CrMoV15 steel sourced from Germany, and manufactured in Taiwan, with a limited lifetime warranty.

Since it’s a full forged kitchen knife set, the thick bolster can be found as well as a full tang handle.

All those elements combined together provide the knife extra strength, durability, counterbalance, and control.

The blade has 58HRC Rockwell hardness for easy sharpening and outstanding edge retention. and a taper ground edge for more stability and better slicing.

Let’s get to the part I like the most about this kitchen knife and it’s the handle, the mercer genesis series has an ergonomic Santoprene handle that offers excellent comfort, slip resistance, and soft textured grip, contrary to the mercer renaissance series which has the standard looking traditional triple riveted design.

A sleek, elegant, and stylish glass block that allows you to see where every knife is located in the block. it can be quickly assembled and disassembled for easy cleaning.

But sadly some owners complain that pulling out a knife from the block is a little bit hard if it’s located under a cupboard, due to the shape of the block, it’s not angled as most traditional blocks.

Mercer Genesis kitchen knife set with block includes:

  • 8 inch – Chef Knife
  • 8 Inch – Bread Knife
  • 6 inch – Boning Knife
  • 5 inch – Utility Knife
  • 3.5 inch – Paring Knife
  • knives block (you can choose between tempered glass, Woodblock with Tempered Glass)

Who it’s For?

Anyone looking for a good kitchen knife set, without the hefty price tag.


  • + The handle can withstand hot and cold temperatures
  • + Comfortable, soft, and safe grip
  • + Made of high-quality materials
  • + Life-Time Warranty
  • + Great Value.


  • Honing steel is not included
  • The glass must be cleaned from time to time.

  • Best Starter Knife Set: Victorinox 8-Pieces


Stamped Victorinox 8-Piece Kitchen Knife Set With a wooden block
View on Amazon>>>

ir?t=reviewho 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B0000CF9AGEditor’s Rating: 4.4/5

If you can’t afford the global kitchen knife set and you still looking for high quality stamped knife set that is highly recommended by chefs and home cooks and for a bargain price, then the Victorinox 8 set is the best choice for you by all means.

I definitely recommend this Victorinox kitchen knife set for anyone looking for a razor-sharp kitchen knife set for a reasonable price.

It comes with kitchen shears, honing steel, and 7 kitchen knives made of high-carbon stainless steel and went through a special tempering process by Victorinox to provide the maximum sharpness and retention to the knife.

The most significant thing about those knives, they are really lightweight, yet sturdy, tough, and well-balanced.

Although 55-56 Rockwell hardness knives will lose edge sharpness overuse, I am not saying they are bad knives but as long you are using the knives in a proper way and honing constantly, they will last you decades.

Victorinox features a textured ergonomic handle that combined rubber and plastic to deliver a good balance and comfort,

And the most important is a slip-resistance and safe grip even in wet conditions. (by the way, not the best looking handle)

But they are not fully tanged Since they are stamped knives, I recommend not to use them to cut or hammer hard ingredients.

To wrap it up I recommend this kitchen knife to anyone on a budget since it offers almost 95% of the knives you will need in your kitchen for a bargain price.

Victoria Fibrox set includes:

  • 8” Chef’s Knife
  • 8” Bread Knife
  • 10” Slicing Knife
  • 6” Boning Knife
  • 4” Paring Knife
  • Kitchen Sears
  • Sharpening steel
  • Slant hardwood block

Who it’s For?

Just getting into kitchen knives? this set is a perfect option for starters.


  • + Light-Weight, good balance, ergonomic handle
  • + The set offers almost all the basic kitchen knives
  • + Life-Time warranty
  • + Great Value.


  • The paring knife is a little big for me. ( but it’s a matter of preference)


In this article, I reviewed 2 forged and 2 stamped kitchen knife sets with a diverse price range to make it easy for you to pick.

if you prefer to work with light knives then the Global and Victorinox should be on the top of your list.

On the other hand, if you prefer kitchen knives with heft and durability, then Wusthof Classic and mercer genesis should be your first picks.

Hopefully, this list solves your kitchen knife set buying woes, and you will be able to buy the best kitchen knife set, that fits your budget and cooking style.

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What To Look For When Buying A Kitchen Knife Set

A kitchen knife set is a good investment for homemakers who want to stock up on many knives without really wanting to go to the hassle of picking out individual knives. Of course, this means that knife sets are usually patronized by the less-than-fanatic cooking enthusiasts.

But this does not mean that kitchen knife sets are for those who have no cooking know-how whatsoever, and it definitely does not mean that they are left with low-quality knives. There are still many good brands of kitchen knife sets, as long as you know what you are looking for.

The following qualities are characteristics that good knives have, which you can find in many knife sets in your quest for a good-quality knife set:

Made of high carbon stainless steel

knives come in a myriad of materials. You will usually find “Stainless steel” boasted about by just about any knife set you see. But you need to understand the difference between plain stainless steel and high carbon stainless steel: high carbon stainless steel is stainless steel that has been added with a higher carbon content, which allows it to stay away from stains while holding its sharp edge longer.

A good example of a kitchen knife set made of high carbon stainless steel is the Insignia Steel 18 Piece Knife Set by Chicago Cutlery. The knives are even treated with taper grind edge technology, assuring you of ultimate sharpness.


  • Carbon Steel blade –  Well-known for its extra sharpness, ease of sharpening, and holding an edge longer than the stainless steel blade, but on the other hand carbon steel blades need extra care and maintenance which is prone to rust.
  • Stainless steel – Hard to sharpen, poor edge retention but good stain and corrosion resistance.
  • High Carbon stainless steel – It is a combination of carbon steel and stainless steel to provide the knife with extra sharpness, edge retention, and rust/corrosion resistance.
  • Ceramic – One of the sharp knives out there, but they may chip and break easily and it is hard to sharpen.
  • VG10 – Most popular among Japanese knife makers, it is a combination of molybdenum, chromium, vanadium, carbon, and cobalt to give the knife an excellent sharpness, extra edge retention, and corrosion and rust resistance, the only downside about the VG10 is brittle and not flexible enough which make it prone to chipping.


For the home kitchen always looks for a set that includes at least:

  • A chef knife – A multipurpose knife best at slicing, mincing, dicing, and chopping.
  • A paring knife – Best at trimming and peeling fruits/vegetables and garnishes.
  • Serrated Knife – Ideal for tough outside and soft inside foo like bread and tomato…

Those are the 3 knives you should seek in every kitchen knife set, you can look for additional knives, but it all depends on your cooking style.

  • Boning knife – A knife for detaching meat from the bone, it usually comes with a narrow blade.
  • Fillet Knife – It’s a more flexible version of the boning knife, and it’s good for delicate fish.
  • Cleave – For heavy tasks like cutting bone, rib…
  • Honing Steel – For keeping your knives sharp and steady.
  • Kitchen Sears – For snipping herbs, cutting chicken, chopping bacon…

Of course, deciding on the size and the type of kitchen knife set you want depends greatly on your own needs. For example, if you are only starting off, you can definitely benefit from a large set with all the chef’s knives and utility knives coming in various sizes.

If you are only looking to add to your collection of, say, chef’s knives, you can actually just buy a set of chef’s knives such as the Victorinox 46892 Fibrox 3-Piece Chef’s Knife Set. Alternatively, adding to your paring knife collection means you can opt for the Victorinox 48042 3-Piece Knife Set.

Once you settle in your mind your particular needs for your kitchen endeavors, you will be better equipped to find the kitchen knife that will meet those needs. Just keep in mind the various guidelines on the factors that affect the quality and durability of kitchen knives, and you will be well on your way to getting the best set to meet your needs.

Full tang construction 

If you cook regularly, even if you are only a beginner, you will benefit greatly from a knife set whose blades are made with full tang construction. Simply put, these blades go right into the handle of the knife, which basically means that as you hold the handle, you are also holding a part of the blade.

What does this mean? This means that you will never have to worry about your knives breaking at the handles, which not only renders them useless but also poses a serious risk.


If you are planning to buy a kitchen knife set, chances are, you are looking for knives that can serve all the purposes you need in the kitchen. This means that you will need a set that already possibly thought about everything you might need! Numbers aren’t all that matter, because you can easily get a set with 20 knives and wind up never using half or more of them!

In fact, many experts wind up loyal only to one or two knives in the set. Although you will most likely need at least a few more pieces than only two knives, especially if you are relatively amateur, you can actually get a set of two Santoku knives, and find that you can meet almost every need.

This is because the Japanese Santoku knife is designed to be great for mincing, dicing, and slicing, and the two lengths offered in this set, at 5 inches and 7 inches, may just be enough for the average kitchen’s needs.


Different manufacturers offer different options for warranty, always prefer to check its warranty to have complete peace of mind.

A product with a long warranty is always the best purchasing decision, and always double-check what it covers exactly and not just the length.


A large storage block can fill a bit of room on your counter, always ensure that the set you are considering buying will fit perfectly on your countertop or your cabinet.

( If you are limited in space magnetic strips is an excellent option too)

Cutting Edge

It is the sharp edge of the blade or a knife or other cutting tool, and it should be running from the tip to the bolster of the blade, giving better cutting techniques, easier honing and sharpening.


Somehow it is a personal preference matter, but always look out for ergonomic design for less hand and wrist fatigue, and textured or non-slip grips.

And I do prefer full tang construction, especially If you cook on a regular basis and you use the heft of the knife to cut hard ingredients, so you will never have to worry about your knives breaking at the handles.


This means the weight of the knife is equally distributed between the handle and the blade, if you are planning to work with the knife for a long session of food prep, then the balance is one of the first things you must consider before buying.


I think it is more a personal preference too, you have to try out some knives, to get to the one that fits you.


The high price tag is not a factor of good quality kitchen knives, nor a brand name, to get the best of your money always try to find a knife set that meets the points we mentioned above, and of course fits your budget, in this article we reviewed 4 different kitchen knife sets with a varying price range to help you with your decisions.

The Criteria We Used In Our Test

CRITERIA we used in our test

*Customer reviews/ratings on several platforms and their problem reports.

* Edge Retention.
* Handle. (material, Grip, And tang)
* Ease of sharpening And Sharpness.
* Steel Type.
* Rockwell Hardness.
* Weight And Balance.
* Value


    • A knife edge becomes rolled or turned from direct contact with cutting boards, bones or other hard objects, knives should be honed after every couple of uses, Honing steel will keep your knives sharper and performing at their best, but it won’t sharpen a dull knife.
    • Do not chop the hard object and surfaces like glass or bone.
    • After significant use, the steel particles become damaged and the edge cannot be brought back by honing, so sharpening is necessary.
    • Always sharpen in the same direction, whether it’s front-to-back or back-to-front.
    • Store your knives in a knife block or on a Magnetic Knife Rack to preserve the cutting edge.
    • Don’t store your knives in a drawer they will dull faster and there is a chance to cut yourself.
    • Don’t clean your knives in the dishwasher, always hand-wash and dry immediately.
    • For More Tips: Tips To Maintain You Kitchen Knives, How to Keep Your Knives Razor Sharp

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