Detailed Review of the Best Heat Diffusers for a Gas Stove

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To start with, we will define a heat diffuser. It is a round and flat object made of metal. It is placed on a stove burner to help reduce the intensity, or amount of heat that will reach the bottom of a pot or pan. It also helps to improve the distribution of heat on the pan. You should place it on the burner, then place the pan on top. It works perfectly with electric and gas stoves. If you have a gas stove burner, this is the perfect tool for you. The reason for that is that the flame of some stove burners will go out when lowered too much.

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The main problem that most of us face is finding a heat diffuser that is perfect for our gas stoves. That is why we researched and created this post to help you identify the most efficient stovetop diffusers for your kitchen.

Considerations to Make When Buying a Heat Diffuser

Before you purchase a gas stove diffuser, make sure that you think of the following features.


Different materials on a heat diffuser will work differently. The material used to create a heat diffuser will also affect factors such as cleaning and the level of heat that will reach your pan. The durability of the pan also depends on the type of metal used to create it. There are heat diffusers that are made using cast iron, while some are made using stainless steel, and so on, as you will see in the reviews below. Make sure you know more about the type of metal used on the diffuser before you purchase it.


There are different sizes of heat diffusers. The size of the heat diffuser you require will depend on the size of your burner. As you will see, there are some diffusers made to fit large burners, while some will work better on small burners. Consider your stove burner’s size before you settle on a certain type of burner. The size of the heat diffuser will also restrict the size of the pot or the frying pan that you can cook with. If you place a large pot on a small diffuser, for instance, the distribution of heat will not be even to the entire pot.


Some companies will restrict you from washing the diffuser with your hands using soap and water. Some of the heat diffusers, on the other hand, are dishwasher safe to make cleaning easier.

Reviews of The Best Heat Diffusers

  • Best Overall Heat Diffuser – Ilsa A1739021 

Ilsa A1739021 Heat Diffuser review
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This diffuser brand is extremely appealing thanks to the black color and beautiful design. It is made using heavy-duty cast iron and has an enameled finish to ensure that it is extremely durable and efficient in its functionality. The heat diffuser is able to absorb heat and distribute it consistently and evenly to your pan or pot. That factor will eradicate the need for constant supervision and frequent stirring of your food.

You can use this item on most types of burners and you can cook with any type of cookware, which includes ceramic and stainless steel cookware. The beautiful design of the diffuser ensures that you can use a wide range of pot and pan sizes. It features a stainless steel handle that is removable to make storage in your kitchen pantry cupboard easy.

Unfortunately, this item is not dishwasher safe. However, you are advised to clean it by wiping it. Alternatively, you can use soap and water, after which you should dry it completely.

It is also important to know that this item is not ready for use on an induction stovetop.  It weighs a total of 2.6 pounds and has a diameter of 8.25 inches with a thickness of 0.13 inches.

  • Best Cast Iron Heat Diffuser – Ilsa

Ilsa Heat Diffuser Review
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The Ilsa heat diffuser is one of the top-rated models available in the market. The product has dimensions of 7.25 inches by 7.25 inches by 3 inches. It weighs a total of 14.1 ounces. It is made from cast iron in Italy and it features a removable handle that is made from stainless steel. Storage of the stainless steel handle is mainly to make storage of the heat diffuser easy.  The handle is 7 inches long, which is an adequate length to ensure that your hands stay away from the hot surface, a safety measure that is quite amazing.

With this heat diffuser, you can easily eradicate any hot spots and improve the distribution of heat whether you are using a gas burner or an electric one. The diffusion and distribution of heat will improve the efficiency of energy greatly. The diffuser allows you to simmer sauces and other meals slowly without any chances of boiling over or scorching. It has a design that is very efficient in balancing smaller ports such as espresso makers and butter warmers.


The cast iron material makes the heat diffuser sturdy and extremely durable. To make sure that you do not affect its quality, you should clean it with warm and soapy water and dry it thoroughly.

  • Best Affordable Heat Diffuser – HIC Harold Import Co.

Heat Diffuser Reducer Flame
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This diffuser is made using stainless steel and has an amazing stainless steel color. It is 8.25 inches by 15.75 inches in size. It also features a removable handle, which is made from plastic. The removable handle will ensure compact storage is possible and the material and design prevent it from scratching surfaces. The heat diffuser will provide you with lower, yet evenly distributed heat. Therefore, there will be no hot spots on your pan and your food will not scorch when cooking. The diffusion and distribution of energy will improve energy efficiency, which means that your pot handles and your pot will not be too hot.

You can use this heat diffuser on a gas stove and an electric stove. It is also one of the few heat diffusers for ceramic top stoves. The design of this pot makes sure that your sauces will simmer perfectly without boiling over. Its design also improves the balance of small pots, such as espresso makers.

Thanks to the material, the diffuser will not rust. It is durable and extremely lightweight. The handles will also stay cool for a long time, keeping your hands safe from the heat.

  • Best For Saving Energy – Kuhn Rikon Heat Diffuser

Kuhn Rikon Energy Saver/Flame Protect review
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This is the best heat diffuser for a gas stove, especially if you intend to cook meals for a long with low levels of heat. It is 9.25 inches in diameter with a thickness of 0.25 inches. The heat diffuser saves energy perfectly by dispersing the heat from the gas stove burner evenly to the spots that it is needed, even when you are using smaller pans or pots. It is highly recommended for anyone who intends to prepare a long braise, or stew, among other meals. If you are a frequent user of cookware made using cast iron, including a Dutch oven or braiser, it is the perfect tool for your burner.

Even heat distribution is very essential in the preparation of perfect pancakes, sauces, as well as bacon. Thanks to this heat diffuser, your pan will be able to prepare bacon and pancakes that are browned perfectly.

The meals you prepare will not stick to your oven or pan, neither will the rice dishes develop a crusty bottom layer.

The pan also has a coating that will help make cleaning a complete breeze. Thanks to that coating, you can easily clean the diffuser with your hands.

  • Compatible With All Stovetops – Cook Innovation SimmerMat 

Cooks Innovations SimmerMat Heat Diffuser review
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The SimmerMat heat diffuser is perfect for use with low heat. It will provide you with full control over the heat levels, allowing you to cook slowly on low levels of heat without any chances of spoiling your special recipe. For that reason, this diffuser is a perfect choice if you intend to prepare soup, rice, casseroles, oatmeal, sauces, milk desserts, and chutney. It will also work perfectly when you want to melt toffee or chocolate.

The control overheat will improve the distribution of heat and eliminate all the hot spots. As a result, your food will not burn or scorch and it will definitely not stick to the utensils you are cooking with.

This heat diffuser will allow you to cook using any clay or glass cookware on a glass cooktop, gas burner, electric coil, barbeque stove, as well as an induction cooktop without scratching them.

The SimmerMat diffuser is made using zero-carbon steel of high quality, which is also dishwasher safe. Cleaning it will be extremely easy.

The heat diffuser has an amazing design, which is completely unique. It will work with pots and pans of different sizes.

  • Also Consider: ChefLand 8” Heat Master Flame Tamer

ChefLand Heat Master Flame Tamer Review
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B016AORQZQIf you need a heat diffuser that will contain the heat completely, you might want to consider this product.

Melting butter, cheese or chocolate can be a bit tedious with double pots. Nevertheless, working with a single pot is possible with this amazing design. The heat master will allow you to do it with a single pot.

You will love this heat diffuser because it does not only distributes heat but also controls it. It is a very useful tool when you want to prepare a range of sauces to keep milk warm.

The heat diffuser has an 8-inch diameter. It works perfectly with electric glass tops but that is not the limit. It has aluminum and steel construction that makes it effective and efficient in regards to the management of heat.  Your cooking experience will be more than you can expect. This level of heat diffusion makes cooking meals enjoyable.

This heat diffuser is not like other diffusers. It features special air pockets that allow you to change the pan, making it a double burner. Simmering food and slow cooking are therefore possible.

When you are preparing some delicate food full of flavor, you need precision for a successful meal. A simple heat change can destroy everything in an instant. Achieving this kind of precision on a stovetop might not be easy, which is why you should consider getting this ChefLand heat tamer.

You need to know that this diffuser has a construction that provides a sturdy construction that is also durable.

  • Worth Mentioning: Nordic Ware 8-Inch Heat Tamer

Nordic Ware 8 Inch Heat Tamer and Burner Plate Review
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Get this 8-inch heat tamer to get the most out of the flame produced by your cooktop. The heat diffuser from Nordic Ware has proven to be very effective in helping in even and constant heat distribution to your pans and your pots when cooking.

It is a practical and effective addition to your kitchen. It is made with aluminum steel, which ensures that it is durable and that it maintains its structure for the longest time possible.

Unlike most of the heat diffusers on the market, this one features a very stylish design that also includes a brown finish. It is a very appealing addition to your cooktop that will match your kitchen’s décor. Its design is not only beautiful but also user-friendly.

It allows anything on the cooktop to heat faster once you turn it on. The heat will be quickly distributed evenly on the entire surface of the pot and pan. Food will therefore cook evenly without any hot spots and scorching. The flat surface it gives you is also an added advantage of the heat tamer.

It is created for use with induction and electric cooktops.

  • Also Consider: COOZYER Stainless Steel Induction Diffuser

Nordic Ware 8 Inch Heat Tamer and Burner Plate Review
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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07QMNHB5FThis amazing heat diffuser is worth trying out for more than one reason.

It features three layers that allow it to diffuse heat and distribute it evenly so that your meals cook perfectly. The layer in the middle is aluminum and the others are stainless steel. With these three layers, you can be sure that your cooking experience is just perfect.

You need to consider the size of the diffuser you are going to purchase. This specific diffuser features a 9.45-inch diameter. It is a perfect product for glass top stove heaters.

It features a handle that makes this diffuser easier to move around or hold in place. The handle is made of stainless steel. Although it is sturdy and attached properly to the plate, it can tend to heat as fast as the rest of the diffuser. Therefore, you should be careful when handling it. You should give it some time to cool down to avoid burning your fingers. Be careful.

You can use this plate on a range of stovetops including electric stoves, induction cooktops, as well as glass stovetops.

If you need high-temperature levels for purposes such as boiling water, you might not need this diffuser.

  • Worth Mentioning: SIMMERGREAT Stove Top Heat Diffuser

FYINTON Heat Diffuser For Gas Stovetop Review
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Simmering food has always been a hectic task for most people. However, regardless of the kind of cooktop you have, you can be a simmering pro with the help of this heat diffuser from SIMMERGREAT.

It is a very lightweight addition to your cooktop. What’s more, you can easily move it around the cooktop as you like. It has an elevated design that puts the dishes further away from the direct flame. That way, the heat is reduced adequately allowing food to simmer without scorching.

The heat diffuser is made with cast ductile iron with a ceramic coating. You can expect it to serve you for a long time with the right type of care.

Get an even and constant distribution of heat, thanks to the open design.

Add this versatile heat diffuser to your kitchen for an improved cooking experience.

  • Worth Mentioning: FYINTON Heat Diffuser

View on Amazon >>>

This is a 9.4-inch heat diffuser that provides a flat and even cooking surface. More than that, it reduces the heat and distributes it evenly on the cooking pan or pot. That way, all the hot spots on a pan are eliminated. As a result, the food does not scorch but instead cooks evenly. The defrosting tray can increase the thawing rate so that food defrosts faster and remains flat. With this amazing diffuser, you will be able to save more time.

But that is not all. With this diffuser, small utensils can be placed on the stove so that they warm up without being necessarily hot. It also gathers up adequate energy so that it keeps foods and other items warm for longer. It reduces overall emissions and saves adequate energy. After you heat the diffuser for a while, you can shut off the cooker and use the residual heat to maintain a constant temperature of prepared foods.

The FYINTON heat diffuser will protect the body of your pan or pot and prevent it from burning completely black. That will therefore increase the life of your pans and pots and maintain their appearance for longer.

Finally, the diffuser prevents soups and other spills from going to the furnace. It is effective in this manner, safer, and convenient.

How Does a Heat Diffuser Work?              

If you own a powerful gas stove, you know how impossible it is to set the flame to a lower setting. The stove seems to have two main settings, which are extremely hot, or completely off. If you turn the knob to lower the fire, you will notice that it will usually flicker, after which it burns out before you achieve the adequate amount of heat. There are recipes and certain types of foods that require low heat for a longer period to cook to perfection. For people with a gas stove, perfecting these meals seems like an impossible task. If you have a gas stove and you want more control over your cooking, then all you need to gain control over your flame is a heat diffuser.

Heat diffusers are mostly used in most commercial kitchens. The main purpose of a heat diffuser is to absorb the heat produced by the flame of a gas stove and distribute it evenly and constantly to the utensil you are using to cook. This aspect really comes in handy if you want to improve your meals by controlling your flame. Therefore, you can keep the flame at a lower setting, which will help you achieve perfect temperature especially if you are cooking grains that absorb heat. For instance, when cooking oatmeal or rice, you will not have to deal with a layer of scorched rice at the bottom of your pot.

If you want to warm coffee and you do not have a coffeemaker, you can keep it at a hot temperature by using a heat diffuser placed on a stove with a low flame. Additionally, you can warm a tortilla without scorching it a beat by using a heat diffuser. The direct flame will not scorch your tortilla.

How to Use a Stove Top Heat Diffuser

Heat diffusers are especially important in improving the even distribution of heat. However, they have one more advantage, which is to protect your cookware from direct heat. They are also effective in protecting your stovetop from hard cookware such as cast iron cookware, especially if you are using a glass cooktop. The diffuser will be your stovetop protector since it will provide a physical barrier between the cookware and the stove. When you have no physical contact between the cooktop and cookware, there is no need to worry about the rough bottom of the cookware or unsafe material. Any damage that might occur will be between the cookware and diffuser.

It is important that you refrain from using unnecessary levels of heat when you are cooking with your diffuser. It is also important to avoid heating your diffuser when there is nothing on top of it because it would damage the diffuser. As long as the diffuser has a pot or pan to which it will transfer heat, everything will be okay.

All you need to do is place the diffuser on the cooktop and place a pot, pan, comal pan, or Aebleskiver Pan on the diffuser, after which you should turn on the flame. You should know that these diffusers are not necessary when you are using a stove that will distribute heat evenly unless your main worry is damaging the stovetop.


The best heat diffuser for a gas stove will depend on your personal preferences. You should check the performance of different metals in regard to the distribution of heat and ensure that you check the reviews and comments from previous buyers. You should also consider how safe it is to use a certain type of heat diffuser before you purchase it.

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