Using a Wok On An Electric Stove

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An oven or cooking range continues to change and never remains the same for long. New ideas are implemented daily to make sure that your cooking experience improves as you upgrade your cooker. However, every advancement would mean that you have to change the cooking tools you use regularly. You have to choose the right cookware that will fit your current stove.

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A wok is a very popular and common cookware, available in almost every kitchen. When gas stoves were available, you would cook with a wok since it would set on the stove perfectly.

However, electric stoves are now available in the market and have replaced gas stoves in most kitchens.

This post helps you find out if you can cook with a wok on an electric stove and the best way to do that.

What is Wok?

A wok is a certain type of frying pan. Different materials are used to create this fabulous tool. They include carbon steel (here are some of the best models), aluminum, cast iron, as well as non-stick. You can use a wok for different cooking techniques, including steaming, boiling, frying, smoking, and many more. It has two types of handle, a stick, and a loop. These will not only prevent you from burning your hand but also help you cook easily.

You can choose from two main alternatives when choosing a wok. There is a round-bottomed wok, as well as a flat-bottomed wok. Although they have different appearances, these two types will serve you in the same manner. Here is a look at each of the wok types.

Round-Bottomed Wok

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The round-bottomed wok, as the name suggests, has a round bottom. This shape makes this type perfect for mixing. It also improves the heat distribution because the heat is able to reach a larger part of the utensil. However, if you need to use it on a stove, you would need to alter it using a wok ring. The ring allows it to sit on the electric stove without falling off.

Flat-Bottomed Wok

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A flat-bottomed wok is preferred by many people when compared to the alternative. The bottom part allows it to sit on the electric stove without falling off and you do not require a ring to make it stable.

Using a wok on an electric stove

Before we get into cooking with the wok on an electric stove, it is important to consider the types of electric stoves available in the market. The most popular electric stoves are the electric coil stove, and the alternative is a glass-ceramic stove.

The Electric Coil Stove

Cooking on an electric coil stove would be hard, especially if you are using a round-bottomed wok. It does not set steadily on the coil cooktop. One of your hands should always be on the wok while cooking. The flat-bottomed wok, on the other hand, works well with an electric coil stove. This wok sits perfectly on the electric coil. The heat also spreads properly at the bottom with ease. A carbon-steel wok does a better job of this.

The Glass Ceramic Stove

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ir?t=reviewho 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07QTQ2M99A glass-ceramic stove is called that because its top is made using a blend of ceramic and glass, which will produce a good surface for cooking. The top of the electric kettle is formed as glass first and then heat is used to treat it.


This heat will allow the glass to crystallize partially. The process allows the cooktop to expand like ceramic without the disadvantages of pure ceramic.

A round-bottomed wok is preferred more when using a glass-ceramic electric stove. However, it is important that you place a wok ring on top of the glass-ceramic stove because the wok will scratch the top if you do not stabilize it. The wok ring will help the wok to sit stable on the stove. In addition, the wok on the electric stove will have a gap between the wok’s bottom and the cooktop. This gap will prevent the wok from leaving any scratches while cooking. It is the main reason why you cannot use the flat-bottomed wok on the glass-ceramic stove.

The stove is made using a hard material, which allows it to withstand extremely high temperatures. However, it is prone to breaking if you drop a hard object on top of it. A wok made using cast iron is highly preferred on the glass-ceramic stovetop. The potential of this wok to scratch the top is low.

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The Induction Stove

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An induction stove would work better when cooking with a wok compared to a glass-ceramic stove. This type of stove works better when you are using a pan with higher iron content. most woks are made of 1% carbon and 99% iron. For that reason, the heat is spread over the wok quickly and evenly. However, you should know that induction stoves can also crack easily. Therefore, avoid dropping the wok on the stove while cooking. You should also avoid using a wok ring on an induction stove.

Heat Requirements for a Wok

It is important to maintain the tools you use in your kitchen and a wok is no exception. You need to preheat your wok for 10 minutes at least, after which you should add oil inside. The oil should be spread throughout the wok evenly. Therefore, make sure to whirl the wok. You should only move to add the ingredients of your recipe when you are sure that the oil is hot.

When preheating your wok, you should avoid applying maximum heat at once since it would cause the wok to warp. You should increase the heat gradually and steadily.

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The electric stove in your kitchen will not restrict you from making the type of food you prefer. The right pan will help you sauté, fry, and stir-fry whenever you want. The different types of wok work best on different types of electric stoves.

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