Best Unglazed Clay Pots for Cooking

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Everyone knows that caution is very important when it comes to the things we eat, as well as the cookware we use to prepare these delicacies. It is quite unfortunate that most of the things we use present health problems for us and our families. We all know that there was a time when things were safer and chemicals never contaminated food through the cookware that people used. Cooking the old-fashioned way is much healthier. We understand that fact, which is why we prepared this post, which includes a list of the best-unglazed clay pots for cooking.

What Should You Look For?

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Before you decide to purchase an unglazed clay pot, you have to consider the following aspects.

Clay Cookware Types

You should recognize that the clay pots are made from different types of clay. Each different type of clay has different properties from others. In order to understand clay used to make a certain type of pot, you must know the region from which it originates. Clay from different regions will differ in aspects such as purity levels and color. In regards to the type of clay used, you can check the type of cookware you intend to purchase. There are different options such as porcelain, earthenware, and stoneware. You can also find ceramic clay.


We are all concerned about the safety of our loved ones. Therefore, before you purchase a certain type of unglazed clay cookware; you should be sure that it is safe for cooking. You should be sure that it meets certain safety standards. It is very crucial that you scrutinize the item. Be sure that there are no traces of metals or other harmful chemicals.

Unglazed or Glazed?

You have to understand that glazed clay cookware is more popular than unglazed alternatives. It would make it easy to recognize the glazed cookware more than the unglazed cookware. We have all been there. However, the unglazed clay pots will give your food an amazing earthy flavor that you will not enjoy with the glazed alternatives. Most of the companies that produce glazed cookware will claim that the clay used in their products has minerals that are similar to the unglazed clay cookware. However, since the pot is glazed, it will not have the same minerals as the unglazed.

Detailed Product Reviews

  • Best Overall: Romertopf Modern Series Natural Clay Cooker

Romertopf by Reston Lloyd Modern Series Natural Clay Cooker Review
View on Amazon >>>

This amazing clay baker is designed and manufactured in Germany Reston Lloyd. Reston Lloyd is a company that started operations in the early 1970s. It is popular for the production of high-quality kitchen cookware. It is the company that is responsible for the distribution of Romertopf kitchen products.

This amazing roaster is in the market because it has the ability to give out an adequate amount of steam while cooking. The steam is perfectly natural. You know that when roasting your chicken, there is a possibility of it drying out, which will ruin the meal. Fortunately, this cookware will cook your food without the need for any level of supervision. You do not require different pans for preparing different dishes. With this unglazed clay cookware, you can easily cook beef, soups, fish, chicken, desserts, appetizers, as well as bread.

There is no need to brine meat to achieve the tender results you crave. Since the clay pot has the ability to produce natural steam when cooking, the meat will be so tender that it will fall right off the bones.


  • + Dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe
  • + Packaged nicely for safe delivery
  • + It is easy to clean
  • + Multi-purpose.


  • There is a possibility of cracking if you are not careful
  • The inside is small.

  • Best Unglazed Casserole: Ancient Cookware Oval Chamba 

Ancient Cookware Oval Chamba Casserole review
View on Amazon >>>

This is among the best clay pots for cooking available in the market. It has an oval shape and the bottom is flat. It has a length of 10.8 inches, including the handles. The width is 8.3 inches when measured from the outside, and the height is 6.5 inches, including the lid handle. In regards to the capacity, it is 2.25 qt. When you fill it up properly without spilling. You can use this unglazed clay pot for cooking in a microwave. Or you can use gas or electric stovetops to cook with this clay pot. You can prepare stews or other dishes in the oven and use it to serve because it has an amazing appearance. You should know that it has the ability to retain heat for a long and the heat is distributed evenly, allowing you to prepare a flawless meal.

The pot is made with natural clay that is free from lead or other toxins. Since it is porous, it will allow you to use less oil to cook a meal that is tastier and healthier. The steam evaporates slowly to achieve that type of meal.

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  • + Amazing appearance
  • + Healthy meals.


  • The color starts fading after exposure to fire
  • The lid does not fit perfectly.

  • Best Electric Clay Pot: High-Fired VitaClay 

High-Fired VitaClay Review
View on Amazon >>>

It is a unique product that you will enjoy using. It integrates technology into the old-fashioned methods of cooking. It uses a natural clay that is rich in minerals to improve the flavor of the food while maintaining the natural juices that would otherwise be lost in the cooking process. It does not contain any aluminum or artificial chemicals that might contaminate your food. The clay is slightly porous and is unglazed.

It is programmable and is completely convenient. This computerized technology of heating clay is quite efficient. It features a clay bowl that is placed on top of a heating pad. The heating pad will allow food to be cooked quickly and uniformly. The design includes two lids, which not only saves energy by 50% but also maximizes the quality of steam. The food comes out as tender and flavored. In regards to its ability to cook food slowly, this amazing pot works perfectly. It will boil faster than a conventional cooker, after which it will reduce the level of heat so that the food continues to simmer for a specific amount of time. The texture of the food is retained.

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  • + Programmable cooker
  • + Free of aluminum and artificial non-stick glazes
  • + Using up to 50% less energy.


  • It is extremely fragile and might crack or produce a layer of scum at the bottom.
  • The lid contains aluminum.

  • Best For Traditional Curry: Ancient Cookware Clay Curry Pot

Ancient Cookware Clay Curry Pot review
View on Amazon >>>

This is a handmade clay curry pot, which originates from India. It is earthenware cookware, which is very common in Kerala’s cooking. It has a length of 11 inches, which includes the handles, a width of 9 inches, and a height of 5.5 inches. The diameter is 8 inches and it has a 2.5 qt. capacity when you fill it properly without spilling anything over. It is an unglazed pot for cooking. It does not have any lead or toxic material and the company promises that it is eco-friendly and rustic. If you care for this cookware properly, you can be sure that you will use it for a long time and receive proper service.

What makes this pot so special? Here’s the thing. This pot is handcrafted by artisans in Tamil, India. The truth is that each piece is unique and there are chances of certain imperfections. The finish or form might be different. However, the imperfections do not compromise the quality of the product in any way.


  • + Totally free of any toxic materials or lead and 100% Eco friendly and truly rustic
  • + Cooks healthy and tasty food
  • + A beautiful piece.


  • The lid does not stay on properly.

  • Best For Tagine: Moroccan Lead-Free Cooking Clay Pot

Moroccan Lead Free Cooking Tagine Non Glazed Review
View on Amazon >>>

This Moroccan cooking tagine is free of Lead. It is handcrafted into a simple, yet fully functional tagine. It is very common in Algeria, Morocco, as well as Tunisia as a special earthenware pot for cooking. The pot is completely made using heavy clay. It can sometimes be glazed or painted. The pot has two major parts. The bottom is flat and is circular. The sides of the bottom are low. The top is a cover that is shaped like a dome or cone. It is placed inside the bottom part when cooking. You are probably wondering how that works. The fact is that the cover’s design works well in returning the condensate to the lower part of the pot.

When you remove the cover, you can serve easily directly from the pot. The cover’s top is a knob that allows you to remove it easily.

You should know that each of the products might be different from the other since it is handcrafted. The tagines of this type are made in a traditional oven. Therefore, there might be certain spots that are not glazed.


  • + Large capacity 13.5 Inches in diameter
  • + Compatible with electric and glass stove
  • + Great appearance
  • + Easy to clean.


  • Certain imperfections are possible.

  • Best Testi Pot: Faik’s Turkish Terracotta Pot

Faik's Turkish Terracotta"Testi" Pot Review
View on Amazon >>>

This is a very unique unglazed terracotta cookware handcrafted by Faik. It is a safe product for preparing your favorite dishes. It has the ability to handle 1 liter of liquid without spilling. When you cook with this product, you can be sure that the meal will be tender and filled with an amazing flavor.

Sounds impressive, right? The food in the pot will produce moisture when cooking. However, this moisture does not leave the pot. Instead, it hovers around the food, hence the tender texture. Your dishes will also be less fatty because you need to use minimal oil when cooking.

The terracotta pot is also unglazed. That means that it is able to absorb water within the walls, preventing burning. If you are working on a barbeque, you can use this pot on the side so that you can prepare another dish slowly. Alternatively, you can use an oven, which is more convenient.

Note: You should not use any cleaning agents when you clean since they might be absorbed by the porous clay.


  • + A safely breakable pot to produce a unique cooking and serving style
  • + You can cook on a wide range of stovetops or ovens
  • + It cooks fast.


  • There might be imperfections in color or structure.

  • Best For Hot Pot Rice: Paderno World Cuisine Store

Paderno World Cuisine Dual-Handled Unglazed Cooking Pot with Lid Review
View on Amazon >>>

The technique of cooking in a clay pot has been around for a long time. It involves cooking food using an unglazed clay pot that has soaked in water, allowing it to release steam when cooking. The pot is usually submerged in water for around 15 to 25 minutes so that it absorbs the water. When food is placed in the pot and put in an oven, the pot starts to warm up. When it warms up, it will release the steam inside and the food will be covered in steam. The result? You will enjoy a meal with amazing flavor and tenderness.

This amazing pot has a capacity of approximately 1 qt. The interior is glazed. It is advisable that you soak the base of the pot and the lid overnight before you use it the first time. You can use it directly on any cooktop you prefer. Unfortunately, it is not induction ready yet. Not only can you use it to cook, but also to serve food.

Make sure to hand wash it using natural lemon or vinegar. Do not use a dishwasher.


  • + Can be used directly on cooktops
  • + Perfect for cooking rice
  • + Amazing clay flavor.


  • Many complaints of easy breaking
  • Not induction-ready.

  • Best For Bread Loafs: Mason Cash Unglazed Terracotta

Mason Cash Unglazed Terracotta Bread Form
View on Amazon >>>

This is amazing unglazed terracotta cookware. It is huge with a length of 27 centimeters, a width of 13.5 centimeters, and a height of 8.5 centimeters. It is an amazing terracotta for creating crispy crusts that other cookware cannot perfect. It is extremely large, so you can use it to create a loaf for a large family. When you receive the pan, you will receive additional instructions on the best way to use it. The instructions are completely easy to understand and easy to follow. You will be glad to make this purchase.

This pot is not only appealing to the eye but also fully functional. The bread you prepare will not stick to the sides. However, the shape of the bread form is quite uneven. The bottom of the pot is narrow compared to the top part. That means that the bread will have an uneven form when you prepare it.


  • + Oven safe and freezer safe
  • + Very easy to clean
  • + Non-stick Interior.


  • It does not have an even shape.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is Unglazed Clay Food Safe?

If the clay cookware is glazed properly, it will be completely safe to east from. The unglazed pottery can be a bit difficult to clean. Therefore, you can expect bacteria to be present in such pottery. That is the main reason why people think of them as unsafe for food.

The main problem that unglazed products have is they are mainly porous. They can not only have liquids seep through but also certain bacteria. If it is fired to a temperature closer to becoming glass, it becomes less porous. It is not advisable to eat from low-fired cookware that is unglazed.

2. How do you Season Unglazed Clay Pot?

An unglazed pot should be soaked in water for 15 minutes to two hours. That brings moisture to the inner surface. The food will therefore steam when cooking, preventing it from drying out. When you season the pot, the surface will become stronger, the chances of cracking will be lower, and it will become more durable.

So, how do you season it? After soaking it in water, you should dry it and rub the interior surface with a clove of garlic, after which you should coat the inside with olive oil or vegetable oil. After coating with oil, you should fill it with water ¾ of the way and heat it at a low temperature. Use an oven or a stovetop to heat it. Make sure it heats for two or three hours.

3. Where can I Buy Clay Pots for Cooking?

There are very many places you can purchase a clay pot for cooking. After all, the many companies and individuals making them are presenting them at different places. Therefore, you can find them almost anywhere. However, the best place to find a clay pot for cooking is on an online store such as Amazon. You will be able to choose from a very wide range of pots available online.

Before you choose from the wide variety, however, you should be considerate of the experience that other customers had with the product by checking the reviews. You can choose from very many pot varieties. Make sure you put certain considerations in place before you purchase the pot. It is your choice. You should make it wisely.

4. How do you clean an Unglazed Clay Pot?

It’s simple. The clay used to make the unglazed clay pot is porous. Therefore, you will have to follow certain simple steps when you decide to clean the pot. However, you should know that you should not use any detergent or soap to clean the pot. Why do we say this? The clay is porous, which means that there is a possibility of the soap sipping through the pores of the clay, after which it will leach into your food when you decide to cook with it. The best way to clean your pot is to use hot water. You should also have a stiff brush to help you clean the pot. For the cleanser, you can choose baking soda or simple salt with a sponge.

If you meet any stubborn stains, you can easily use a coarse stainless steel pad. Alternatively, you can let it soak overnight in water. For the best results, you can add at least three tablespoons of baking soda. It will also work well to remove the odors that might be in the pot.

5. What is the Difference Between Glazed and Unglazed Pots?

There is one major difference between glazed and unglazed pots. Unglazed pots are porous, which means that they allow moisture to seep through them. It can evaporate from the inside and go through the pores. This aspect makes unglazed pots good for cooking, especially when you want to steam your food, as pointed out above.

Glazed pots, however, will not allow steam or water to seep through them. A glaze is a glass essentially. It is non-porous, which means that the water will be trapped inside the pot. Therefore, you will lose all the benefits that come with using a porous unglazed pot for cooking.

Major Benefits or Using Unglazed Clay Pots

Naturally Porous

The simple truth is that the porous aspect of unglazed pots produces the best meals. The food has adequate heat and moisture circulating the meal while it cooks. That allows the food to cook slowly while maintaining the flavor and aroma. We all know that the food cooked by an unglazed clay pot is much better than food cooked in other types of pots. The earthy taste is amazing. The food is also kept warm for longer.


It is scientifically proven that earthen pots for cooking are healthy. When you use a clay pot to cook food with a higher acidity level, it will react with the acidity and neutralize it in the process. Not only does the pot balance your food’s PH, but also helps it attain a natural sweetness.

The clay used in making these pots is unrefined. It is therefore rich in certain minerals like iron, sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium, and more. Your body needs these minerals. They simply leach into your food as you continue to cook.

When you use a clay pot for cooking, you will use less oil. You will limit the amount of oil you use to prepare the meal. The oil will not be needed for the meal to retain its moisture. Considering the concerns we have about our health, this is an amazing plus for our health.


Clay pots are very beautiful. Let’s be honest. When going through the list of available options, you might have noticed that each of the pots available is unique in different ways. That means that you can have very beautiful additions to your kitchen with different shapes and colors.


When unglazed clay pots are made, no chemicals are used. Most of the others are made with certain chemicals that are usually toxic.

The soil used to make the pots will eventually decompose to soil again. Remember, the pot will be able to retain heat. Therefore, since your food will remain warm for a longer period, it is only fair to conclude that clay pots are energy-efficient options.

Types of Clay Pots

There are different types of clay pots in the market. Let us take a look at some of them.


Stoneware pots are made with a hard clay type. This type of clay usually has fewer impurities. Regardless, it is fired at high temperatures ranging from 2100 to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to these aspects, you will note that the pots are used mostly as dinnerware and cookware. They can hold liquids without any chances of leaking.


You can make this type of pot using pure Kaolin. To achieve the porcelain design, the pots have to be fired at extreme temperatures that range between 2335 and 2550 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures allow the pots to be hardened. They are generally transformed into hard clay.

The main disadvantage is that they become very easy to break. When you fire them completely, they retain a smooth and shiny appeal and you would not have to glaze them. You can use them as cookware or dinnerware.


These are fired at temperatures between 1700 and 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. They are porous and are made using clay that is not pure. It contains stones and rocks. To use them for cooking, they have to be glazed.


This in-depth review of the available unglazed cooking pots should help you understand the functionality of cooking pots in cooking. You should also understand the difference between the types of clay pots available in the market. Choosing the best-unglazed clay pots for cooking should now be easier. To sum up, you can find a perfect pot for use in your home when you follow the guidelines above. So take the next step and choose one pot that works for you.

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